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Alternative Data News : How S&P 500 Stocks are performing (animation) : ESG Round up : CBOE Global Markets acquires Trade Alert bolstering its suite of information solutions offerings : S&P Global Launches New Data Marketplace

Alternative Data News. 03, June 2020

Alternative Data News. 03, June 2020

The AltDataNewsletter by CloudQuant

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

How Stocks Are Performing in 2020 – The S&P 500 Companies

The swarm plot below shows year-to-date (YTD) returns for all S&P 500 companies organized by sector (color). The size of each circle is correlated with the company’s market capitalization.

Unsurprisingly, the airline industry, cruise lines, energy, and financials are all weighing heavily on the index. The chart also highlights a transformation in consumer preferences, as spenders abandon traditional retail in favor of online alternatives like Amazon, eBay, and PayPal.
Giant technology companies like Apple and Microsoft have done a lot to offset losses in the broader index. Other big winners include computer security, IT support, and hardware (e.g. Citrix, ServiceNow, AMD, Nvidia), as well as home entertainment (e.g. Netflix, Activision-Blizzard, Take-Two).
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CloudQuant Thoughts : Again, a fabulous, beautiful Data Presentation from Reddit’s Data Is Beautiful.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Section

NN IP Launches ESG Fund For China A-Shares

Share Equities strategy. The NN (L) International China A-Share Equity fund targets both institutional and wholesale investors. The current market developments underline the importance of integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors more than ever, making the fund well positioned to leverage on this opportunity in the Chinese market.

We are proud to announce that we have launched an ESG-integrated China-A Share Equities fund, together with our strategic partner #ChinaAMC . Read more: #ResponsibleInvesting — NNInvestmentPartners (@NNIP) May 29, 2020
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Sustainable funds are outperforming their peers during the pandemic, BNP Paribas says

Investors have been “doubling down” on sustainability over the last quarter — and sustainable funds have actually outperformed the broader market, according to an analyst at BNP Paribas Asset Management. That’s a departure from historical precedents where people shifted their focus from sustainability to near-term profits in tough times, Gabriel Wilson-Otto, head of stewardship, Asia Pacific at the French bank. The first quarter of 2020 saw finan…
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Sustainable Finance – a treasurer’s brief – Why care about sustainable finance?

‘Sustainable’ is a buzzword right now: but why pay attention and what is all the fuss about?
If you are a treasurer who aspires to make corporate life socially and morally responsible, whilst also being at the heart of a capitalist machine, then sustainable finance is the opportunity to make a difference. As the strategic importance of the treasurer increases, it’s an opportunity to shape the overall strategic direction of the firm.
Sustainable Finance gives an opportunity to bring together environmental and social elements in a single debt issuance, supporting the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) development and delivering ethical business.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : For a quality ESG Dataset for US Equities head over to our Catalog.

Cboe Global Markets acquires Trade Alert bolstering its suite of information solutions offerings

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. today announces the acquisition of Trade Alert, LLC, a real-time alerts and order flow analysis service provider based in New York.
Terms of the deal, which closed on June 1, 2020, were not disclosed. Cboe says it funded the acquisition with cash on hand. Cboe considers its acquisition of the Trade Alert business to be nominally accretive for 2020 and is optimistic about the potential for growth going forward.
The acquisition is immaterial from a financial perspective.
Trade Alert will integrate with Cboe Information Solutions’ comprehensive suite of data solutions, analytics and indices that help market participants understand and access financial markets. Cboe’s Information Solutions offering is designed to optimize the customer experience throughout the life cycle of a transaction, from pre-trade to at-trade to post-trade, by providing insights, alpha opportunities, portfolio optimizations and seamless workflows.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : CBOEs acquisition of Trading Alert is yet another example of an Exchange stepping into the data and data delivery field.

