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CloudQuant Liberator – New Release 2020.10.06
This technical release is specifically target at the increasing number of CloudQuant clients that are using our external API and  CloudQuant’s research tools — CQ AI, Mariner Backtesting, and Explorer. The latest release includes Improved performance, error feedback, and column level filtering.

CloudQuant Liberator – New Release 2020.10.06

CloudQuant Liberator

New Release 2020.10.06

CloudQuant Increases Liberator’s Speed & Reach

CloudQuant today rolled out a major update to their industry leading Liberator/Rosetta APIs.

This technical release provides Improved Performance, Error Feedback, and Column Level Filtering to the increasing number of CloudQuant clients using our external API, as well as providing a boost to CloudQuant’s research tools – CQ AI, CQ Mariner, and CQ Explorer.

Our API enables external users to seamlessly integrate Liberator’s Power and Speed into their own environments. CloudQuant’s Liberator and suite of Technological Products dramatically cut the time from data acquisition to profit!

Column level filtering allows Liberator users to choose the specific columns they want Liberator to return, rather than returning all columns in a dataset. This can be particularly helpful with extremely large datasets. In all use cases, focusing on just the data you want increases speed across the board and can dramatically reduce memory usage.

About Liberator

Liberator and Rosetta are at the heart of the CloudQuant Data Fabric. Rosetta handles symbology translation and all mapping duties utilizing the latest in Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic. Liberator delivers data to our external customers and trading partners as well as our suite of technology products (CQ AI, CQ Mariner, and CQ Explorer), via simple, powerful, user friendly code. Often just a single line of python code is all a user needs to fetch all the data they require. Liberator enables our external users with their own environments to access our enormous range of alternative and market data in addition to their their own data sources.

About CloudQuant

CloudQuant’s technology and team bring together structured and unstructured data across diverse classes enabling investors to rapidly move from raw data to profit.
Providing datasets, visualization tools, backtesters, and AI research environments for institutional investors, portfolio managers, quants, and more, CloudQuant’s services and APIs can easily be integrated into existing technologies.
CloudQuant is a FINTECH firm established to provide alternative data redistribution, for vendors and institutional investors, in a powerful, user-friendly, unique “try-before-you-buy”, managed environment.
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