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News about AI and Machine Learning form the past week – all delivered with our own Natural Language processing and ranked by our score of what we find interesting! Of course, we had to throw in some of our own thoughts and comments too.

AI & Machine Learning News. 21, January 2019

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6 trends in insight driven data management

Financial institutions need to improve data quality and availability not only to meet operational goals, but to contribute to core competencies in managing investment performance, reducing risk and meeting compliance goals. Our research shows firms are looking to adopt new and additional capabilities to derive higher levels of business value from their data management efforts. They are moving from operational and IT driven data projects, to a mo…
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AI-ception: Google’s AI Is Learning How To Make AI Software

Google is already known to be a pioneer in artificial intelligence, introducing different machine learning techniques to enhance the AI experience. It’s no secret that AI has become so advanced that many people are worried over losing their jobs to AI. Now, scientists have found a way to make AI software using AI, so Google’s AI is learning how to make AI software using machine-learning algorithms. Sounds like a scenario for the Inception sequel.
Researchers at…
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An Introduction to the Machine Learning Platform as a Service

Machine-Learning-Platform-as-a-Service (ML PaaS) is one of the fastest growing services in the public cloud. It delivers efficient lifecycle management of machine learning models.
At a high level, there are three phases involved in training and deploying a machine learning model. These phases remain the same from classic ML models to advanced models built using sophisticated neural network architecture.
Provision and Configure Environment
Before the actual training takes place, developers and data scientists need a fully configured environment with the right har…
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Big Data and Analytics Insights for 2019

From self-service data preparation and real-time data streaming, to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve.
Data lake adoption is on the rise, Spark is moving towards mainstream, and machine learning is starting to catch on at organizations seeking digital transformation across industries.
All the while, the use of cloud services continues to grow across use cases and deployment models.
Innovative new technologies are providing the opportunit…
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A Big Data State of the Union

With the Big Data market and its seminal technology, Hadoop, each about a decade old, enterprise customers need answers to important questions about the Big Data ecosystem health and state of adoption. The ecosystem is maturing. What does this mean for Hadoop, Big Data and Open Source Analytics in general? How does it impact enterprise companies, their data platform strategies and their resulting Data Governance r…
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Top Performing Information Technology ETFs of 2018

Comprised of stocks focused on software and services, communications and electronic equipment, semiconductors and more, the information technology sector underwent important changes in recent months. Many of the largest companies that were in the sector have moved to the communications category. Nonetheless, the tech sector provided a substantial portion of the overall gains to the stock market throughout much of 2018. Of course, in the last seve…
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4th Qtr 2018 Hedge Fund Outflows Largest in 2 Years • Integrity Research

According to the HFR Global Hedge Fund Industry Report, volatile financial markets and record losses in equities prompted investors to redeem an estimated $22.5 billion from hedge funds during the 4th Qtr of 2018 – the largest quarterly outflow since 3Q 2016.
4th Quarter Performance
Despite this sharp outflow of assets, hedge funds performed better than the overall market during the final quarter of 2018. The HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index …
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Perfecting the Bank Through the Precision of AI

By Dan McKinney, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Finxact
Artificial intelligence is a buzzword gone bad. The multitude of breathless science fiction-like stories about killer robots, a collapse of the job market and highways full of self-driving cars has obscured the simple utility that specialized AI can provide today.
The core concepts of AI have been around for decades, growing at academic institutions like Carnegie Mellon Universi…
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Data Architecture with Data Governance: A Proactive Approach

“Data Architecture is the physical implementation of the Business Strategy,” said Nigel Turner, Principal Consultant in E.M.E.A. at Global Data Strategy, Ltd., speaking at the DATAVERSITY® Enterprise Data Governance Online Conference. “It’s a key part of the whole continuum that you need to build within an organization to manage data effectively,” and Data Governance forms an important bridge between those strategies and the real-world implementa…
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The AI Market Is Growing, But How Quickly Is Tough To Pin Down

If you work in tech, you’ve heard about artificial intelligence: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not, and which nations will leverage it to prevent, or instigate, war.
At Crunchbase News, however, our editorial bent usually keeps us from predicting. Our goal is clear cut: How much money is going into startups? Who is putting that money in? And what trends can we suss out about the health of the market over time?
So let’s talk about …
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The Data Hub Brings Opportunities for Data Orchestration

The massive proliferation of data volumes has created an important opportunity for business insight and data-informed decision-making, but many companies struggle with getting the value out of all that data. “While data is the new gold, and we are currently experiencing a data-driven ‘gold rush,’ enterprises are still struggling to manage data from multiple sources,” said Franz Faerber, Executive VP, Products & Innovation, at SAP, in an article e…
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The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down

The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down
If you work in tech, you’ve heard about artificial intelligence: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not and which nations will leverage it to prevent, or instigate, war.
Our editorial bent is more clear-cut: How much money is going into startups? Who is putting that money in? And what trends can we suss out about the health of the market over time?
So let’s ta…
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How Much Can a Python Developer Make?

