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Machine learning AI News covering topics such Japanese research which can generate entire body images of people who don’t exist, Phunware’s partnership with – trading an AI IPO, Using Google’s What-If Tool to investigate Machine Learning models, Amazon’s AI guesses what you mean from vague commands and Nvidia’s reflections on AnacondaCON 2019.

AI & Machine Learning News. 06, May 2019


Amazing AI Generates Entire Bodies of People Who Don’t Exist

Embodied AI – A new deep learning algorithm can generate high-resolution, photo-realistic images of people — faces, hair, outfits, and all — from scratch.
The AI-generated models are the most realistic we’ve encountered, and the tech will soon be licensed out to clothing companies and advertising agencies interested in whipping up photogenic models without paying for lights or a catering budget. At the same time, similar algorithms could be misused to undermine public trust in digital media.
The algorithm was developed by DataGrid, a tech company housed on the campus of Japan’s Kyoto University.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… A nice plain background avoids many of the freakish bleed errors that This Person Does Not Exist (or the infinitely worse this cat does not exist!) sometimes throws up. But still a staggeringly impressive demo.

Phunware teams up with to integrate its MaaS platform

Businesses that use Phunware’s platform will be able to dive deeper into their data using’s data science and visualization technology. The Austin, Texas-based company helps businesses engage with and monetize customers through mobile applications and data solutions. Phunware Inc (NASDAQ:PHUN) is partnering up with number cruncher, the company announced Wednesday.
The mobile app development platform plans to integrate its Multiscreen-as-a-Service and knowledge graph offerings on the information cataloging platform. The stock surged more than 16% to $9.45 before the bell. Through the partnership, businesses that use Phunware’s platform will be able to dive deeper into their data using’s data science and visualization technology.
“We are thrilled to strategically partner with,” CEO and Co-Founder Alan Knitowski said. “Not only will this new relationship enable our customers to better take advantage of the rich, real-time mobile data provided by our MaaS platform globally, but it will also provide them with powerful new collaboration, visualization and analysis tools for more accur…
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CloudQuant Thoughts… A fellow Austin based company, PHUN has been a very “interesting” symbol for trading, in the space of a few days at the end of January it went from $70 to nearly $570 and back again. It has recently been popping up on our trading radar again but this time with significant volume. Can you take advantage of trading like this? Come to CloudQuant and write a Python script to prove it. If it your script is consistently profitable we may back it with no downside for you.

Using What-If Tool to investigate Machine Learning models.

What-If Tool is an interactive visual tool that is designed to investigate the Machine Learning models. Abbreviated as WIT, it enables the understanding of a Classification or Regression model by enabling people to examine, evaluate, and compare machine learning models. Due to its user-friendly interface and less dependency on complex coding, everyone from a developer, a product manager, a researcher or a student can use it for their purpose.
Investigating a model requires asking a lot of questions and one needs to have an acumen of a detective to probe and look for issues and inconsistencies within the models. Also, such a task is usually complex requiring to write a lot of custom code. Fortunately, the What-If Tool has been created to address this issue making it easier for a broad set of people to examine, evaluate, and debug ML systems easily and accurately.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Anything that makes it easier to get to the crux of why a model behaves in the way it does is beneficial to Data Scientists. In the case of AI/ML for trading this is particularly useful when explaining the decisions to third parties.

Amazon details AI that guesses which Alexa skill to launch from vague commands

Alexa somewhat recently gained what Amazon calls “name-free skill interaction,” which enables it to parse intent from requests that don’t explicitly name third-party voice apps. (For instance, “Alexa, get me a car” might launch Uber, Lyft, or some other ride-hailing service.) But as scientists at the Seattle company’s Alexa AI research division note, it’s more challenging than it seems on the surface — the AI system that maps utterances to skills (dubbed “Shortlister”) would ideally need to be retrained from scratch each time new skills are added to the Alexa Skills Store.
Fortunately, they managed to devise a labor-saving alternative described in a new paper (“Continuous Learning for Large-scale Personalized Domain Classification“) scheduled to be presented at the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics in New Orleans. It entails “freezing” the settings of the AI model to add new components that accommodate new skills and training these new components only on data pertaining to them.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Shortcutting is an interesting idea that can be applied to many systems. For example, stock trading : How often do we see a rush into our out of a particular industry, sector, commodity or the market as a whole? In that instance, Shortcutting can be as simple a creating a basket of symbols or trading a particular ETF. Or you can build an AI system like Amazon’s!!

