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CloudQuant is a Commercial Data, Research, and Technology Company serving global financial services and corporate clients.

Find valuable data sources for your business to measure what you care about today, to predict tomorrow.

Integrate thousands of datasets in minutes to empower your data scientists, management consultants, investment researchers, executives, and engineers.

Access high-value datasets through one simple data fabric and full data tech stack.

Discover the signal in the noise by leveraging our data research expertise.


Thousands of datasets.
One contract. One line of code

CloudQuant provides professional investment managers the data and analytics tools they have always desired.

Data Liberator
  • Historical Point-In-Time Data
  • Live Streaming Data
  • C++, Python, R, C#, Javascript, MS Excel(™)
Artificial Intelligence
  • A private Hosted Python+R Jupyter Labs environment
  • Access to all permissioned Liberator datasets
  • Algorithmic access to our Mariner backtesting system


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