Despite its age (27 years and counting), Python remains one of the world’s fastest-growing programming languages, and with good reason: it’s vital for data science and machine learning, which more and more companies are embracing in order to gain a competitive edge.
It’s also a solid general-purpose language, and many developers find it very easy to read and understand (the latter is due in large part to the PEP 8 Style Guide, which has kept Python devs on the coding straight-and-narrow since 2001). As David Bolton wrote in his introductory breakdown of the language for Dice: …
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CloudQuant Thoughts: We have found that our community of traders and market enthusiasts are able to learn Python rather easily. If one has experience with any macro programming language, i.e. MS Excel, then learning Python is rather easy.

Envestnet Says Yodlee CEO to Depart

Envestnet | Yodlee CEO Anil Arora .
Tech provider Envestnet says it is restructuring management with Envestnet Yodlee CEO Anil Arora set to step down from this role on Feb. 28, though he will stay on the company’s board.
“Leading Envestnet Yodlee has been the most compelling professional adventure I have ever undertaken,” according to Arora. “It has been a privilege to work on behalf of our customers and I would like to thank them, our board an…
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Software engineering is as important as data science – Cuemacro

I end up tweeting a lot. Possibly, far too much of what I tweet is random, about burgers and so on, albeit with a modicum of tweets about markets and Python. Twitter inevitably acts like some sponge, absorbing your attention, which can often be a bad thing, but can actually also be a good thing. A lot of what I have learnt about markets and coding in recent years has been a result of seeing tweets by smart people I follow. It can often be the cas…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Data engineering is important too. We have found that as we add alternative data sets to our platform that we had to address both our own data access software, but also the mappings of data over time. Many datasets are indexed by trading symbol as it is known in that trading system. Many claim to use exchange symbology. Over time those symbols get deprecated and then re-used. At one time the exchange symbol “C” was Chrysler. Today we know that “C” is Citibank. Therefore our Software Engineering and Data Engineering had to deal with the temporal nature of the data changes. We also deal with symbology from differing vendors. One vendor may have a different prefix or may have assigned their own key to the company. The symbology may be different for each class of stock. The point is – Software Engineering and Data Engineering must cooperate otherwise one will end up with something like Johnny Cash’s song – One Piece At A Time.

DataStax and Hitatchi Collaborate to Optimize Manufacturing IoT data

DataStax, a provider of a distributed hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra, is entering a partnership with Hitachi, Ltd. in Japan, optimizing manufacturing processes with Internet of Things data.
The collaborative technologies will enable various solutions for manufacturers, including product sequence optimization, supply chain optimization, product traceability, and product plan optimization.
Hitachi’s digital twin solution, part of…
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AI to Displace 40% of World’s Jobs, Predicts ‘Oracle of AI’

Artificial intelligence will displace 40% of jobs, predicted Chinese AI expert Kai-Fu Lee, who was dubbed the “Oracle of AI” by “60 Minutes” this week. Lee also said that China is on the cusp of surpassing Silicon Valley in technological supremacy.
“AI will increasingly replace repetitive jobs, not just blue collar work but a lot of white collar work,” Lee told CBS News‘ correspondent Scott Pelley in a broadcast that a…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Every doomsday prophecy has been wrong.

Why every small business should use machine learning?

s all the time. While smaller companies fear that machine learning is out of reach for them. But it doesn’t have to be.
Machine learning (ML) is an application of AI that uses statistical models and big data to make predictions about future trends.
For example, have you ever noticed how Google Photos can find images of just about anything (let’s say, a horse), without you having tagged the photo in advance? That’s because Google has fed its ML algorithms with thousands and thousands of photos of horses — the technology is able to identify the key attributes of the image that make it a horse, and the…
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Japan’s top stock surges 305pc in a year

The best-performing stock in Tokyo quadrupled last year, but its chief financial officer says it is still cheap.
BrainPad posted a 305 per cent gain, the best among the more than 2100 constituents of the benchmark Topix index, as the data-analysis company’s profit strengthened, reassuring investors of its ability to make money.
That would not be a one-off phenomenon for the consultant to firms including Google’s Japan unit, Yahoo Japan and Japa…
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Why are Australia’s large cap fund managers failing to beat the index?