Reflections on AnacondaCON 2019 with NVIDIA’s Josh Patterson

I love this month. April 19’ brings back Game of Thrones, Avengers: Endgame (that Thanos snap though), and of course AnacondaCON. I’ve been to every AnacondaCON, which makes this my third show. Of all data science conferences on my circuit, AnacondaCON is a show that I’ll never miss because it’s the perfect balance of technology, community, and honest conversations questioning “how do we get better”. AnacondaCON is:

  • A community centric conference where you practically know or have the opportunity to meet most everyone;
  • Exceptional technical content focused on data science, delivery, and open source Python development;
  • A solid mix of enterprise customers and partners desires; and
  • Austin in the spring! Great food and weather (except the rain this year).

This was the first AnacondaCON for RAPIDS. For those who don’t know, RAPIDS is an open source data science platform incubated by NVIDIA® and based on years of accelerated data science experience. Simply put, our goal is to build a ridiculously fast and highly functional data science stack for practitioners to explore data, train machine learning algorithms, and build applications with NVIDIA GPUs.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… We worked with Anaconda in building CloudQuant and Nvidia are no strangers to this blog with some of the most impressive AI/ML demos seen so far. RAPIDS is a very interesting development and one well worth looking into.

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Goldman Sachs : It’s All About the API

Financial services will see old dichotomies like the buy and sell sides as well as front office and middle/back office fall by the wayside in the coming years, according to Goldman Sachs. “If you were comfortable living in a binary world where this company is my client and that company is my competitor, you really ought to re-think that,” said R. Martin Chavez, global co-head, securities division at Goldman Sachs, during a fireside chat at the DTCC’s Fintech 2019 Conference in Midtown Manhattan. “The way we see it going is to APIs. I cannot say it enough; it is going in the direction of who produces APIs and who consumes APIs.”

Although Chavez declined to predict when the trend would affect all of Wall Street, he cited sci-fi writer William Gibson: “The future is already here- it’s just not very evenly divided.” The push to open APIs is the latest attempt by firms within the industry to differentiate themselves from their competition. Goldman Sachs recently contributed its Securities DataBase API, written in Python, to the open source repository GitHub to provide clients access to the platform’s market data analytics and risk management services.
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Where Are Your Big Data Projects Going in 2019?

Anyone who has spent time in the highly creative tech world knows that techies are a major contributor of new phrases and terms. In 2018, we helped make predictive and haptics part of Merriam-Webster, and there are sure to be more tech terms added in 2019. Here’s one that anyone working with data should learn: data pipelining.
This up-and-coming concept is a component of data orchestration, and you should know it because it helps enterprises overcome big data pain points.
During the past few years, one reoccurring misstep has stalled big data projects. Too many have tried, and failed, to centralize data within one system or a Hadoop data lake. Data pipelines that automate processes across a logical data hub avoid that time-consuming requirement and allow data to stay where it is so that organizations can start driving value from their data now—not later.
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The Data Quality Dimension “Coverage” is the Most Prominent for AI Outcomes

The first Data Quality challenge is most often the acquisition of right data for Machine Learning Enterprise Use cases. Even though the business objective is clear, data scientists may not be able to find the right data to use as inputs to the ML service/algorithm to achieve the desired outcomes. As any data scientist will tell you, developing the model is less complex than understanding and approaching the problem/use-case the right way. Identifying appropriate data can be a significant challenge. You must have the “right data.”
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I’ve spent nearly my entire career working on Wall Street and I’ve realized one of the most commonly used refrains is totally wrong

“Data is the oil of the 21st century” is commonly quoted in corporate America today. These eight words embody the excitement and promise that data has the power to redefine commerce as we know it. It’s catchy, but inaccurate. It does a great disservice to oil.
Data has the potential to drive revenues, cut costs and increase profits. But the vast majority of companies don’t have infrastructure or expertise to derive value from it.
Today, the reality is data is nowhere near oil.
Processing Gain. A barrel of crude gets separated into roughly 45 gallons of usable fuels. 42 becomes a 45. Put another way, output is greater than input by about 7%.
Data is the complete opposite of oil. Modern enterprises only use 0.5% of the data that they posses according to IDC. Input is far greater than output. 7% gain vs 99.5% loss.
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Google I/O 2019: What to Expect, From Pixels to Privacy

Google I/O starts May 7 in Mountain View, California at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The three-day event will touch on all things Google, from Android Q to machine learning and the company’s Pixel hardware. But what should you actually expect the company to unveil onstage?

