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Machine learning AI News covering topics such as : Top 8 programming languages every data scientist should master in 2019, python of course! How QuoDeck Is Gamifying Corporate E-Learning With AI-based Tools. AI tunes prosthetic legs to help human wearers walk better, faster. Why Facebook Doesn’t Need The #10YearChallenge To Train ML Models. Apple’s dismissal of 200 self-driving car employees points to a shift in its AI strategy. Unity and Google Cloud Platform launch challenge to push limits of game AI. How cute little robots now deliver late-night snacks to world’s luckiest college kids.

AI & Machine Learning News. 28, January 2019

Top 8 programming languages every data scientist should master in 2019

The demand for a data scientist in every industry is growing substantially. For the development of every business, there is a need to assess the data you gather. And data scientists require both the right tools and perfect skill set to enable you to produce better results with your information.
Based on the Forbes report, Data Science is the best job in the US for the last three consecutive years. Also, according to an IBM study, the demand for …
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Python is our language of choice as well, it combines the best of all worlds. It is easy to learn yet powerful. Simple to program yet incredibly flexible. Learn to program in Python, it will help your future work prospects and you could write a profitable auto trading model using CloudQuant.

How QuoDeck Is Gamifying Corporate E-Learning With AI-based Tools

Realising the need for enterprises to engage their staff in a much more creative and interesting way, QuoDecK, a Mumbai-based startup, attempts to bridge this gap with a SaaS product which uses gamification for enterprise learning market.
Established in 2010 by avid gamers Kamalika Bhattacharya and Arijit Lahiri, the platform uses interactivity and games to engage enterprise learners and use that to capture data, which in turn gets used to improve the learner’s experience. “While a lot of learning is needed as it a functional understanding, the way in which it is delivered does not evoke any sense of excitement or feeling from the employees that it is being done for their betterment. So, two of us started looking at ways to improve this scenario and that’s when QuoDeck born in 2010 as a result of this,” says Bhattacharya, who worked with startups and raised private equity and venture capital in her previous stint.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… The only corporate e learning that we have enjoyed was produced by John Cleese and was a mix of Monty Python, Faulty Towers and The Office.

AI tunes prosthetic legs to help human wearers walk better, faster

Robotic limbs aren’t a complete solution for amputees. Technicians typically spend hours manually adjusting them until they mesh perfectly with human wearers’ gaits, and hours more teaching those wearers how to walk with them independently, without stumbling. The costs really add up — tuning sessions require visits to clinics. But the good news is, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), a better way might be on the horizon.
In a recent paper published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, researchers at the North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina describe a system that applies reinforcement learning — an artificial intelligence (AI) training technique that uses a system of rewards to drive agents toward certain goals — to the task of tuning a robotic knee. In one test, the AI system they developed took just 10 minutes to help a prosthetic wearer walk naturally on level ground.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… This is great, reminded me of this wonderful TED talk. My concern with allowing AI to fine tune movement is that: we have seen AI find short cuts and work-around’s that we could never have thought of, new movement techniques that evolution has barely touched upon, and Chess and Go moves that have never been tried by humans. We could literally find ourselves being leapfrogged by our semi-bionic friends.

Facebook Doesn’t Need The #10YearChallenge To Train ML Models…

Facebook is one of the most prominent figures in the AI space, leading the way with the development of multiple AI frameworks and applications in their products. However, the outcry has risen over their involvement in a recent ‘phenomenon’ called the #10YearChallenge.
For those unaware, the 10-year challenge is an activity wherein individuals post pictures of them from 10 years in the past, compared with now. This data was rumoured to be used by Facebook to train their machine learning algorithms. Considering Facebook’s position in the Machine Learning field and their flippant attitude towards user privacy, this is not much of an assumption. However, it is highly unlikely.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Anyone who follows AI and has been remotely interested in security of personal data around the FB platform knows that this was a ludicrous conspiracy theory. If FaceBook wanted to do this, they have access to and “own” all the photos you have uploaded over time.

