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Alternative Data News : Our World In Data – The go to source for Covid-19 data and beautiful charts: There’s always another way to view the same data that is enlightening – Zip Codes! : Morningstar to Take Full Ownership of Sustainalytics

Alternative Data News. 22, April 2020

Alternative Data News. 22, April 2020

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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Our World In Data – The go to source for Covid-19 data and beautiful charts.

Hans Rosling and and Hannah Ritchie (2020) – “Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”. Published online at
Retrieved from: ‘’ [Online Resource]

Interactive Covid-19 map from Our World in Data by Hans Rosling and and Hannah Ritchie. If you do not know about Hans I suggest you check out his TED talk.
I added the Czech Republic for obvious reasons, if you do not know what they did then here is a clip from a USA Today article : “…at the earliest appearance of Covid-19 cases in this central European country of 10 million, the Czech government was among the first on the continent to shut down all non-essential businesses, impose severe restrictions on public gatherings, and close its borders. This society quickly adopted the physical-distancing and hand-washing regimen that has now become standard all over the world. But what sets the Czech Republic apart from almost every other country in Europe was the decision two weeks ago to require everyone to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth at all times outside the home.”

There’s always another way to view the same data that is enlightening!

CloudQuant Thoughts : With everyone working from home things seem quiet at the moment, it is a time to reflect on the simpler things in life and in work. Example : you can put in all the work but unless your data presentation is creative you will miss out on the impact. I had no idea zip codes worked like this! Head over to David Sawyer’s website to see how he achieved this.

Morningstar to Take Full Ownership of Sustainalytics

Morningstar has reached an agreement to acquire full ownership of Sustainalytics, a leading provider of independent research on environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings.
It currently has a 40% ownership interest in Sustainalytics, which it acquired in 2017, and expects to close the deal to acquire the remaining 60% in the third quarter of this year.
Morningstar bases its sustainability ratings for mutual funds and ETFs on Sustainalytics’ company-level ESG analysis, which includes data on 40,000 companies worldwide and ratings on 20,000 companies and on 172 countries.
Morningstar’s current ESG ratings, based on Sustainalytics analysis, accounts for material ESG risks among industries as well as a company’s ESG risk characteristics within its sector.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Quality ESG data is hard to find. Head over to our data catalog and request our white paper on G&S Quotient’s ESG data, we think you will be impressed.

Going From Stata to Pandas

This guide is for users of Stata that want to begin learning Pandas. It has been written using examples and workflows that Stata users will know well. Also, this article references data many Stata users will recognize.

  • In Part 1.1 of this guide, I review a variety of reasons Stata users might like to begin exploring the option to work with Python and Pandas.
  • In the next section, Part 1.2, I demonstrate cross-tabulations and summary statistics that will help you begin the data exploration process.
  • Lastly, in Part 1.3, I illustrate a variety of simple visualizations that will help you continue the data exploration process.

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Running a Jupyter Notebook in Visual Studio

A tutorial for data scientists on how to run your Jupyter Notebook .ipynb file with your .py files

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Why India’s Health Ministry Needs A Chief Data Officer

Similar to CDC in the US, does India’s health ministry also need a chief data officer skilled at getting the best out of the current epidemiological data?
India has been witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases every day. With this, reports of multiple government initiatives to both keep residents safe as well as deal with the brunt of the pandemic on the economy has surfaced – efforts that depend on access to quality data sets.
The health services division of the world government is overflowing with data. Electronic health records, latest innovation, and advances in research—particularly in the territories of imaging and genomic sequencing—have given us volumes of clinical and biological data. Regardless, new streams of data alone cannot create new insights, and especially when they exist in silos, as is frequently the situation today.

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Aquis Exchange Selects big xyt For Market Analytics

big xyt, the independent provider of market data analytics, is pleased to announce that Aquis Exchange, the subscription-based pan-European equities exchange, is implementing Liquidity Cockpit to support market structure analytics used internally by the exchange and for their clients.
Award-winning big xyt solutions capture, normalise, collate and store trade data at a granularity that has not previously been available in the market. By applying data science and advanced techniques to execution analytics, Liquidity Cockpit delivers a unique range of market overviews and individualised comparison reports to the team at Aquis Exchange.
Delivered via a custom API, the platform enables Aquis Exchange to add its own proprietary data layer, including trade and order history. All results are then available for download and review using the flexible interactive dashboards in addition to the API.