  • Android Q… uince?
  • Pixels
  • Stadia Details at Google I/O
  • Google Assistant & Smart Home
  • Machine Learning

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Oracle of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway 2019 – Cuemacro

For one day only, at the start of May every year, investors from all over the world descend upon the city, including myself for the past few years. They come to hear from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting to talk how the past year has impacted the business. The stadium has a capacity of nearly 18,000 people and was nearly full to the brim for the 2019 meeting which took place today.
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INDATA®, a leading industry provider of software, technology and managed services for buy-side firms, today announced the release of iPM Portal, a new web-based software solution geared around the needs of portfolio managers, investment advisors and other client-facing individuals within investment management firms.
iPM Portal integrates portfolio analytics as well as CRM functions, providing users with a holistic view of portfolio information i…
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10 Data Science and Analytics Groups in Facebook For Data Scientists

Over the last decade, social media has become a potent platform to share people’s thoughts, for connecting with peers and for providing direct contact to some of the finest tech leaders from across the world. These shared communities provide an avenue to developers and beginners to resolve their queries and get peer support from the thriving community
For this very reason, the number of groups for sharing and accessing content has risen substant…
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Applied Machine Learning Advising and Research

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs is a research subscription service that applies emerging machine learning techniques to practical business problems. Paired with advising services and working software prototypes, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs will keep you ahead of the machine learning curve.
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Exchange M&A Comes To The Fore

Deutsche Börse said it is preserving its firepower for acquisitions as analysts said management’s efforts to accelerate growth inorganically assume a greater urgency following the German exchange’s results.
The exchange reported its first quarter results on 29 April and said secular net revenue increased by approximately 5%, in-line with the company’s plan.
We have published our results for the first quarter of 2019: pic…
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Mosaic Smart Data Aims To Diversify, Expand

Mosaic Smart Data, the fintech which provides real-time data analytics for capital markets, will use funds from its latest investment round to move into new asset classes and to grow internationally.
Matthew Hodgson, chief executive and founder of Mosaic Smart Data, told Markets Media: “The funds will be used for product development as we expand into equities, for R&D into machine learning, so we can provide more analytics, and to expand in the …
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Three Ways to Close Your Company’s Data Science Skills Gap Now

It should come as no surprise that demand for folks with data science expertise exceeds supply. In fact, according to some McKinsey, there are only half as many qualified data scientists as needed. The good news is the market will likely resolve the shortage in the long run. But in the short run, the talent gap creates some challenges for an organization looking to get ahead with data.
Thanks to their ability to use math and computer science to turn big data into business gold, data scientists are the rock stars of the advanced analytics world (at least as data scientists have traditionally been defined). As more companies start investing in AI, they’ve looked to data scientists to lead the way.
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Top 10 real-life examples of Machine Learning

Machine learning is one modern innovation that has helped man enhance not only many industrial and professional processes but also advances everyday living. But what is machine learning? It is a subset of artificial intelligence, which focuses on using statistical techniques to build intelligent computer systems in order to learn from databases available to it. Currently, machine learning has been used in multipl…
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Seattle startup Spruce Up raises $3M for AI-powered home shopping platform

million. New York investment firm Two Sigma Ventures led the round. Other investors include Madrona Venture Group, Female Founders Fund, Alumni Ventures Group, and Peterson Ventures.
Spruce Up uses artificial intelligence to recommend home products from a catalog of more than 25,000 items curated by home stylists. Shoppers fill out an interactive quiz to gauge their taste and then receive curated suggestions from designers.
“With this seed round, we are doubling down on AI powering every aspect of our product and operations,” Spruce Up CEO Mia Lewin said in a statement.
The new funding will also help Spruce Up g…
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The State of Data Science: Expertise Shortage Creates a Need for Innovation

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data. As a result, the skills required to convert data into insights that generate revenues are in high demand. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles companies face when trying to capitalize on their data sets is a lack of data scientists and machine learning practitioners.
These professions require a wide array of specialized skills ranging from statistics, probability, and linear alge…
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Real World Impact of AI on Labor, Economy Told Through Case Studies

By Peter Lo, Partnership on AI
The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the economy, labor, and society has long been a topic of debate — particularly in the last decade — amongst policymakers, business leaders, and the broader public. Estimates of its current and imminent labor and productivity impacts have varied widely, often reaching contradictory conclusions.
A salient question for researchers, managers, and economic analysts has been…
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Couchbase Introduces New Machine Learning Capabilities on Mobile Platform

Couchbase is releasing the latest version of Couchbase Mobile, an embedded NoSQL database, enabling developers to create mobile applications and manage data securely.
The new Predictive Query API allows mobile applications to use trained ML models to run predictive queries locally on mobile devices against stored data. The predictions in the database can be correlated with predictions made in real-time from mobile cameras and other local context sources.
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Enterprise Reclaims Role as World’s Data Steward

The enterprise is fast becoming the world’s data steward—again. In the recent past, consumers were responsible for much of their own data management and storage, doing so locally through endpoints like smartphones, personal PCs, and IoT devices.
With the rise and sophistication of emerging technologies like streaming, real-time data analytics, and the proliferation of connected smart devices, the amount of data being created, captured, or replicated across the globe—otherwise known as the datasphere—is set to explode. Consequently, this is creating a shift in the way data is stored. As the value of data continues to increase, it is crucial that enterprises embrace their role as data stewards.
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Brexit: £20bn UK Fintech Sector in Risk of Slowdown