Apple’s dismissal of 200 self-driving car employees points to a shift in its AI strategy

It’s not often you hear about layoffs at Apple. So it came as a surprise Wednesday when CNBC learned that Apple was removing 200 employees from its self-driving car unit. Apple confirmed the staffing change, but reading between the lines of a spokesperson’s statement, it sounds like the move is the latest in the company’s broader goal to improve its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities as it faces increased competition from rivals Google and Amazon.
“As the team focuses their work on several key areas for 2019, some groups are being moved to projects in other parts of the company, where they will support machine learning and other initiatives, across all of Apple,” the company spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC Wednesday. Self-driving car technology may still be an important initiative at Apple. But reading between the lines, it looks like it’s taking a back seat a Apple beefs up its general AI staff.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Apple has reached peak sales in the iPhone market and so it trying to branch out. It is desperate to catch up to Google and Amazon in AI. They seem to be well behind the pack in AI driving so this “change of direction” should come as no real surprise.

Unity and Google Cloud Platform launch challenge to push limits of game AI

Unity Technologies has teamed up with Google Cloud Platform to create the Obstacle Tower Challenge, which will test the limits of artificial intelligence in games. In the first-of-its-kind contest, Google will offer a prize of cash, travel vouchers, and Google Cloud Platform credits, valued at more than $100,000.
Unity, the maker of the Unity game engine, is creating the contest to test the capabilities of intelligent agents and accelerate the research and development of AI. The Obstacle Tower Challenge will be a new benchmark aimed at testing the vision, control, planning, and generalization abilities of AI systems — capabilities that no other benchmark has tested together before.
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CloudQuant Thoughts…  This is a cute move by Unity, Montezuma’s Revenge on the Atari 2600 is a well publicized model for AI and games, Unity takes that model into 3D and brings it right up to date with their excellent gaming engine. I noticed that Unity’s blog posting has an animated header of an AI soccer game where the blue striker appears to be just repeating one of two diagonal shot hits over and over again, maybe it is just the looped Gif!

These cute little robots now deliver late-night snacks to world’s luckiest college kids

When students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia want a late-night coffee or meal, they’ll no longer have to walk across campus: The school now has a fleet of 25 delivery robots.
Via an app–and using their student dining plans–students can order food from on-campus retailers including a grocery store and the local Starbucks, and drop a pin on the app’s map to show where they want to get the delivery. Within 15 minutes or less, one of the tiny robots, which can each carry up to 20 pounds, will bring them the food. When the robot arrives, the student uses the app to unlock it.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… This may not look like much but if they can make it work and be profitable on a campus, think of all the small towns and small grocery stores across the nation who could start offering this service… or just sell it to Amazon!

Below The Fold…

Yodlee’s AI Firm Purchase Is a ‘Strategic Move’: Tech Insider

Platform provider Envestnet | Yodlee says it has bought Abe AI to let advisors and financial firms take advantage of conversational artificial intelligence in their interactions with clients.
The AI technology, which is based on natural language processing, means financial firms can talk with clients via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for instance. Abe AI’s technology also works on SMS, Facebook Messenger and other interfaces.
“It’s a very smart, strategic move,” said Gavin Spitzner, president of Wealth Consulting Partners, in an interview. “A…
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Data Science in a Box: Tools Attack Critical Skills Shortage

Instrumental to advanced analytics and machine learning, data scientists must have command of a kitchen sink of tasks: collecting, preparing and organizing large data sets in a variety of formats; developing and testing algorithms; building and implementing machine learning solutions; conducting data pattern analysis; explaining results to line managers, senior management and customers. Their education and qualifications, it include “a graduate d…
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Deep Learning 101 — Role of Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence

er sense of What they do and How they can be useful.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like human.
Machine learning (ML) is an approach to achieve Artificial Intelligence. ML approach provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. At its most basic is the practice of using algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and then make prediction about something in the world.
Deep learning (DL) is a technique for implementing Machine Learning. DL is the application of artificial neur…
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Top Trends in Modern Data Architecture for 2019

From AI and machine learning, to data discovery and real-time analytics, a strong data architecture strategy is critical to supporting your organization’s data-driven goals. Greater speed, flexibility and scalability are common wish-list items, alongside smarter data governance and security capabilities. Many new technologies and approaches have come to the forefront of data architecture discussions, including data lakes, in…
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Gartner Survey Finds Government CIOs to Invest More in Data Analytics and Cybersecurity in 2019

According to a recent press release, “Data analytics and cybersecurity pushed cloud out of the top spot for increased technology investment by government chief information officers (CIOs) in 2019, according to a survey from research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. This increased focus on data reflects CIOs’ acknowledgment that artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics will be the top ‘game-changing’ technologies for government in 2019. Gartne…
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Yodlee Acquires Abe AI to Revolutionize Financial Wellness and Wealth Management with Conversational AI