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Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): An Overview

As external data begins to gain importance in business analytics, data assumes a new role in global businesses. Now data is not only an organizational asset, but also a distinct revenue opportunity via data-related services offered under the umbrella term of “Data-as-a-Service” (DaaS). DaaS service providers are either replacing the traditional data analytics services or are happily clustering with existing services to offer more value-addition to customers.
The DaaS provider’s core competence lies in “curating, aggregating, and meshing” multi-source data to offer value-added intelligence or information. Typically, DaaS providers deliver “information” via a digital network, which is most often cloud-based. To this end, organizations may “buy, sell, or trade” soft-copy data as a DaaS service. IDC’s Data as a Service gives an overview of the demand-supply trends of DaaS services.

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Smart Decisioning and Empathy in the Face of COVID-19

Banks have a responsibility to respond to their customers’ needs through the coronavirus pandemic while, at the same time, preparing for a precipitous economic downturn and a different, post-COVID world. A poorly organized or ad hoc response could amplify the economic impact. Banks that take an empathic approach will help the community at a time of extreme anxiety.

This is about dynamic data analysis with heart.

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Altair Updates Panopticon Real-time Data Monitoring and Analysis

Altair, (Nasdaq: ALTR) a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics, announced today a major new release of Panopticon, its comprehensive platform for user-driven monitoring and analysis of real-time trading and market data.
Panopticon now delivers the speed, flexibility, and scalability of a cloud-based solution for data streaming and visualization, further simplifying the deployment and expansion of user-generated content, dashboards, and applications.
Established as an industry leader that supports electronic trading operations in global banks and with asset managers, the enhanced capabilities of Panopticon are also ideally suited to other sectors where real-time monitoring and analysis of high-volume, high-velocity data streams is equally critical. These include operational data analytics applications in manufacturing, logistics, telecoms, oil and gas production, and energy distribution.

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Top Data Preparation Tools To Watch Out For In 2020

In this day and age, data and insights play a significant role in streamlining various operations for businesses. To get those insights, organisations often have to map data from several different sources, and this process is known as data preparation. If we take a look at the current market, there are a host of tools for data preparation, and anyone with basic training will be able to work their way out since these tools are user-friendly. These tools can also deliver enhanced productivity and efficiency to an organisation.
What follows in this article is a list of carefully evaluated data preparation tools that are creating a buzz in 2020.

  • Altair Monarch
  • Alteryx
  • Paxata
  • Trifacta
  • TIBCO Software

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Indian Government Turns To AI, Data Analytics To Filter Out Shell Companies

With the objective of establishing an ecosystem that will have “zero tolerance” for non-compliance with regulations, the corporate affairs ministry is betting big on AI and data analytics to deal with shell companies. Using these technologies, the ministry is developing an advanced MCA 21 portal.
Used for submitting requisite filings under the companies law and managing a repository of data on corporates in India, the portal will enable authorities to weed out entities that do not comply with regulations. Typically, shell companies are floated for illegal activities like money laundering, and a zero tolerance approach to this, enabled by AI, can put a stop to these practices.
It would make it “almost impossible for a shell company to survive,” points out Corporate Affairs Secretary, Injeti Srinivas. According to the ministry, the latest version of the portal might be operational in a year.

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GoBear deploys Provenir Cloud for digital financial services in Asean

Provenir, a leader in risk decisioning and data analytics software, announced today that GoBear has chosen the Provenir Platform to power innovative user experiences for its customers, and has deployed the technology through a ‘virtual’ team approach amidst the current COVID-19 crisis.

Singapore-based fintech GoBear is an industry-leading and highly innovative financial services organization focused on improving financial inclusion throughout the ASEAN region.
The Provenir Platform was selected for its ability to support GoBear’s innovation plans and to empower the business to meet the increasing demand for simplified, digital-first banking experiences throughout the region. GoBear will use the Platform to process and assess insurance and loan applications in real-time through Provenir’s cloud-based risk analytics solution and use the low-code Platform to rapidly implement and iterate risk processes.

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