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Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 28 2017: CloudQuant opens door to crowd algo traders, RBC AI pilot, RBC pilots AI-based financial insight tools, AI focussed Chip, Momentum trading guide…

Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 28, 2017

Industry news that CloudQuant believes is interesting for the week of August 28, 2017.

A New Entrant Into the Crowdsourced Quant Fray

In the latest sign of the growing popularity of quantitative investment strategies, proprietary trading and technology firm Kershner Trading Group’s CloudQuant technology platform is launching and licensing its first crowdsourced trading strategy. CloudQuant, a trading strategy incubator that can be used by data scientists and traders around the world to create and then test their trading strategies, is licensing an algorithm developed by a U.K…. 
Institutional Investor 2017-08-21

CloudQuant Opens the Trading Door to a Crowd

News broke today that CloudQuant allocated risk capital to a non-employee, crowd researcher using its platform. Thus begins what I think is one of the most interesting, innovative, disruptive and game changing market trading concepts. Somewhere in the United Kingdom, a professor with a day job now has had his strategy tested by CloudQuant’s platform and attracted a large allocation. That account is now traded by a professional
John Lothian News 2017-08-22

RBC pilots AI-based financial insight tools

In another first for a Canadian bank, RBC is announcing the pilot launch of two digital services based on artificial intelligence (AI) that offer actual insights about our client’s financials and a fully-automated savings solution that uses predictive technology to identify money in a client’s cash flow that can be automatically saved.

Finextra 2017-08-28

Intel’s Movidius division targets edge computing devices with new AI-focused chip

Edge computing is the next major step in the evolution of cloud and enterprise computing, and Intel’s new Movidius chip package aims to deliver processing power optimized for artificial intelligence into edge devices like cameras and industrial robots. Movidius, a subsidiary of Intel acquired last year, is a specialized chip designer focused on building hardware for AI and machine learning applications. It released the Myriad X “vision processing unit” Monday as a generational upgrade over its Myriad 2 product, which allowed hardware makers to insert a little bit of AI processing power into… 2017-08-28

OPIM partners with Global Traveller AM to launch special thematic hedge fund

The fund, managed by Portfolio Manager and CEO Zheng Wang, utilises thematic macro strategies, as well as fundamental analysis to build on a large cap portfolio. The strategy leverages on both macroeconomic and cyclical industry analysis whilst leveraging on big data and quantitative fundamentals to discover opportunities in the US, Hong Kong, and China A-share markets. The portfolio positions can range from high tech and new economy sectors to traditional cyclical industries.

HedgeWeek 2017-08-24

The Definitive Guide To Momentum Investing and Trading

During my review of several quantitative trading books and papers, I kept on seeing information on two classes of trading strategies: mean reversion and momentum. I thought the things I read explained mean reversion quite clearly, but I wasn’t entirely clear on how to implement momentum investing and trading strategies, so I decided to research it more thoroughly. This post focuses on what I have learned regarding the principles supporting the
Signal Plot 2017-08-24
This guide provides a summary of the principles of momentum, some theories on why momentum works, a selection of momentum research, and a simple implementation of momentum to aid in developing intuition.

The Hot New Hedge Fund Flavor Is ‘Quantamental’

…Traditional firms experimenting with quantitative techniques are finding that hiring a new breed of employee and adapting new trading strategies is not a simple task. Fundamental investors can be protective of their turf, while quants brought in to juice returns might bristle at what may feel like a supporting role. The mixing of two different cultures can create conflict. Point72 and BlueMountain Capital Management have both faced bumps on the way to integrating quantitative researchers into their investing and culture.