S&P Global Launches New Data Marketplace • Integrity Research

S&P Global recently announced the launch of its new data platform enabling clients to discover, and evaluate new datasets called the S&P Global Marketplace (Marketplace) which provides access to various data and tools from across S&P, as well as third-party alternative datasets.
S&P’s new Marketplace data platform grants customers access to more than 85 datasets from across all four of S&P Global’s divisions; alternative data from select third-parties; and additional tools, including those provided by S&P’s Kensho unit.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : And another one…

AI manoeuvres – Business lessons from the Pentagon

A SMALL REVOLUTION has just occurred in America’s armed forces. They have, for the first time, deployed artificial intelligence (ai) to determine when a thorough check-up of a Black Hawk helicopter is in order. The algorithm, trained on maintenance records and sensor data, calculates how long the aircraft can fly safely in, say, a desert, before its engines should be cleaned to prevent sand melting into glass that could cause them to fail.
Such predictive maintenance is the most tangible product so far of the Joint ai Centre (jaic). With 176 employees and an expected budget of $240m next fiscal year, up from $90m in this one, it lies at the heart of an ambitious effort to use machine learning and other ai to help the Pentagon run more efficiently and keep its technological edge, especially over China.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Really? “REVOLUTION”? This type of article seems to pop up on a regular basis (I recall typing this same comment within the last year!) and yet the very first large scale application of AI and ML I ever saw was for the military, helping them to predict when parts would wear out on large vehicles (air and land) so that that spares would be available and to hand with as little down time as possible!

Alternative Data gained more trust and ML algorithms got good training

Efi Pylarinou is the founder of Efi Pylarinou Advisory and a Fintech/Blockchain influencer – No.3 influencer in the finance sector by Refinitiv Global Social Media 2019.

The conversation around the interaction between data, algorithms and humans is evolving. The COVID19 induced crisis of course, provides us with more data and experience on the topic of data, algorithms, investing etc.
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Using Artificial Intelligence in Big Data

Big Data, just as the phrase implies, is simply huge or large or broad or complex or a high amount of a specific set of information which can be understood by, and stored in a computer/ machine. Professionally, Big Data is a field that studies various means of extracting, analysing, or dealing with sets of data that are so complex to be handled by traditional data-processing systems. Such an amount of data requires a system designed to stretch its extraction and analysis capability.
The ideal and most effective means of handling Big Data is with AI Our world is already steeped in Big Data. There is a massive amount of data online and offline about any topic you can think of, ranging from people, their routine, their preferences, etc to non-living things, their properties, their uses, etc.
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Big Data Advances Lead To Impressive Fintech Opportunities

As big data continues to improve and advance, it has given way to epic fintech opportunities. Read on for more information.
The huge demand for innovation in finances resulted in a massive rise of fintech companies in Europe. They usually offer more user-friendly solutions supported by accessible web and mobile apps. Clients are happy, companies are thriving (just look at companies like Revolut, Transferwise or Klarna) – sounds like amazing conditions for developing a fintech now, right? Let’s find out.

Why Do Data-Driven Fintech Companies Pop Up Like Mushrooms? Big data is creating a massive change in the dynamics of the financial industry. Sound financial companies are finding new ways to leverage AI and big data, which is going to be beneficial for consumers and for financial providers across the continent.
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Bye Bye, BI: Why Companies Should Transition to AI for Better Business Monitoring

We’ve come to rely on business intelligence (BI) tools as an essential part of business decision-making. From dashboards to automated reports, BI tools allow us to cash in our data for top-level insights.

We won’t deny that using traditional BI tools can make tasks such as reporting much more efficient, but the reality is that they can create a false sense of security surrounding data awareness. BI has several critical shortcomings that prevent businesses from optimizing business monitoring and incident remediation.
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DAS Slides: Data Governance and Data Architecture – Alignment and Synergies

Governance consists of committee meetings and stewardship roles. To others, it focuses on technical Data Management and controls. Holistic Data Governance combines both of these aspects, and a robust Data Architecture and associated diagrams can be the “glue” that binds business and IT governance together. Join this webinar for practical tips and hands-on exercises for aligning Data Architecture and Data Governance for business and IT success.