New conversational AI puts consumers at the center of the financial experience and advances Yodlee’s retail banking and soon, Envestnet’s wealth management offerings
REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Envestnet | Yodlee (NYSE: ENV), a leading data aggregation and analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services, recently acquired Abe AI which enables Yodlee’s new Conversational AI. Improv…
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Here are the metro areas likely to be the most and least impacted by automation

As it becomes clear that increasing automation will take longer to completely disrupt the economy and the job market, the experts are adjusting their expectations. The trend has moved in recent years from widespread fears that robots would destroy jobs to reassurances that the world would still have a place for your paltry human skills. Now, we’re “at a more complicated, mixed understanding that suggests that automation will bring neither apocaly…
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Envestnet | Yodlee buys Abe AI

Source: Envestnet | Yodlee
Envestnet | Yodlee (NYSE: ENV), a leading data aggregation and analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services, recently acquired Abe AI which enables Yodlee’s new Conversational AI.
Improving the way Financial Service Providers (FSPs) can interact with their consumers, this new offering is now available to be fully integrated with Yodlee’s financial wellness APIs and apps, o…
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Accuracy and bias in machine learning models – Overview

Machine learning workflows traditionally depend extensively on optimization and model training. Performance parameters such as bias and accuracy drive the consideration of a model as better than the rest and generally, a model is assumed as adequate for practical use if it meets these performance parameters. The tendency for the model to make certain predictions is not examined or questioned. However, its ability…
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Taking Your Data Lake to the Next Level

Data lake adoption is on the rise. Right now, 38% of DBTA subscribers have data lakes deployed to support data science, data discovery and real-time analytics initiatives, and another 20% are considering adoption. Today, most data lakes are on-premises. However, the cloud is becoming an increasingly attractive location as well. While data lakes have evolved and matured over the past few years of enterprise use, many challenges still exist. Data governance, security, integration and the ability to easily access an…
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What Is Predictive Model Performance Evaluation And Why Is It Important

Predictive models are proving to be quite helpful in predicting the future growth of businesses, as it predicts outcomes using data mining and probability, where each model consists of a number of predictors or variables. A statistical model can, therefore, be created by collecting the data for relevant variables.
There are two categories of problems that a predictive model can solve depending on the category of business — classification and reg…
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Overcoming Data Integration and Governance Challenges

The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing. At the same time, to deliver business value, people need information they can trust to act on, so balancing governance is absolutely critical nowadays, especial…
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SparkCognition and Global HITSS Offer AI Solutions to Advance Digital Transformation

A recent press release reports, “Global HITSS, an América Móvil company, and SparkCognition announce a strategic alliance to expand the use of artificial intelligence applications in companies throughout 25 countries. Global HITSS, a company dedicated to driving a digital society, and SparkCognition, a global company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions, unite their capabilities and experience to support key industries in improving their operational processes, such as customer support and interaction. Global HITSS is working to drive digital trans…
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Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling for Ford GoBike Ridership with PyMC3 — Part II

rship with PyMC3 — Part II
Jay Franck Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 27
Photo by sabina fratila on Unsplash
In the first part of this series, we explored the basics of using a Bayesian-based machine learning model framework, PyMC3, to construct a simple Linear Regression model on Ford GoBike data. In this example problem, we aimed to forecast the number of riders that would use the bike share tomorrow based on the previous day’s aggregated attributes. That trivial example wass merely the canvas on which we showcased our Bayesian Brushstrokes.
To summarize our previous attempt: we built a multi-dimen…
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MIT CSAIL researchers propose automated method for debiasing AI algorithms

Bias in algorithms is more common than you might think. An academic paper in 2012 showed that facial recognition systems from vendor Cognitec performed 5 to 10 percent worse on African Americans than on Caucasians, and researchers in 2011 found that models developed in China, Japan, and South Korea had difficulty distinguishing between Caucasians and East Asians. In another recent study, popular smart speakers made by Google and Amazon were found…
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Issues with data duplication and formatting still hurting data quality in 2019

data is wrong.
This is a shocking statement that might need to be fact-checked by the colleagues of the authors. However, it does clearly address some legitimate concerns about data quality.
Since big data became a household word, organizational decision makers, as well as data and analytics experts, have been preoccupied with data scalability. They have depended too heavily on the philosophy that more is better when it comes to data in the digital era.
This has created some valid concerns about data quality. Some of these concerns were first raised a few years ago, but have still not been adequat…
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One-quarter of jobs are at ‘high-risk’ of being automated

