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About CloudQuant

CloudQuant provides alternative data showcasing services to alternative data providers including bespoke AI, Machine Learning, and data science services. Fundamental and quantitative investors utilize the cloud-based institutional-grade analytics technology and detailed backtests to quickly research alternative datasets in a novel “try-before-you-buy” data shopping experience. CloudQuant demonstrates the value in alternative data to accelerate data sales for vendor partners and increase ROI for data purchasers. We are Quantitative Investors, Proprietary Traders, Machine Learning Experts, Fundamental Investors, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, PhDs, MFMs, CIOs, Data Scientists, AI Research Consultants We are a global crowd research network. We use and license PaaS technology solutions for Visualization, Data Science, Advanced Data APIs, Artificial Intelligence, High-Resolution Backtesting, High-Frequency Trading Engines, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Proprietary Alpha Signal broadcasting.