Brexit, the potential withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), remains the most pressing issue in the country and all options are still on the table. Since the referendum, many studies measuring the impact of Brexit were published. There is a broad consensus among economists and in the economic literature that Brexit will likely reduce the real per-capita income level in the UK.
A new report, from global recruiter Robe…
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Funds continue to flood into RPA market as UiPath Raises $568 Million

Robotic process automation software company UiPath closed its Series D investment round raising $568 million at a post-money valuation of $7 billion.
Despite controversies around the capacity of the technology to scale, the ongoing costs of maintaining the code, and the impact on jobs, the RPA market is currently soaking up investment dollars aggressively. In addition to UiPath, UK-based Blue Prism added $120 million to its coffers while Automat…
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Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence – Probability

Getting into machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence is not easy. These are all very cool and interesting topics, and they are being hyped lately, but like with software development, it is not for everybody. Some would say that if you are having a software development background, you are having a certain advantage. While this is true to an extent, this attitude can be a double-edged sword. Especially when …
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Here’s Why AI Is A Natural Fit For UI

The purpose of UI is to allow the user to completely be able to express what they wish to do with the software, as this will allow for a seamless user experience. Moreover, there will also be reduced frustration when it comes to using the software in real-world applications, as it is faster and easier to fulfill what the user wishes to do with the software.
Current solutions try to achieve a seamless fit as possible, with the advent of touch changing a large number of UI elements. However, what the user wants to do is still not conveyed in exact terms, and must be reached by learning the software itself.
The nature of artificial intelligence, especially computer vision, NLP and intelligent automation, can achieve a lot towards changing the way UI is handled. Due to most of these themselves being ‘interface’ algorithms of sorts, it becomes easy to integrate them into traditional UI elements.
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Python You Need to Know to Work in Finance, Trading

Python is the big thing in finance at the moment. If you’re a trader and you’ve never coded before, the big question is how much Python do you need to know? Do you really need to give up evenings and weekends to become a proficient coder?
Well, no matter what you’ll be coding, it’s important to know the basics; these concepts will be similar across various programming languages.
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The Finanser’s Week: 29th April – 5th May 2019

The main blog headlines are …
Banking in the Cloud – One of the surprises I have had in my discussions with banks that are doing digital well, is how all of them seem profoundly committed to cloud-computing. Some more than others, as one of the banks I spoke to wants to achieve over 80% of …
Cloud sense … dollars and cents – Talking of cloud computing, I’ve spent years backing up my various PCs and photo libraries. Invariably, a labour of love, I didn’t trust public cloud services like Google and Microsoft to look after my stuff properly. Then, gradually, over time, more and more of my …
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AntWorks Creates AI Solution that Encourages Deep Automation

AntWorks, a global provider of artificial intelligence and intelligent automation solutions powered by fractal science, is introducing ANTstein SQUARE.
The platform is a fullstack solution that enables non-technical business users to automate end-to-end business processes quickly, easily, and in a scalable manner.
ANTstein SQUARE is a multitenancy solution that allows for maximum bot utilisation, understands all types of data, and provides customer…
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Bank of England and FCA Look To Fintech

The Bank of England said some aspects of supervision are amenable to new technologies while the Financial Conduct Authority said its Innovate program has helped new financial services firms come to market more quickly.
Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, gave a keynote speech at the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London this morning.
Our Governor Mark Carney opened UK Fintech Week this morning. He spoke about the opportunities crea…
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Sustainable Investing Will Dominate Next Decade

Rachel Lord, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa at BlackRock, said sustainable investing will dominate the next 10 years.
Lord took part in a fireside chat at the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London yesterday. She added: “The entire ecosystem will evolve so that sustainable investing is just investing.”
Fantastic fireside chat with Rachel Lord, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa @blackrock “sustainable investing will dominate the n…
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Getting Real with AI in Healthcare: MGH Training Machine Learning Models; US, UK Speeding Oncology Trials

By Deborah Borfitz, Senior Science Writer, Cambridge Healthcare
Thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) has changed dramatically over time and has become about as hard to describe as art, says Jeff Fried, director of product management for data management company InterSystems. Machine learning (ML) is commonly considered a subset of AI—often a necessary component, in fact—but also encompasses methodologies such as logistic regression once referred to simply as statistics.
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Are robots really coming for your job?

