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Industry News

CQ Benzinga Fintech Award Nomination – November 2020

Those of you who already know us know that we deliver possibly the best unified alternative data research archive in the world, a temporal dataset technology which works seamlessly with our industry-leading applications and our customers’ private tools.
CloudQuant has opened the world of data analysis through sharing research tools, advanced analysis, white papers, data, and source code. We have overcome the Cambrian explosion of alternative data through finely tuned data onboarding and temporal APIs. Clients rapidly move from ideas to value. Unique datasets, trading algorithms, stock market backtesting, and support help investment managers launch new funds and new investment algorithms all while maintaining proper privacy and security.
We are proud to announce that our industry leading technology has been nominated for a Benzinga Fintech Award 2020 in the category of Best Data Analysis Tool.

CloudQuant Data Liberator

Data Liberator API: Our single, simple data access platform resolves the ETL, timestamp, symbology, and access issues that bedevil quality research. It also serves data into our industry-leading, research applications including :

  • CQ Explorer: Visualising historical time series, alternative, and stock market data
  • CQ Mariner: Tick level market backtesting
  • CQ AI: Scaleable Jupyter Labs research tools with secure access to datasets, leading ML and AI libraries, and investment backtesting.