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An interview by Anthony Crudele of Futures Radio Show discussing the success of the Trading Strategy Incubator, crowd researching, and algorithmic trading.

Futures Radio Show from FIA Expo 2017

CloudQuant’s CEO Morgan Slade was able to sit down with Anthony Crudele of Futures Radio Show on October 19th. The show is available on their website. Morgan discussed the success of the CloudQuant Trading Strategy Incubator where anyone can build an algo and license it to CloudQuant. When CloudQuant licenses the algo we trade it at scale, typically with increasing allocations based upon the capacity of the algo itself.
This episode of Futures Radio Show is sponsored by CME Group™ and Trading Technologies™. Weekly interviews of industry professionals, elite traders, and influential CEO’s.
Each week, Anthony invites the top industry professionals, from leading investment firms to engage in the discussion of current market trends, and using futures to manage risk.
Topics will range from technical analysis, fundamentals, regulation, industry advice or events, and other key topics in today’s markets.
Whether you are a retail, beginner, or professional trader, Futures Radio gives listeners the chance to learn more about the industry. It also gives traders the opportunity to engage with the experts during, and after the show.
The Episode is MS: 20 Innovation in the Trading Industry. Morgan’s interview starts at 20:34.
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15m allocation to Crowd Researcher by CloudQuant the trading strategy incubator
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