Some good news: The robots aren’t coming for your job. Experts say fears that rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation will leave all of us unemployed are vastly overstated.
But concerns over growing inequality and the lack of opportunity for many in the labor force—serious matters linked to a variety of structural changes in the economy–are well-founded and need to be addressed, four scholars on artificial intelligence and the economy recently told an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
That’s not to say that artificial intelligence isn’t having a profound effect on many areas of the economy. It is, of course. But understanding the link between the two trends is difficult and it’s easy to make misleading assumptions about the kinds of jobs that are in danger of becoming obsolete.
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SPONSORED: The Growing Need For Digital Tools In Financial Services

The adoption of digital tools in financial services continues to grow. From automation through tools like robo-advisors that help augment customer service, new applications backed by AI and machine learning, to the need to keep up with increased competition – whether that be from competitors or acquiring new talent, the delivery of financial information is being shaped by technology.
For financial services firms, employing a digital-based strategy, especially when it comes to the less than glamorous-side of the business, financial documentation, can help solve a myriad of challenges, from meeting c…
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Dell Goes All Out for the Edge in New Infrastructure Offerings

LAS VEGAS—Dell Technologies is enhancing some infrastructure systems and introducing new ones as the company looks to address enterprise needs in an increasingly distributed and data-driven IT world.
The announcements company officials made during the second day of Dell Technologies World 2019 revolved around data storage and protection, networking, servers and hyperconverged infrastructures and were part of a larger message pushed out by the ve…
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Companies Must Start Creating Human-Machine Collaborations (w/ video and podcast)

Last year, my colleague J. P. Gownder and I got to talking about the impact on employees both from companies’ automation efforts and their eagerness to integrate artificial intelligence and robots. We noticed that most of the predictions of how this would go were either utopias viewed through rose-colored glasses or dystopian nightmares darker than most science-fiction novels. Perfect or perfectly terrible future scenarios both sounded unlikely to us. More importantly, we believed that companies needed a plan for creating future employee experiences that didn’t leave humans either out of work or with jobs that left little for them to do.
And so we recently published a new report to help companies, “Start Designing The Future Human-Machine Workplace Now.” The goal for every company should be to ensure that their humans can thrive when they work alongside robots and AI.
To do that, we lay out three principles for creating future employee experiences:

  1. Free employees to do more important work.
  2. Adapt AI to humans, not humans to AI.
  3. Make humanness a strength.

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AI-Powered Malware, Smart Phishing and Open Source Attacks, Oh My! The New Wave of Hacking in 2019 and How to Prevent.

The IT security industry is bracing itself for an onslaught of new wave hacking exploits which are powered by smart technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Black Hat computer experts are expected to unleash a number of unethical tactics to target and manipulate individuals and organizations who are not primed to counter it.
The era of artificial intelligence is happening now, harnessing the power of AI is arguably one of the pivotal agenda items within many business organizations throughout the world. Controlling enterprise data and using machine learning to understand business trends is commonplace.
Hackers are also exploring this technology to create AI-powered malware which can deploy untraceable malicious applications within a benign data payload. AI techniques can conceal the conditions needed to unlock the malicious payload making it almost impossible to reverse-engineer the threat, potentially bypassing modern anti-virus and malware intrusion detection systems.
2019-05-06 00:00:00 Read the full story.
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The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Hadoop/Spark Platforms, Q1 2019

Cloud Hadoop/Spark (HARK) platforms accelerate insights by automating the storage, processing, and accessing of big data. In our 25-criterion evaluation of HARK providers, we identified the 11 most significant ones — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudera, Google, Hortonworks, Huawei, MapR, Microsoft, Oracle, Qubole, Rackspace, and SAP — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps enterprise architecture (EA) professionals select the right one for their needs. N…
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AI superpowers for everyday documents: Microsoft vet and XML co-creator unveils startup Docugami

A new startup led by the former president of Microsoft’s open-source subsidiary plans to uses artificial intelligence to reshape the way documents are created and used inside companies.
Jean Paoli, who was also a co-creator of the industry-wide XML 1.0 standard, Microsoft InfoPath and modern Microsoft Office file formats, has been running the AI document engineering startup Docugami in stealth mode for the past year. The company says it’s creating new AI techniques using machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and novel XML approaches.
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Early AIOps Adopters Not Sold on IT Advice

AIOps, the emerging IT operations technology that uses machine learning and AI techniques to automate digital infrastructure, has matured to the point where vendors are releasing surveys promising insights into how the technology is being implemented.
Among them is OpsRamp, the AIOps platform vendor, which released a survey this week that seeks to gauge how the ML-driven automation technology is streamlining IT operations and boosting infrastruc…
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Combating the High Cost of Cloud Analytics

Cloud providers are growing very quickly at the moment, as companies flock to utilize their various storage and processing services. However, while some companies are finding cloud platforms save them money, others are finding the opposite to be true.
One big data company that’s seeing plenty of cloud action of late is AtScale, which develops a data aggregation and query acceleration layer that sits between data warehouses on the one side, and traditional BI tools on the other.
“Every enterprise you talk to, it’s all focused on ‘How do I get to the cloud?’” says Scott Howser, chief product officer AtScale. “They say ‘I want to get out of the IT business. I’m tired of spending $20 million or $30 million a year with Teradata.’”
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A Data Science Workflow Canvas to Kickstart Your Projects

