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Recording of October 17-19, 2017 Future Industry Associations EXPO panel discussion on Open Source Meets Quant Trading.

Open Source Meets Quant Trading – Futures Industry Association

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October 17-19, 2017 CloudQuant’s CEO participated in the Future Industry Associations EXPO panel discussion on Open Source Meets Quant Trading. During this discussion, several topics were covered including:

  • Alternative Data Sets (Twitter, Satelite)
  • Crowd Resouces
  • Algo source code ownership
  • Online Resources
  • Quantitative platforms


Joe Signorelli, Managing Partner, RCM Risk Advisors


Jared Broad, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, QuantConnect
Martin Froehler, Chief Executive Officer, Quantiacs
Andrew Keane, Global Head, Listed Derivatives Algo Trading, Citigroup Global Markets
Morgan Slade, Chief Executive Officer, CloudQuant

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