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The former trading floors provided a sense of community. Electronic trading communities like CloudQuant provide a bright future for new traders.

Deep Dive With JLN: How Can The Financial Industry Draw In The Next Generation Of Talent?

One aspect of the industry when trading floors were thriving was the sense of community. Trading education site tastytrade, for example, has focused heavily on providing content on how to trade options. Start-up TopstepTrader is offering trader education as well as the potential for funding good traders with an unprecedented 80-20 split on trading profits. (That’s 80 percent for the trader).
There also has been a rise in the number of platforms which allow algorithmic traders to test out ideas and potentially get funded. Several have garnered attention, including: Quantopian, QuantConnect and CloudQuant. Those platforms are using technology to access the markets in ways that were not open to them before. This leveling of the playing field for anyone, anywhere, is a major breakthrough for industry veterans like Monieson.
“The ability to have a whole toolbox to let people loose was the whole idea behind going electronic, which was ‘Let’s open this up to the world.’ The volume will explode and we’ll get more players,” Monieson said.

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