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Government presses ahead with Cummings’ data science revolution

A British artificial intelligence firm involved in the Vote Leave campaign has been handed a £400,000 contract to tap data from places such as social media sites to help steer the Government’s response to Covid-19.
A British artificial intelligence firm involved in the Vote Leave campaign has been handed a £400,000 contract to tap data from places such as social media sites to help steer the Government’s response to Covid-19.
Official documents from the Government show Faculty Science was awarded the contract by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in April to provide data scientists who could set up “alternative data sources (e.g. social media, utility providers and telecom bills, credit rating agencies, etc.)”.
They would, the contract said, apply data science and machine learning to the data, which could help identify trends, and then develop “interactive dashboards” to inform policymakers.
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Infogix and MANTA Team Up on a Universal Data Governance Solution

Infogix, a leading provider of data management solutions, and MANTA, a unified data lineage platform, today announced a new partnership that integrates Infogix’s all-inclusive data management solution, Data360®, with MANTA’s unified lineage platform.
Infogix’s Data360 integrated data intelligence platform combines automated capabilities across data governance, data quality and data analytics to streamline data management processes and quickly provide users with actionable insights based on trusted data. By combining Data360 with MANTA’s unified lineage, organizations take IT self-service to the next level, bridging the gap between business and technical users—enabling business users to quickly search and browse metadata harvested by MANTA and curated by Data360.

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ICE Sonia Futures Reach Record Volumes

Average daily trading volumes of futures based on Sonia, the UK’s new risk-free rate, reached a record at ICE last month as the transition from Libor is still set for the end of next year despite the current Covid-19 pandemic.
ICE three-month Sonia futures hit their highest average daily volume in April.
Steven Hamilton, global head of financial derivatives at ICE Futures, told Markets Media: “In the last six months we increased the functionality to be able to trade Sonia futures with similar functionality to our sterling Libor contracts by introducing ‘packs and bundles’.”

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6 Advanced Skills That Will Get Data Scientists Hired In The Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has urged companies to transform their strategies in order to have business continuity in the post-lockdown world. This, in turn, provided opportunities for data scientists to upskill/reskill themselves with relevant skill sets to keep up their relevancy. Therefore, it has become imperative for data science professionals to rethink their career strategies.
Alongside the automation boom, several data science skills sets are getting obsolete for business outcomes. Consequently, companies are currently looking to hire professionals with knowledge of advanced skill sets, which would be relevant for businesses in the post-COVID-19 world. In fact, a recent LinkedIn survey stated that amid the challenging times, data science professionals are cautiously optimistic about job opportunities. However, 63% of respondents who are active job seekers, 65% of full-time employees, and 61% of self-employed professionals, have stated that there will be an increased dependency on upskilling to survive this crisis.
Also, Zairus Master, CEO of Shine Learning, an online learning platform for professional courses, stated to the media that the company had seen a sharp rise in the number of enrollees opting to upskill themselves in courses like data science, blockchain, and machine learning. “… With remote working increasingly becoming the norm, we may see more demand for specific talent in this field,” said Master. To survive the post-COVID world, data science professionals need to learn some advanced skills that would make them hireable post this pandemic, here are a few skills that organisations would look for:
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RIA in a Box, Morningstar Team With Fintech Firms to Assist Advisors: Tech Roundup

RIA in a Box said Tuesday it teamed with Morningstar and fintech firms Redtail Technology and Riskalyze to help new RIAs (Registered IOnvestment Agents) work remotely and more efficiently in the wake of COVID-19.
The new Path to Independence Promotion will enable advisors who partner with RIA in a Box to register a new RIA to use cloud-based technology from the supporting firms, free of charge, based on their unique business needs through December, RIA in a Box said.
“As the RIA industry adapts to the new remote work environment, RIA in a Box recognizes the important role technology plays in helping RIAs service their clients efficiently and effectively, especially during a firm’s genesis,” it said.
When registering with RIA in a Box, new advisors will gain free access to the proprietary MyRIACompliance cybersecurity platform that it said “empowers RIAs to efficiently construct, implement, and document a robust cybersecurity compliance program with a single solution.”

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