And over five years, the median return of large cap managers before fees of 6.6 per cent is better than the 5.7 per cent index return.
But what is most disappointing is that certain funds that marketed themselves and their strategies as being built to endure a stockmarket correction lost money. In some instances they lost more than the risky benchmarks they derided.
That includes so-called “value investors”, which avoid racy high risk growth st…
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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves

To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vi…
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3 Stocks to Buy and Hold for Decades — The Motley Fool

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Mastercard (NYSE:MA), and Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) are very different businesses, but they do share one thing in common: the potential to reward investors with long-term growth. Three Motley Fool contributors weigh in on how managing mountains of data, the war on cash, and increasingly wealthier emerging markets could lift these stocks in the coming decades.
A big company with big opportunities
Todd Campbell (Microsoft): It’…
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Facebook backs Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence with $7.5 million

Facebook will donate $7.5 million for the creation of The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, a research center being made to explore topics such as transparency and accountability in medical treatment and human rights in human-AI interaction.
The announcement was made today during a speech by COO Sheryl Sandberg at the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference in Munich, Germany and is Facebook’s first investment in an independent center to study ethics in AI, a company spokesperson told Ve…
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Comparing Cloudera (CLDR) and Qumu (QUMU)

Cloudera (NYSE:CLDR) and Qumu (NASDAQ:QUMU) are both small-cap computer and technology companies, but which is the superior stock? We will contrast the two companies based on the strength of their valuation, profitability, risk, earnings, institutional ownership, analyst recommendations and dividends.
Valuation & Earnings
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This table compares Cloudera and Qumu’s revenue, earnings per share (EPS) and valuation.
Gross Revenu…
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Here’s What AI Can Do for Advisors

There’s a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence in our industry right now — and for good reason. AI can help advisors work smarter and provide more value to their clients. That said, AI isn’t the answer to every problem. But when the questions become more complicated — such as “what is next thing I should focus on to maximize the impact for my clients?” or “what’s the driver of this anomaly?” — AI could be the way to go.
What AI Is
AI comple…
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Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI in the Renewable Energy Sector

By Tanmoy Ray, Scientist, Counselor, Career Advisor
Analytics, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are used to interpret the past, optimize the present and predict the future. The energy sector heavily depends on optimization and predictions for energy production, energy grid balancing, and consumption habits. Additionally, the energy industry produces massive amounts of data. To turn this data into insights to improve productivity and cut costs, major energy players are turning to AI. He…
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AI to outperform human credit decisions by 2024 – survey

Source: Intertrust
Artificial intelligence (AI) will produce more accurate, reliable and transparent credit decisions than human-based systems within five years, according to capital markets professionals surveyed by Intertrust.
Intertrust, a global leader in providing expert administrative services to clients operating and investing in the international business environment, surveyed over 500 capital markets executives to identify the i…
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Salary takes a back seat to out-of-the-box benefits and work-life balance?

When it comes to hiring candidates with the appropriate technical skill sets, 41 percent of decision makers within technology and engineering fields indicated it’s becoming more difficult to find the top talent they need, according to the Technology and Engineering Workplace Trends survey by Modis and General Assembly.
This survey explored the attitudes and beliefs of 1,006 decision makers in technology and engineering on issues pertaining to re…
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Sonrai Security Emerges From Stealth With Cloud Data Control Service

Startup Sonrai Security officially launched on Jan. 15, introducing its Cloud Data Control Service in an effort to improve security for enterprise data assets stored across multiple clouds.
The Sonrai Cloud Data Control Service provides multiple features to help organizations improve security, including discovery of data assets as well as classification capabilities. The Sonrai platform also helps organizations meet compliance mandates by identi…
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Leaked numbers reveal massive revenue growth at $3 billion Google-backed startup UiPath

The buzzy and well-funded $3 billion artificial intelligence startup UiPath will soon hit $200 million in annual recurring revenue, sources told Business Insider.
UiPath, which does robotic process automation, brought in just $3.5 million in ARR in 2016, according to one source. This means the company grew its revenue by 5614% in just over two years.
ARR is a popular metric used by subscription software or SaaS companies. It essentially takes the value o…
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It is Our Responsibility to Make Sure Our AI is Ethical and Moral

By Andy Thurai, Emerging Technology Strategist, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
A group of teachers successfully sued the Houston Independent School District (HISD) in 2017 claiming their Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated when the school district used an opaque artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to evaluate and terminate 221 teachers. The judge overturned the use of AI algorithms suggesting, “When a public agency adopts a policy of making high stakes employment decisions based on secret algorithms (aka, AI and Neural Networks) incompatible with a minimum due process, the proper remedy is to overturn the policy.”…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Yep!

