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CloudQuant Partners with Exegy’s Signum to Provide Liquidity Lamp Summary Data

Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO—June 26, 2021— CloudQuant is excited to announce that Exegy Inc., the global leader in low-latency market data and execution solutions, predictive trading signals, and hardware-acceleration technology, today announced that it now provides Signum predictive trading signals to CloudQuant and its clients. Liquidity Lamp Summary—a daily summary of iceberg (reserve) order trading activity on US equity markets—is the first signal in the Signum portfolio that is now available on the CloudQuant Dataset Catalog, which showcases over 14,000 unique datasets.

“Our partnership with CloudQuant advances our efforts to make state-of-the-art trading technology and predictive data more accessible and affordable for a broad range of market participants,” says David Taylor, Co-President and Chief Technology Officer of Exegy.

The Signum portfolio of real-time signals includes Liquidity Lamp, which detects and tracks reserve orders on US stock exchanges. Liquidity Lamp Summary is a daily summary of reserve order buying and selling activity on a per-stock, per-market basis. This provides a focused view of informed investors who use iceberg orders to deftly move large volumes of shares and is far timelier than scouring quarterly Form 4 and Form 13F regulatory filings. Liquidity Lamp Summary can enhance the performance of a broad range of quantitative strategies including long/short strategies both on the individual symbol level as well as at the index level.

CloudQuant is a repository and provider of traditional and alternative data sourcing, intelligence, and integration services for professional investment managers and researchers. The company empowers its customers to profit from new data sources through its investment expertise and machine learning stack. Liquidity Lamp Summary is a dataset unlike anything else in CloudQuant’s extensive data library and provides their customers with signals previously reserved for the most elite traders. CloudQuant specializes in analyzing the efficacy of datasets like Signum’s Liquidity Lamp Summary to assess insights offered by the data. CloudQuant shares these findings with their clients during the trial process.

“Detecting hidden order flow including iceberg orders and other institutional algorithmic orders is a trading signal that every serious investor should be paying attention to regardless of investment horizon,” says Morgan Slade, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CloudQuant.

Exegy plans to continue expanding the Signum content available via CloudQuant. Signum boasts two other real-time signals beyond Liquidity Lamp: Quote Vector and Quote Fuse predict price direction and stability, respectively. These powerful signals are delivered synchronously with low-latency market data—every new quote includes new Quote Vector and Quote Fuse probability values. With broad applications for execution algorithms, market making, and proprietary strategies, Signum’s real-time signals allow market participants to optimize execution quality and capture more alpha.

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