Learning from my own mistakes and best practices, I designed a Data Science Workflow Canvas* to help others achieve their own data science projects. This canvas helps you prioritize your goals first and then work backward to achieve them. You can think about it this way: instead of following steps in a recipe to cook a predetermined meal, you first envision what the meal looks and tastes like and then you start developing a recipe. When working on a data science project, you usually don’t have a set of instructions to achieve a predetermined outcome. Instead, you have to determine the outcomes and the steps to achieve those outcomes. This Data Science Workflow Canvas was designed with that process in mind. Here, I’ll walk you through how to use this canvas, and I’ll share examples of how I implemented this canvas in my own projects.
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Hedge funds besieged by hackers on a daily basis

Hackers are exploiting inherent weaknesses in mature hedge funds on a daily basis, say a security vendor and the chief technology officer of an established fund, leading to huge boosts in cybersecurity spending. “Hedge funds are being targeted simply because of cash movements where frequent large transfers are normal at a small business that doesn’t necessarily have all the controls in place,” says Jason Elmer, managing partner at Drawbridge, the cybersecurity consultancy.
For smaller funds, cyber threats have become an ever more daunting prospect as hackers become more efficient and the reputational effects of a breach become more severe, believes Elmer. “We’ve seen it both sides, investors being targeted via a fund that was spoofed – we saw a capital call of $7m that didn’t go out the door – and we’ve also seen the other side where a wire to an investor has gone out with fraudulent transfer requests,” says Elmer.
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Cover Story: Critics, Advocates of RPA agree it’s expensive, hard to scale and costs jobs. Then views diverge

In the last 12 months, private investors flooded the robotic process automation (RPA) sector with cash, even as equity markets were marking incumbents down.
That new money might be evidence enough of the emergence of a robust, incontestable business idea: that code is faster, more accurate, and much cheaper than the humans it replaces. But, of course, the truth is more nuanced.
Even advocates like KPMG – in a paper for Chartered Accountants Aus…
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Never mind Huawei, Western privacy faces a far bigger threat from China

Even by the standards of China’s booming technology industry, it’s a remarkable tale. Back in 2012, when a 29-year-old Beijing software engineer, Zhang Yiming, came up with an idea for a mobile-only news app powered by artificial intelligence, it was an inauspicious start.
Seven years later, Yiming is China’s ninth richest person with a $16bn fortune. His company, ByteDance is the world’s most valuable startup, worth more than Uber at $75bn and with bluechip backers including Softbank, KKR and Sequoia Capital. Much like Mark Zuckerberg, Mr Zhang’s expertise in crafting an empire of hit social media apps has not only made him fabulously wealthy.
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Is Big Data Necessary For Creating A Successful Online Business?

The internet makes iteasier for small entrepreneurs to succeed. When you try to create a business online, you don’t need to have technical experience. In fact, you don’t need to know much about website building or programming at all this can easily be handled by using countless tools that are available online.
However, there are still some competencies that you need to develop. Understanding the role of big data is important. Fortunately, it has become a lot easier to use big data to create an online business without much investment. So, how is it possible and what are the possible options for you to choose? Here are some options.
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Robots Need to Get Emotional to be More Trusted, say Expert Panelists

A panel of leaders in human-robot interaction challenged attendees at a recent TechCrunch session on Robotics + AI held at the University of California, Berkeley, to broaden their expectations of artificial intelligence in robots. As these devices become more integrated into our lives—already emerging in office, healthcare, and retail settings, to name a few—conventional AI capabilities such as object detection and speech recognition won’t suffice. For us to coexist with and, ultimately, trust, robots, they need emotional and social intelligence, too.
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Walmart Experiments With an AI-powered Store Open to the Public in Levittown, NY

Walmart recently unveiled a new “store of the future” test ground for emerging technologies, including AI-enabled cameras and interactive displays. The store, a working concept called the Intelligent Retail Lab — or “IRL” for short — operates out of a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Levittown, N.Y. The store is open to customers and is one of Walmart’s busiest Neighborhood Market stores, containing more than 30,000 items, the retailer says, which allows it to test out technology in a real-world environment.
Similar to Amazon Go’s convenience stores, the store has a suite of cameras mounted in the ceiling. But unlike Amazon Go, which is a grab-and-go store with smaller square footage, Walmart’s IRL spans 50,000 square feet of retail space and is staffed by more than 100 employees. Plus, in Walmart’s case, these AI-powered cameras are not being used to determine which items customers are buying in order to automatically charge them. It still has traditional checkout stations. Instead, the cameras will monitor inventory levels to determine, for example, if staff needs to bring out more meat from the back-room refrigerators to restock the shelves, or if some fresh items have been sitting too long on the shelf and need to be pulled.
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HPE Opens New HQ, Highlights Lab Research Advances