Spell Unveils New, Collaborative Deep Learning and AI Development Platform

A recent press release states, “AI and machine learning startup Spell, today unveiled a new, end-to-end deep learning and AI platform designed to empower teams and businesses across different sectors to build with AI. This development reflects Spell’s commitment to provide greater accessibility to the advanced AI tools currently developed by and used at only the largest tech companies. Along with the reveal of new product offerings, Spell also announc…
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How higher education can put data visualization to work

The practice of using information, or data, is nothing new, but technology has revolutionized how we collect, store and present that information. With the help of powerful data analytics and visualization tools. Some of these tools, such as IBM’s Many Eyes, are already exploring the power of AI to automatically organize and understand data, offering even more data-driven decision-making power to businesses and institutions all over the World.
But we now know that the data alone is not enough. It is how it’s presented and organized that makes it so powerful when it comes to makin…
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A Personal Data Discovery Solution Powered by ML

Thanks to GDPR and other data regulations, companies are required to have a certain degree of insight and control of the data they collect and store about individual people, or risk paying hefty fines. But getting the necessary level of insight and control is a big challenge, thanks in part to the way companies store data and the large number of data repositories they use. Now a startup called BigID is using machine learning to help companies ide…
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3 Retail Stocks I’d Buy Right Now — The Motley Fool

We learned in 2018 that the retail industry is not in a death spiral after all. There are plenty of thriving retailers that are delivering profitable growth for shareholders. I’ve selected three retailers that offer investors the potential for good returns without having to pay through the nose to own them.
Walmart (NYSE:WMT) doesn’t need an introduction, but the world’s largest retailer is having tremendous success with its e-commerce strategy….
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Ford taps Clinc for conversational AI in autos

s teaming up with Ford to power voice recognition in the Detroit automaker’s cars. The two companies announced the collaboration today during the Detroit Auto Show, at a panel hosted by Inforum about machine learning and the future of in-vehicle technology.
According to Clinc CEO Dr. Jason Mars, the Ann Arbor company’s automotive platform, which was announced in September 2018, is enabling drivers and passengers to control vehicle systems using natural language in Ford’s connected car lab. They can make verbal requests to turn up the air conditioning, adjust cruise control, and check fuel mileage, or ask if …
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3 Top Semiconductor Stocks to Buy in 2019 — The Motley Fool

2018 finished on a down note for semiconductors; as measured by the iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (NASDAQ: SOXX), the sector fell 8% on the year.
Some stocks in the industry are beginning to show signs of life, though, as optimism regarding a trade deal between the U.S. and China is rising. Deal or no deal, business for technology’s most basic components is still strong as digital transformation is just beginning to take hold. Three names that …
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Five emerging tech trends to watch in 2019

Beth Devin, head of innovation network and emerging technologies at Citi Ventures, selects five technologies that could have a major impact on financial institutions and their clients in 2019 and beyond.
What is 5G?
5G is the fifth generation of wireless network technology. The current standard, 4G, increased data-transfer rates and gave rise to many of the connected devices and services that we rely on today. Using a high frequency spectru…
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10 big data & AI projects that could save our planet and its inhabitants

When we talk about climate issues and wildlife disappearing from the face of the Earth, most of us tend to shrug helplessly. It is because most of us these problems just seem too hard and too big to fix. But, the superheroes of today – the conservationists, scientists, and AI innovators are convinced that no problem is too big to fix if the technology, imagination, and data are put to work. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in our today…
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StreamSets Integrates DataOps Solution with Snowflake

StreamSets, provider of a DataOps platform for modern data integration, is collaborating with Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. In conjunction with the partnership, StreamSets also unveiled StreamSets for Snowflake.
Now, StreamSets customers can create at-scale data pipelines for batch and streaming data from edge, on-premises, and cloud systems directly into Snowflake.
treamSets for Snowflake greatly simplifies development of …
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From Oscar to AI: Mining Visual Assets for Fun and Profit

Before big data burst upon the scene, Dan Wexler dealt with it every day at DreamWorks Studios, where he helped developed the rendering tools used on “Shrek” and other films. After winning an Academy Award for his work with 3D graphics, Wexler founded Zorroa, where he’s creating new ways to turn video and imagery data into useful knowledge.
Wexler shared an Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement in 2013…
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27 Amazing Data Science Books Every Data Scientist Should Read

Every person has their own way of learning. What helped me break into data science was books. There is nothing like opening your mind to a world of knowledge condensed into a few hundred pages. There is a magic and allure to books that I have never found in any other medium of learning.
“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” – Haruki Murakami
Learning Data Science on your own can be a very daunting task! …
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Doing digital needs the Board’s mandate

