CloudQuant New Data Partner: People Data Labs

CloudQuant is Excited to announce a partnership with People Data Labs to deliver their Company Dataset

People Data Labs provides data on over 18 million companies. The data can be used to help build a core corpus of companies in the public and private sectors globally. The insights product ties company and person data together relationally, helping to analyze the vitals of a company using deriving insights about their workforce.
PDL provides foundational company data for major companies worldwide. They source their data from their data union, an opt-in data-sharing co-op of companies across different technology industries including HR, Sales and Marketing, Property Data and more as well as the public web. The data contains over 50 fields with a data dictionary outlined here:
This data can be relationally linked to the person dataset using the company id field. They cover the entire globe, with a bias towards companies with an online presence meaning the insights data correlates the best with market performance for companies in the technology and financial services verticals and worse for pure-play retail and industrials companies.

Investable Universe: Global public and private companies

Asset Classes: ETFs, Options, Equities

Data Update Frequency: Monthly

Historical Data Coverage: 01/01/2010

Delivery: Via CloudQuant Liberator API or CQ AI Jupyter Python Research Environment

Trial: Free 4-week trials available