Delivering Client-Specific Data at Scale

CloudQuant is releasing a powerful data delivery service that your firm can use to deliver Client-Specific Data at scale. The service can be up and running within days. It includes advanced security mechanisms and tracking to meet your business requirements.


The application includes Excel integration and popular programming languages. Most clients integrate into your Liberator instance with one line of code. Data can be either batch or real-time.
This application will allow you to compete with the largest broker-dealers on the planet.

The Brokerage Client Problem With Retrieving Data

  • Very Complicated
  • Numerous Data Formats
  • Multiple End Points
  • Countless Changes over Time
  • Too Many Points of Failure
  • Team of Programmers Needed
  • Steep Learning Curve

CQ Liberator™ Making it Simple for Clients to Get Data

  • 1 Minute Setup for User
  • 1 Minute from API download to Accessing Data
  • APIs
  • Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, R, Java, RESTful  
  • Tool Integrations
  • Jupyter
  • Excel
  • Data Catalog with full Schema

CQ Liberator™ Extreme Usability Security

  • Military Grade Encryption with 2FA at rest and transit
  • Data Entitlements for Users by:
  • Primary Key (e.g. Account Number)
  • Time Range of data
  • Time Range of Access
  • Access Method (which application)
  • Users never have access to underlying data

CQ Liberator™ Extreme Usability Tracking Your Users

  • Standard reports
  • User Access Rights (Who can See What)
  • Data Access (Who saw what)
  • Feedback to Sales
  • Activity tracked weekly into CRM
  • Expiring access rights reported to
  • CRM
  • Slack

CQ Liberator API Python Example

Liberator is Cloud Agnostic And simplifies redistribution of data to end users

  • Cloud and Data Consolidation / Conformation / Administration
  • Unite your multi-cloud presence under a single network
  • Federate data under a single API/Warehouse-Network