Another key factor in building a truly digital bank is commitment. Commitment right from the top and, by the top, I don’t just mean the CEO and the leadership team, but the Board of the bank. Quite often, a digital transformation of a bank requires years of commitment during which time shareholder return takes second place. A bank that is only focused upon shareholder return will fail in the process.
I heard this quite often from the C-level lea…
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Big Data Career Notes: January 2019 Edition

In this monthly feature, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest career developments for individuals in the big data community. Whether it’s a promotion, new company hire, or even an accolade, we’ve got the details. Check in each month for an updated list and you may even come across someone you know, or better yet, yourself!
Bernd Gross
Software AG has announced that Bernd Gross will assume the position of chief technology officer. Gross joine…
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Algorithms Aim to Unclog the Skies

Researchers are churning out new algorithms initially designed to improve situational awareness in the sky while also helping pilots avoid dangerous weather and costly flight delays.
Knowing where you are on the clouds in relation to other aircraft is a fundamental flight safety requirement, and the stormy skies are not getting any less crowded. One data analytics effort is using deep neural networks and “memory networks” to improve air traffic …
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Apple’s Spending Growth Looks Set To Slow

When a company is enjoying significant revenue growth, it’s not hard for it to aggressively increase spending. However, when times get tougher, the company needs to be more thoughtful about each dollar that it spends in a bid to carefully balance investment in its long-term future with the need to deliver value to shareholders in the present.
It would seem that after Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Jan. 2 financial guidance reduction, the company is set t…
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Facebook To Set Up Institute For AI Ethics With Initial Investment Of $7.5 Million

Social media giant Facebook on Sunday announced that they are creating an independent Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence with an initial grant of $7.5 million over a period of five years.
In collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany, the institute will help advance the growing field of ethical research on new technology and will explore fundamental issues affecting the use and impact of AI.
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A.I. Policy Is Tricky. From Around the World, They Came to Hash It Out.

elligence, and his students last week were mainly senior policymakers from countries in the 36-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Mr. Abelson began with a brisk history of machine learning, starting in the 1950s. Next came a description of how the technology works, a hands-on project using computer-vision models and then case studies. The goal was to give the policymakers from countries like France, Japan and Sweden a sense of the technology’s strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing the crucial role of human choices.
“These machines do what they do because they are trained,” Mr. Abe…
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5 GPU Startups Who Are Trying To Script Success Like NVIDIA

Artificial intelligence has the potential to become the most impactful technology humanity will ever create, boosting us and giving the ability to solve problems once thought to be unsolvable. However, available GPU computing continues to be the limiting factor in developing AI systems. Innovative ideas are often discarded simply because the GPU compute costs would be too high. Many startups have fixed a goal to provide everyone with computing — …
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The Red Pill Realities of Anti Money Laundering

Money laundered through the banking system is estimated to be over 2 trillion dollars a year. A recent study by BAFT (Bankers Association of Finance and Trade) estimates that 1% of the proceeds from financial crimes are intercepted. Meanwhile, nine out of ten suspicious activities flagged by AML software in banks are false alarms.
Let’s put these numbers in perspective. 99% of laundered money is not caught. 90% of the resources spent catching su…
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Automating Excel with Python

We know there’s a lot of pain points in Excel that make it a tool that’s cumbersome and repetitive for data manipulation. We’ve distilled those pain points into three major themes.
The first is that it’s awkward to deal with higher dimensional data in a two-dimensional spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are great for representing two-dimensional data but they’re awkward for representing anything at three or higher dimensions. And while there’s many worka…
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Why Jim Cramer Is Holding Off on Buying Nvidia Stock

Thinking of buying shares of chip giant Nvidia (NVDA) ? Jim Cramer is holding off.
The stockpicker sold his charitable trust’s Nvidia position on Oct. 8 at $265 a share because Cramer expected NVDA to have bad quarterly earnings — which it did. But with the stock closing at $156.93 on Friday — down more than $100 from where Cramer’s trust sold it — he’s looking to buy it again if a few things fall into place when Nvidia reports earnings next …
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Set the people free

I’ve been grappling with what sets apart the banks that I think are truly digital from the rest, and realised the other day that it is because they have digital to the core of the bank. They don’t just think the bank has to adopt digital or do digital, they have to be digital. It is a different way of thinking and illustrated well by the few that I count as truly digital. These banks are on a continuous journey of developing digital services, rep…
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How can I tell if my marketing campaign is working?

