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Exponential Moving Average (EMA) technical analysis in python with sample code.
3 Gold Charts indicating market moves
Citigroup Reports Earnings Below a ‘Death Cross’
Brandywine wins with short-term momentum and long-term directional arbitrage strategies

Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 11, July 2018

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technical analysis of stocks and commodities

Technical Analysis Of Stocks And Commodities Using Basic Indicators
Last weekend I was asked by numerous traders who practice technical analysis of stocks and commodities, what indicator I preferred to use the most.
The answer was the Exponential Moving Average or (EMA) for short. I demonstrated yesterday how to use the EMA to measure pullbacks away from the main trend.
The method is rather simple but works remarkably well for finding stocks a…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is easily calculated using the Technical Analysis Library (TA-LIB) in our python based backtest simulation. TA-LIB is a very common tool used for those interested in technical anallysis like the above story indicates.
We have easy source coude you can copy. Free registration is required at  Once you logon you can clone this simple script to backtest your trading strategy ideas using EMA.
For those of you who only want to see the TA-LIB Code for calculating the Exponential Moving Average then here is a simple code snipping. Please note, this is for example purposes only to demonstrate TA-LIB.

# TA-LIB to calculate the Exponential Moving Average for long or short in
myBars = # grab 21 bars, EMA uses 20, we want yesterdays and the day before so grab 21
close = myBars.close # pull out just the close prices
EMA = talib.MA(close,timeperiod=20,matype=1) # TALIB Moving Average matype=1 = Exponential Moving Average
EMAlist = numpy.ndarray.tolist(EMA) # TALIB returns a numpy array, lets turn that back into a basic list
print self.symbol,EMAlist
if EMAlist[-1] > EMAlist[-2]: # if yesterday's EMA is above the previous day go long
    print "long entry"
if EMAlist[-1] < EMAlist[-2]: # if yesterday's EMA is below the previous day go short
    print "short entry"


FXCM Algo Summit 2018

Last month, 5 quant trading experts joined FXCM for an educational event in London. Approximately 200 attendees attended lectures and workshops on topics ranging from machine learning to alpha generation to cryptocurrencies. The speakers conducted both interactive workshops and presentations. You can access the recording of each presentation below.
Robert Carver is an independent systematic futures trader, writer and researc…
2018-07-05 11:56:39+00:00 Read the full story.

3 Charts Suggest Gold Miners Could Lead the Way

In the commodities market, there tends to be a negative correlation between the U.S. dollar and gold and other related metals. However, despite the recent weakness in the spot price of gold futures, gold miners and the companies related to the exploration, extraction and processing of precious metals tend to be countering the trend and look poised for a move higher. In the paragraphs below, we’ll examine the charts of the broad commodities market…
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Citigroup Reports Earnings Below a ‘Death Cross’

Citigroup Inc. (C), the fourth largest of the four “too big to fail” money center banks, has been trading sideways to down since setting its multi-year intraday high of $80.70 on Jan. 29. This has the stock down 8.3% year to date and in correction territory at 15.5% below this high. The stock is 6% above its 2018 low of $64.38 set on June 26. Citigroup reports quarterly earnings at around 8:00 a.m. during pre-market hours on Friday, July 13. Anal…
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Brandywine Asset Management Posts Record Returns In June

Brandywine Asset Management commentary for the month ended June 30, 2018.
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Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc
Strong performance from Brandywine Asset Management’s short-term momentum and long-term directional arbitrage strategies combined with Brandywine’s Adapt…
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Video: 2 Stock Market Pros Reveal How to Juice Your Portfolio for 2018

The second half of 2018 is off to a bullish start for stocks, buoyed by a goldilocks June jobs report. But don’t get too complacent.
TheStreet’s Scott Gamm is hosted our monthly video webinar Trading Strategies to help you prep your portfolio for the second half of 2018. Scott was joined by two top market experts, including:
Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist, Invesco
Alicia Levine, head of global investment strategy, BNY Mellon Investment Management
Want exclusive investing insight from Jim Cramer? Get 24/7 access to Jim’s charitable trust portfolio with a free trial to Action Alert…
2018-07-11 07:37:00-04:00 Read the full story.

JPMorgan Reports Earnings in Rebound Mode

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) has been one of the weak bank stocks, recently setting a 2018 low of $102.20 on July 6, but since then, the shares have popped by 5% in anticipation of positive earnings to be released before the opening bell on Friday, July 13. JPMorgan is the largest of the four “too big to fail” money center banks and is the only major bank in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The stock closed Monday, July 9, at $107.28, up just 0.3%…
2018-07-10 04:00:00-06:00 Read the full story.

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