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The podcast on Massive 30,000 Trades Daily, High-Frequency Quant Trading with Morgan Slade including an interesting breakout trading strategy.

52 Traders Interviews Morgan Slade

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Working as an Engineer for Motorola, Morgan Slade became interested in trading because it was simply “more exciting and dynamic” than sitting in his cubicle designing microprocessors.
Morgan started his trading career working for an old commodity trading adviser where he managed a $15 billion dollar futures and options portfolio across 3 time zones. Through years and years of experience, he succeeded in trading and is now the CEO of CloudQuant – a Quant Strategy incubator for crowd researchers and experienced traders.
In the show you’ll discover:

  • Tips to increase your chance of winning trades
  • How to analyze the news and use it to your advantage
  • How CloudQuant can help you with your trading career
  • The strict rules Morgan sets for his hundreds of strategies
  • One of the biggest challenges when trading your personal accounts
  • The hardest thing to learn or pin down in trading
  • 2 ways to get queue priority when entering your trades as a high-frequency trader
  • How to determine if a certain strategy is profitable
  • Morgan’s most preferred trading strategy
  • What you need to focus on learning around trading fundamentals
  • How to become a successful high-frequency trader

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In the interview, Morgan discusses a breakout trading strategy which we have put online for everyone to see.  You can find the full strategy in our GitHub at