How can the Reverend Bayes help you find out if your campaign worked?
A brief introduction to causal inference using Bayesian structural time series models in R with the CausalImpact package
Chris Bow Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 21
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash
If you work in marketing, sometimes what you do can seem like a bit of a lottery. That’s perhaps not how you like to report it upstairs, but how confident are you that your…
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AI Weekly: Companies and lawmakers need to agree on facial recognition policies before it’s too late

After a summer-long saga of accusations, denials, and blockbuster reporting by the American Civil Liberties Union, the dust appeared to have settled on Amazon’s Rekognition scandal. But a letter from shareholders this week rekindled the flames, urging the company, which was worth an estimated $1 trillion in September 2018, to prohibit sales of facial recognition technology like Rekognition to governments unless its board independently concludes t…
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Kaia Health raises $10 million to treat chronic pain with AI

Chronic diseases affect the lives of millions of people around the world. Over 16 million adults in the U.S., for instance, have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an inflammation of the lungs that obstructs airflow. And researchers estimate that 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain several times in their lives. Making matters worse, the treatments tend to be expensive — in 2010, the total annual cost o…
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Open Banking suggests life insurance opportunities

The combined effects of Open Banking, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and developments within artificial intelligence could see banks offering life insurance.
“The real challenge is synchronising banks’ data into the old and archaic insurance processes in the old insurance offices and ensuring incumbent insurers are prepared to accept information in a new way, and accept risks around life insurance,” says a c suite executive at an insurance data platform, suggesting that the newly opened data channel between ba…
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Key trends that may ease demand for big data skills in 2019

Ever since big data went mainstream over the last several years, companies all over the globe have been working feverishly to build out their data collection, preparation, and analytics operations. The technology involved has been evolving at breakneck speed, leaving interested businesses with no shortage of technical solutions to their big data needs. On the human capital side of the equation, though, results have …
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Truss is set to make 100 hires following $15M Series A-2

image via truss
Truss, a Chicago tech startup that helps businesses find offices and other commercial spaces, is going to need a new office of its own.
The company just raised a $15 million Series A-2, and plans to expand its staff by more than 100 people this year.
Funds were contributed by Navitas Capital, Hyde Park Angels and Hyde Park Venture Partners and Jeff Boyd, former CEO of Priceline and managing director of Brothers Brook. General C…
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Five Tools That Use AI for Cybersecurity

AI is being employed by attackers, such as within Deeplocker malware, which avoided a tight cyber security mechanism by utilising AI models to attack target hosgts using face recognition, geolocation and speech recognition.
This attack speaks volumes about the huge role of AI in cyber security domains. To counter attack and defend, AI for cybersecurity has become necessary.
Large and small organizations and even startups invest heavily in build…
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This AI generates images of food just by reading the recipe

ll only really arrive when it is capable of generating an entire foodie porn Instagram channel by itself, by reading recipes that tell it how to make food in the real world.
Until now, text-to-image artificial intelligence produced synthetic images by looking at visually descriptive phrases like “this pink and yellow flower has a beautiful yellow center with many stamens” or, “a small bird with black eye, black head, and dark bill.” Microsoft has such technology that is so good, it could theoretically replace Google Images’ results with photorealistic fakes.
An important development in AI
But the new AI algorithm…
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Is China’s AI-Powered Surveillance State ‘Eagle Eye’ Come True?

The movie Eagle Eye (2008) tells the story of an artificial intelligence system created by the US government gone wrong and the experiences that the protagonists undergo because of it. Even as the situations brought about in the movie are incredulous at best, the concept of an AI that can tap into a nation-wide surveillance system is fascinating.
This article will take a look into whether it is possible in real life to implement a solution similar to the AI in the mo…
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Consumer Satisfaction With Recommendations Of AI-Driven Apps

Millions of Americans make decisions guided by artificial intelligence (AI) every day, and many don’t even realize it. From GPS routes to get from point A to point B, suggested television shows and movies on Netflix, all the way to prioritized profiles on dating apps, consumers are regularly shown recommendations prompted by AI-driven apps. But are people satisfied with those recommendations?
Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) surveyed 2,000 Americans to find ou…
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Techcyte Launches Vetcyte, an AI-Powered Digital Diagnostics Platform

LINDON, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 21, 2019–
Techcyte, a leading developer of AI-based image analysis solutions for the diagnostics industry, has launched Vetcyte, an AI-powered digital diagnostics platform at VMX 2019. Initially, the Vetcyte platform supports the following canine-and-feline diagnostic tests:
10-minute Fecal Ova and Parasite
10-minute Digital 6-part Blood Differential
Same-day FNA analysis (through a collaboration with ZN L…
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Top banking trends for 2019 and how banks need to prepare

