CloudQuant Technology & SaaS Products

CloudQuant Data Liberator™

  • Single data access API for a world of time series data
  • Built-in point-in-time database & standard access pattern for all data
  • Allows users to easily include alternative datasets in their algorithms to facilitate rapid informed decisions regarding alternative datasets, making it easy for users to identify statistical impacts

CloudQuant AI™

  • Powerful Jupyter Python Notebook
  • Ecosystem Research Analyst Alternative Data and Machine Learning Gymnasium
  • Built on the fastest growing data science program in the world
  • Full machine learning stack of open source technology capabilities so you can manipulate the data any way you want

CloudQuant Mariner™

  • Powerful high resolution strategy backtesting
  • White papers with corresponding CloudQuant source code
  • Write sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies in Python
  • Replay years of US equities trading utilizing high resolution tick-level data
  • Users’ python code can interact with any market event- trades, news, halts, altdata, order handling, account handling, and many more
  • Stats are automatically generated for every backtest and detailed statistical reports available on demand

CloudQuant Explorer™

  • Visualizing quantitative data powers the engine of systematic innovation
  • Powerful Alternative data & trading signal visualization tool provides industry professionals to rapidly browse hundreds of datasets.
  • Instantly overlay datasets with the market and financial KPIs such as revenue, growth, earnings, EBITA, social sentiment, and more.
  • Integrate CloudQuant SaaS to traders’ existing capabilities and give your research team super powers without fear of losing any of their existing ecosystem.
  • Visualize data in minutes to gain deeper insights without any technology costs that may come with hiring data analysts.
  • AI Powered Symbology and Topic Mapping
  • Built-in Point-In-Time Security, Entity Mapping & Standard Identifier for all datasets