CloudQuant announces new whitepaper featuring Deception & Truth datasets

CloudQuant's New Whitepaper, "Outperforming The Market With Measures Of Deceptive And Truthful Language In Regulatory Filings," Reveals How Deception & Truth's (D&T) Core And MD&A Datasets Can Significantly Forecast Excess Returns Across Various Holding Periods.

With a 92% Confidence Level In Predicting 60-Day Returns For Both Large And Small Cap Stocks, And Insights Indicating Untapped Market Potential, This Study Is An Essential Read For Institutional Investment Managers Aiming To Refine Their Strategies With Advanced, Data-Driven Insights. We Encourage You To Seize This Opportunity To Gain A Competitive Edge In Developing Strategies With The Addition Of Deception & Truth Data. Data And Strategies Are Available For Complimentary Trials Now. 

Download The Whitepaper Here. 

Based on our independent analysis, we determined that Deception & Truth’s datasets hold significant predictive value for institutional investment managers, particularly in terms of generating excess returns over various holding periods ranging from one month to one year. Our research revealed that the Deception & Truth Core and MD&A scores are reliable indicators of performance across all sectors, with specific effectiveness in both Large and Small Cap stocks over different time frames. Notably, certain sectors such as Information Technology and HealthCare consistently outperform, while Energy and Materials lag. Our findings also suggest that these metrics are not yet reflected in market prices, offering a strategic advantage. Additionally, year-over-year changes in Deception & Truth metrics demonstrate a high degree of statistical significance for Small Caps, with the potential to outperform benchmarks substantially when used for annual rebalancing.