Many banks have been reviewing their branch networks over the last five years. In 2019 banks will continue to review their locations – relocating away from underperforming areas and into new spots of higher footfall and with more demand for banking services, such as out of town shopping centres.
Banks will continue to review their branch networks
Retail banks, including Lloyds and Halifax in the UK, have already opened state-of-the-art branches…
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Big Data Has Created A Surge In Demand For VPN Solutions

Companies all over the world now know more about us than we know about ourselves – all thanks to the rise of big data. VPNs are the most effective way for consumers to take back control of their digital footprint; allowing them to make use of encryption to protect personal data.
In 2018, the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal demonstrated how people’s Facebook likes and status updates were used to influence the US electoral process. In the UK, CA used people’s Facebook account data to influence the outcome of the…
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Examining Potential of AI to Assist in Childbirth

Instead of looking up at the sky to see whether you need an umbrella, people increasingly ask virtual assistants such as Alexa. And they may be wise to do so. AI methods are powerful – capable of anything from analysing astrophysical data to detecting tumours or helping to manage diabetes. An algorithm that analyses shopping patterns recently detected that a teenage girl was pregnant, earlier than her father did. So could childbirth be next for A…
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Are you mixing up odds with probability? – Towards Data Science

Are you mixing up odds with probability?
Odds and probability are different, and too many people make decisions without knowing that.
Keith McNulty Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 21
In day-to-day life people use the words ‘odds’ and ‘probability’ interchangeably. They are both terms that imply an estimate of chance. I also see these terms used interchangeably in the workplace. People can say that the ‘odds are twice as high’, and they ca…
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Hayne royal commission could trigger overhaul of hiring practices at banks

Colin Heath, the firm’s banking and capital markets leader, said banks will find it harder to assess staff based on more subjective attributes compared to the hard outcomes contained in many key performance indicators (KPIs) but they need to try. Digital literacy, global awareness and creativity will also become more important traits for budding bankers, who will need to display an ability to understand customers, ask probing questions and speak …
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Salesforce Unveils a Speedier, DIY Mobile App Dev Platform

Aiming to boost the development and faster deployment of mobile applications for business, has announced a new set of do-it-yourself tools and services collectively referred to as Lightning Platform Mobile.
There are three major parts to the Lightning Platform Mobile: Mobile Builders, Mobile Services and an all-new feature called Mobile Publisher.
With Mobile Publisher, Salesforce aims to make it easier for admins to publish empl…
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Reviewing 2018 and Previewing 2019

Kaggle ended 2018 with 2.5MM members, up from 1.4M at the end of 2017 and 840K when we were acquired in March 2017.
We had 1.55MM logged-in-users visit Kaggle in 2018, up 73% from 895K in 2017.
In 2019, we aim to grow the community passed 4MM members.
Kaggle Kernels
Kaggle Kernels is our hosted data science environment. It allows our users to author, execute, and share code written in Python and R.
Kaggle Kernels entered 2018 as a data…
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Must-Read Tutorial to Learn Sequence Modeling & Attention Models

The ability to predict what comes next in a sequence is fascinating. It’s one of the reasons I became interested in data science! Interestingly – human mind is really good at it, but that is not the case with machines. Given a mysterious plot in a book, the human brain will start creating outcomes. But, how to teach machines to do something similar?
Thanks to Deep Learning – we can do lot more today than what was possible a few years back. The ability to work with sequence data, like music lyrics, sentence translation, un…
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Six Reasons Why You May Want to Rethink Voice UI Strategy

While businesses certainly value new customers, even more valuable are loyal customers who continue doing business with the company. One way to keep them coming back is to build flawless customer experiences across each support channel—from text and web chat to email and voice.
Consumers have always looked for the most efficient path to connect with companies, especially when faced with conflicting priorities and time pressures that make it toug…
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Video: Good to great — The data difference in customer experience

While using data to deliver experiences has become table stakes, leaders are leveraging data in more nuanced ways, according to Ben Sharp, head of revenue ANZ at Pureprofile.
Understanding and comprehending consumer data from different sources is what is separating experiences, according to Sharp. At the top end organisations are leveraging data to deliver personalised experiences while at the bottom data mismanagement is killing experiences.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Its MyAnalytics Tracker to All Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft’s MyAnalytics workplace activity tracking tool is now available to users of Office 365 or the Office 365 Enterprise and Business suites with Exchange Online after only being offered previously in high-end subscriptions or as an extra-cost option.
MyAnalytics, which Microsoft refers to as a “fitness tracker for work,” aims to help users get a visual report on how they spend their time at work, according to a recent post by Natalie McCul…
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Startup Funding, Investments, and Acquisitions – Towards Data Science

