Solutions for Data Users and Data Owners in 2023 from CloudQuant


In December alone, our Liberator Data Fabric delivered over 11 trillion rows of data. In 2023 our goal is to continue to deliver data solutions and simplify data access for the global community of data users and data owners.


Solutions for Data Users

  • Access to a library of 15k+ datasets from over 70 vendors- all with only one round of legal docs, and one line of code to query them all!
  • Proprietary investment signals from our Quant Research Team
  • Data analysis tools for users of all availability – API, Python NB, Excel Plugin, and more
  • Easy-to-use Liberator Data Fabric API for a quick connection to data delivered directly to your own environment

Solutions for Data Owners

  • Point-in-time mapping services
  • Trial facilitation and data delivery through our Liberator Data Fabric
  • Signal Development and Whitepapers from our Quant Research Team
  • Data warehousing solutions for exchanges, clearing corporations, trading platforms, and more

Need new data going into the New Year? Let us know your data needs for 2023. We are lining up trials now- test up to six datasets at once, all complimentary and delivered in the format that your team prefers.


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Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous year!


The CloudQuant Team