SAN JOSE, Calif.––Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, the HP that produces enterprise IT systems but not printers, laptops or workstations, showed off its new headquarters here in the heart of Silicon Valley on April 30. The event included a media tour of its wide-ranging research facilities.
Among other projects, the tech giant is looking to vastly improve data center performance by replacing copper wire with photonics that can send transfer data at th…
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Google Maps will now show you photos of a restaurant’s most popular dishes

Google Maps has gained a nifty new feature, reports 9to5Google . As spotted by a Twitter user, Google maps now offers a “popular dishes” section in a restaurant’s listing under the “Menu” header. The “popular dishes” section is made from user-generated content—that is, people who have snapped a pic of their meal.
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Visualizing Data for Insight into the Customer Journey

Skills related to User Experience (UX) design are high in demand. They are among the top 10 in-demand skills in 2019 ranked by a LinkedIn study, and finding qualified UX designers is tied with finding software engineers in terms of hiring priorities, according to a recent Adobe study. Within that UX bucket, designers who have skills related to analytics and research are particularly sought after, with those qualities being named as a must-have.
But the ability to analyze the user journey to create delightful experiences for end-users isn’t just a skill that is exclusive to (nor required only of) UX professionals. For stakeholders across the spectrum of software development and delivery, access to interactive data visualizations on how the user is moving through a task can help each group more successfully deliver on their own goals – from engineering, to product management, to marketing. And while access to this data may be expected in a cloud-based application, it’s equally (if not more) important for on-premise software publishers to enable this type of analysis in their products.
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Cloud Analytics Proving Costly for Some

A great migration to the cloud is currently underway as companies look to get out of the business of hosting and supporting their own IT gear. The rapidly growing sophistication of big data analytics software on public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure is another big draw. But some companies that thought they’d save a bundle on their IT bills are coming to the painful reality that they were wrong.
Some of the bills that Amazon has sent to customers in recent months are awe-inspiring – but not in a good way (unless you hold shares of AMZM). According to a report of Lyft’s IPO filing in Business Insider, the car ride service is on the hook to pay AWS a minimum of $8 million per month for the next two-and-a-half years. If it doesn’t pay AWS at least $300 million by then, per its contract, it’ll have to cut a check for the difference.
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Win-back strategies to improve mobile app retention

Win-back strategies are often high on the list of priorities for mobile app owners as they sadly witness users ceasing to use their app. In fact, with stats showing that a mobile app may lose almost 80% of its daily active users (DAU) within the first three days after installation, it’s evident why win-back strategies are high on the list of priorities for mobile marketers.
Therefore, it’s important that you have a good understanding of app analytics and how to use push notifications to boost app retention as part of a win-back strategy.
If you fail to act on a falling DAU, the stats get even more depressing with up to 90% of apps losing their users within the first month and over 95% after three months. So, here’s why you need to be able to provide the data analytics and reporting and offer push notification campaign ideas as part of implementing win-back strategies.
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Quest Solution uses Artificial Intelligence to better supply chain and security issues

Inc ( ) President & CEO Shai Lustgarten spoke with Proactive Investors at the ThinkEquity Conference in New York.
The Utah-based technology company specializes in the design, deployment and management of enterprise mobility solutions.
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DBA Corner: The Challenge of Managing the Modern IT Infrastructure

It can be challenging for IT architects and executives to keep up with today’s modern IT infrastructure. Homogeneous systems, common in the early days of computing, are almost non-existent today in the age of heterogeneous systems. It is de rigueur for Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers to be deployed throughout a modern IT infrastructure. And for larger shops, add in mainframes, too.
When multiple types of servers are deployed that impacts everyt…
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Tesla Equity Raise; We Need More Cash

Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing the Tesla equity raise: fool us again, Elon!; Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s robotaxis, corner cases; WE NEED CASH; Baron Funds bull case; etc.
Tesla is launching its combined equity and convertible debt offering today, which would bring in $2.3 billion with the shoe, assuming no upsizing from here. You can read the prospectus filed with the SEC here: To humor yourself, search for the word “autonomous.” The result is… zero. Surely that is a major mistake, right? Try the word “robotaxi” instead. Same result. Basically, per the prospectus, Tesla is not in the business of having anything to do with “autonomous” or “robotaxi.” This clearly can’t be part of the company’s current or anticipated future business, right?
On the call about the deal, which took place a few short hours after the prospectus was filed with the SEC on May 2, the tune was completely different. CEO Elon Musk told investors to practically forget about the rest of Tesla’s business, which he called “small potatoes” in comparison.
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Three years in, Google’s hardware honcho is just getting started

