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CQ Core CPI Forecast

About Informed investors and consumers look to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)’ monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) release to gain insight into the macroeconomic state of the country. Economists, policymakers, and businesses base their economic outlook on this release; and it’s a key metric in the FED’s determination of interest rates. Core CPI specifically […]

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Social Sentiment Signals

About The Social Sentiment Signals deliver a one day open-to-open hold time strategy based on the sentiments of retail and professional traders on Twitter and StockTwits. The Signals classify each ticker into the buy, sell, or hold category for each day. The Social Sentiment Signals contain aggressive, conservative, and diversified signal sets that can be […]

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SEC Fillings Signals

About SEC Filings Signals provide both short-term and long-term signals. They identify 250 red flags in SEC filings such as questionable accounting practices, regulator investigations and reviews, etc. SEC Filings Short-Term Signals can predict short-term price movement (up to 3 to 4 days) while SEC Filings Long-Term Signals can predict long-term price movement (up to […]

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Institutional Flow Signal

About The Institutional Flows Signal delivers a one day open-to-open hold time strategy derived based on institutional flow estimation on a daily basis. It provides insight into large iceberg orders hidden from the order books that are usually signs of large institutional flows. The Institutional Flows Signal is a set of continuous signals that can […]

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