CloudQuant® began as an internal research tool for proprietary traders to explore extraordinary quantitative trading ideas. Anyone can use CloudQuant to create and test Algorithmic Trading Strategies. In November of 2019 CloudQuant began serving Alternative Data providers by providing a Data Showcasing service. This is our primary focus. We found that our peers in industry were spending months, sometimes longer to onboard data sets. We can do it in hours because of our data fabric. Today CloudQuant is:
  • a data showcase platform for portfolio managers to try data sets before they buy
  • a high-performance quantitative research platform
  • an educator
  • a community for traders, quants, and data scientists
  • a data technology provider
We began as a research tool within the Kershner Trading Group, a veteran of the trading industry for over 23 years. Kershner’s experience as a trading firm focused on the operation and execution of profitable quantitative trading strategies. During this time, Kershner provided the trading and technology expertise to design a platform that enabled researchers to go from idea to production implementation in a matter of hours. In 2016, CloudQuant became a stand-alone firm. Our goal was to serve the needs of the independent market researchers around the world. In August of 2017 CloudQuant officially launched. At the time we were crowdsourcing algos.
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