Gauging Google’s success as a hardware maker in a purely bottom-line sense is not easy. Alphabet doesn’t break out numbers for Osterloh’s group, which are lumped into a line called “Google other revenue” that, in total, amounted to 15% of company revenue in the first quarter. One analyst estimated that Google made $3 billion in profit on hardware in 2018, up from an estimated $900 million in 2016, Osterloh’s first year on the job. Google prefers to share less specific tidbits reflecting the traction of various products: Pixel is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the U.S., for instance, and Google Wi-Fi is the country’s best-selling mesh router system.
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Salvage Yard Privacy Tattletales by Scrapped AI Self-Driving Cars

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider
My latest rental car that I picked-up at the Chicago O’Hare airport was a treasure trove of information about prior renters. I could readily see data that had been imported into the car’s infotainment system that had come from at least six different smartphones. Lots of favored playlists of people that I didn’t know, but I now knew their taste in music.
Even scarier for those prior renters was that many of …
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In Seattle visit, presidential hopeful Andrew Yang calls on Amazon to admit job loss from automation

U.S. presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a startup entrepreneur from New York known for his data-driven approach to major challenges facing the country, has nothing against technology on principle.
He plans to use a 3D hologram to make multiple campaign stops simultaneously, and appearing in person at Gas Works Park on Friday evening, he reiterated his vow to become the first president to use PowerPoint in the State of the Union. That prompted the Seattle crowd to break into a chant of “PowerPoint, PowerPoint, PowerPoint!”
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Dell Makes Major Hybrid Cloud Push With VMware, Azure

LAS VEGAS—Dell Technologies is looking to make its mark in a fast-growing hybrid cloud market with new platforms and services that rely heavily on the integration of its own hardware with VMware infrastructure software and a new partnership with Microsoft involving its Azure public cloud.
In the first day of the company’s Dell Technologies World 2019 show here, officials unveiled the vendor’s cloud portfolio, which includes the Dell Technologies…
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Survey: Which Tech Events Excite You Most in 2019?

It’s Spring, which means endless tech events! Every large tech company (Apple, Google, and Microsoft, most notably) has one. Which are you most excited for?
This week, both Google I/O and Microsoft Build are kicking off. Microsoft began its celebration a bit early; last week, it announced the developer edition of HoloLens 2 was ready for pre-orders, and launched a machine-learning framework that seems geared more toward citizen coders than developers and engineers. Build will likely bring improvements to Visual Studio, and Microsoft will likely push the boundaries of VS as an IDE for a wider variety of languages. Google loves machine learning, too… and I/O is (again) in direct competition with Build.
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Over 30% Reduction in Unnecessary Head CT Scans When Integrating FDA-Cleared BrainScope One

Use in the Emergency Room demonstrates BrainScope One can reduce patient radiation exposure, decrease use of hospital resources, and shorten throughput times
All ninety-one patients were referred for a head CT scan, which was read by the site neuroradiologist and evaluated for related traumatic brain injury. Patients also received a 5-10 minute BrainScope EEG-based Structural Injury Classifier (“SIC”) evaluation using a proprietary disposable EEG headset, which is rapidly and easily placed on the forehead region. Physician assistants, nurses and/or technicians administered the BrainScope evaluation, which utilizes proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) – based algorithms to provide clinically-relevant information to determine whether a patient is likely CT positive (structural brain injury) or likely CT negative (no structural brain injury).
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AI Is Not a Priority for the Largest Advisory Firms: Pershing Poll

There’s a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence will transform the financial advisory business along with many others, but according to the 2019 Elite Advisor Poll, adoption of AI and other new “cool” technologies by advisory firms is not a priority.
Less than 10% of respondents to the poll of top executives at the nation’s largest advisory firms, conducted by BNY Mellon Pershing, are investing in such new technologies.
AI will be like robo-…
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All Signs Point to Cloud Optimization

Recently, there has been a growing awareness around the issue of cost control in the public cloud. This is a heartening trend in cloud computing, specifically with regard to the public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market. Now that public cloud has reached a key peak in growth, there’s a common theme. While new services and products continue to develop, more and more of them are focusing on not just creating capabilities that were prev…
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5 Ways Local SEO Companies Are Optimizing Their Models With Big Data

Large companies around the world are investing in big data. Big data has been especially important for optimizing their marketing campaigns. However, a number of small businesses are getting in on the action too.
Local marketing agencies have discovered that SEO is more dependent on big data than ever. They are developing more data driven solutions to offer better search marketing strategies.
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Can Big Data Approaches To Marketing Slash Business Closure Rates?

Small businesses are looking to big data to get an edge against their more established competitors. Big data is becoming more important in the new economy. Industries are becoming more consolidated and traditional lenders are more averse to funding unproven start-ups. Without a stellar big data strategy in place, many businesses are doomed to the day they open their doors.
The five-year failure rate for businesses is already estimated to be arou…
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