Data Scouting Services

For the


You gain access to Data and powerful technology

  • Over 13,000 point-in-time datasets
  • Data visualization tools
  • Data visualization tools with
    • Easy to use code snippets
    • Easy data access
    • Easy data visualization
  • MS Excel(™) data accessvalidation
  • Amazingly Simple restful API with language specific installation for Python, R, C++, C#, JavaScript
  • Tick-level market simulation tools
  • Market Data exploration tools
For the

Data Vendor

Showcasing your data
  • Showcasing your data
  • Growing distribution channels
  • Bespoke independent research
  • Powerful API for popular data analytics languages
  • MS Excel(™) API
  • Jupyter Lab data analysis, machine learning, and Data Visualization tools
  • High-resolution trade simulation
  • Data Entitlements with Audit Trails
  • Data Security
  • Marketing campaigns focussing on high value data consumers