Back Testing a trading idea proves that it will work across multiple stock symbols over multiple time periods. CloudQuant Mariner, our free and secure back testing and algorithm development environment allows you to develop a trading strategy and then test it in a highly accurate stock market simulator.


  • Historical Data:
    • Market Data (Ticks, Bars, Imbalances, NBBO, Time and Sales)
    • Alternative Data Sets from vendors shown in the data set catalog
    • Fundamental Data Sets from several vendors
    • Over 500 Trade Signals developed by professional traders
  • Trading simulation with Tick Level market data
  • Visualization
    • Trade entry and exit on candlestick charts.
    • End of Day P&L heat maps
    • P&L over time
  • White Papers, Source Code, and detail reports included microsecond timestamped simulated trades for featured alternative data sets
  • Easy coding environment using Python
    • Sample working code
      • Easy to copy working code to serve as a foundation for your trading idea.
    • Online support, documentation, and online forum.
  • CQ Data Liberator Time Series Data Fabric for easy API access to any time series dataset
  • Detailed reports on all aspects of the automated trading strategy
  • Online Support
    • Chat support provided during US Market hours plus up to 1 hour before and after the open and close.
    • Online Community where other members of the CloudQuant crowd can mutually support you.
    • Online Documentation


CloudQuant Backtesting


  • Professional High-Resolution Backtesting
  • Freemium limited to 5,000 days of backtesting per month
  • Secure Environment
  • Order Management
  • Risk Management
  • 10GB Personal Storage
  • Historical Tick Level Market Data
  • Historical Market Data Bars (minute, daily)
  • Alternative Data Access


Additional Access
  • Unlimited simulations
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Prioritized Simulations (over Freemium)
External API Access for Backtesting Package
  • Systematic research
  • CloudQuant AI