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Industry News

CloudQuant has completed its latest Alternative Dataset Analysis. We have confirmed significant Alpha in the Tesseract Alternative Dataset. A white paper and source code are available as well as access to the dataset itself.

Tesseract – A MARVEL’ous Alternative Dataset!

CloudQuant’s Latest White Paper Success!

You won’t have to travel to Odin’s Vault to get your hands on this precious data….
Our most recently completed white paper is on Tesseract Investments ETF Data Set.
Tesseract Investments is a data analytics company that uses cutting edge statistics to predict the future performance of around 180 ETFs.
Our research uncovered Significant Alpha in their Dataset. That is pure Alpha in the dataset alone, once applied to one of your models you may find significantly more impact. Jump to our Data Catalog for more info.
The most significant results were from taking their key data point, going Long the top 10%, Short the bottom 10% and holding for 10 days.

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