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
I am just going to just jump straight in and figure out whether we can answer our first question. Well, we can break it down a bit since there are a number of parts to this question. Let’s first look at the average amount funded, total funding and the number of companies funded by industry and limit the results to the top 10.
SELECT category_code,
COUNT(*) AS number_of_companies,
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In 5G play, Vodafone and IBM link up cloud systems for business

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Vodafone is teaming up with IBM to offer businesses a way to link different cloud computing systems to support the next wave of digital advances, such as machine learning, on super-fast fifth-generation telecoms networks.
FILE PHOTO: Logos of 5G technology and telecommunications company Vodafone are pictured at the 5G Mobility Lab of Vodafone in Aldenhoven, Germany, November 27, 2018.REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen/File Photo
As …
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Watch this: The 2019 tech trends 4 Chicago companies are following

Monitoring technology trends involves more than staying on top of the latest languages coming into prominence. Companies need to be able to cut through the clutter to identify the trends that will make the biggest impact on their industries and decide which ones to incorporate — or not.
A new year means new initiatives. With that in mind, we asked leaders at four Chicago tech companies about the trends they predict will make the biggest impact o…
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A top Silicon Valley VC firm avoided investing in prescription drugs for a decade. Here’s why Andreessen Horowitz is changing its mind.

Initially, the plan was to steer clear of healthcare.
Andreessen Horowitz, a top Silicon Valley venture-capital firm known for investing in tech startups like Facebook and Instagram, changed its tune in 2015. That year, it launched its first bio fund, focused on backing biotech-based software companies after dipping its toes into the area in 2014 with an investment in Omada Health.
The venture firm is famous for its slogan “software is eating t…
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Walgreens Boots Alliance and Microsoft establish strategic partnership to transform health care delivery

Companies aim to improve health outcomes and lower overall costs with enhanced digital and retail experiences and an R&D commitment to build health care solutions through seven-year agreement
DEERFIELD, Ill., and REDMOND, Wash. — Jan. 15, 2019 — Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (WBA) and Microsoft Corp. have joined forces to develop new health care delivery models, technology and retail innovations to advance and improve the future of health care…
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Interview with Changing Health’s Mike Trenell on AI and Type 2 diabetes

ogy to help people with Type 2 diabetes (where the body becomes resistant to insulin) improve their lifestyle habits and better manage their condition. Mike spoke about how new technology, enabled by artificial intelligence and big data, can help people suffering from diabetes.
You can read the complete interview below.
Thanks for accepting our interview request. Let’s start with you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Changing Health provides behavior change programmes for people with Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight management issues, clinically proven to transform health outcomes. Our progra…
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Pivot3 Hyperconverged IT: Product Overview and Analysis

Company Name: Pivot3 (hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions)
Company description: Pivot3 is a privately-held company led by CEO Ron Nash. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pivot3 has offices in Houston, Boulder, Dubai, Mexico City and throughout the UK and APAC regions. It has more than 2,600 customers in 63 countries and over 20,000 deployments in education, hospitality, transportation, government, healthcare, defense, financia…
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How to do Deep Learning on Graphs with Graph Convolutional Networks

ow to do Deep Learning on Graphs with Graph Convolutional Networks
Part 2: Semi-Supervised Learning with Spectral Graph Convolutions
Tobias Skovgaard Jepsen Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 20
Machine learning on graphs is a difficult task due to the highly complex, but also informative graph structure. This post is the second in a series on how to do deep learning on graphs with Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs), a powerful type of neural network designed to work directly on graphs and leverage their structural information. I will provide a brief recap of the previous post, but you can find the othe…
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How Dell’s OEM Group Is Connecting the Edge, Data Center, Cloud

By Charles King
Successful executives can be tough acts to follow, but by choosing the right people and implementing the right processes, the affected organizations and their people can continue their trajectory. Dell Technologies’ Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions group offers a great example of how this works.
Following Joyce Mullen becoming the group’s vice president and general manager early in 20…
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Multi-Task Learning on Fate Grand Order with Keras – Towards Data Science

Gender: Female, Region: Europe, Fighting Style: Melee, Alignment: LE, Main Colors: [‘Black’, ‘Blue’, ‘Purple’]. Model saw a number of other images of this character in training, but all were of a significantly different style to this.
Multi-Task Learning on Fate Grand Order with Keras
Michael Sugimura Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 21
Standard image classification tasks follow the trend of binary classification (cat v dog) or maybe multi…
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