.” It’s a stark bit of foreshadowing in a job market that has yet to fully rebound.
Roles in transportation, food prep, production and office admin are among those at highest risk, with robotics and artificial intelligence threatening to automate in the neighborhood of 70 percent of tasks, according to the study. Activities involving processing, data collection and physical labor are, unsurprisingly, most at risk here.
Automation is expected to have an outsized impact in certain regions in the country, and among less well educated workers. Likewise, it’s expect to impact different segments of the population in dif…
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Expanding Your Data Science Capabilities

Surviving and thriving with data science means not only having the right platforms, tools and skills, but identifying use cases and implementing processes that can deliver repeatable, scalable business value. The challenges are numerous, from infrastructure management, to data preparation and exploration, and model training and deployment. In response, new solutions have emerged to address key needs in areas including self-service, real…
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The Return on Investment with Oracle Management Cloud

y management and provides organizations with a more modern way to manage and secure fast-changing environments. Customers were particularly impressed with OMC’s unified data platform, automation, and machine learning, which dramatically reduced manual effort and ongoing customizations of the management suite.
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How the tech industry can help fix our AI skills shortage

In 2015, Uber opened a research facility around the corner from Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center in a move positioned as a partnership between the two organizations. Within months, dozens of faculty members had left their positions for full-time roles at Uber, draining the center of much of its talent. Other major tech companies have followed a similar path – in 2018, Facebook launched AI labs in Seattle and Pitts…
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Google Fine Signals Closer Scrutiny of Data Privacy

Google got whacked again this week by European regulators for failing to comply with provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation covering data collection used for targeted advertising.
The French data regulator CNIL fined the search giant a record $56.8 million (€50 million) for failing to sufficiently inform consumers about collecting data used in online ads, citing a “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid…
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Hadoop Gets Improved Hooks to Cloud, Deep Learning

est version 3.2 release of Apache Hadoop will get new integration hooks into the AWS and Azure clouds, as well as access to a new deep learning project called Hadoop Submarine.
Hadoop may not excite big data enthusiasts as it once did. Nevertheless, the technology is widely deployed and relied upon to store and compute huge amounts of data by thousands of organizations around the world.
On Wednesday, the Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Hadoop version 3.2, which the Hadoop community says is a major release in the version 3.x line, with more than 1,000 changes.
Among the mo…
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Fenergo Enables Self-Service Platform Configuration with Digital Configuration Studio

Designed to enable the rapid deployment of end to end digital customer journeys via next generation onboarding
23 January 2019 – Fenergo, a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions for financial institutions, introduces Fenergo Digital Configuration Studio, a low to no-code administration suite that allows financial institutions to easily configure the Fenergo CLM solution to suit their organisational needs. Fenergo Digi…
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Why banks in APAC feel they lag behind in AI adoption?

9 percent indicated that they were at least on par with the US and Europe counterparts, while not a single respondent felt they were ahead.
When asked about the biggest challenge in adopting AI and machine learning into existing bank operations, 42 percent indicated that it was the lack of available AI experts which poses the greatest barrier to introducing AI technology. The use of legacy systems (28 percent) came in second, followed by cost (16 percent).
“The shortage of talent continues to be an issue worldwide as the use of AI continues to grow quickly, said Dan McConaghy, president of FICO in the Asia…
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Data Management Best Practices for Machine Learning

Machine learning is on the rise at businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence with use cases spreading across industries. A recent study fielded amongst the subscribers of Database Trends and Applications found that 25% currently have machine learning initiatives underway with another 20% considering adoption.
At the same time, most projects are still in their early phases. Machine learning is s…
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Researchers Believe A Wasp’s Brain Can Lead To An AI Breakthrough

For the past five decades, DARPA has been actively involved in bringing out groundbreaking technologies and it continues to lead AI innovation through its broad portfolio of R&D programmes. In September 2018, it announced more than $2 billion in new initiative called the “AI Next” campaign. The initiative is aimed at driving what they call the third wave of AI, where the department hopes to create an AI system that can work as a natural being than mimicking the inspect.
According to DARPA, these insects’ features like drastic miniaturisation, energy efficiency and compact neuron form-factor can be adopted in an AI-system to perform energy, time and space efficient operations.
Quoting the example of Megaphragma mymaripenne, a microscopically sized wasp, believed to be smaller than an amoeba, the statement said that the organism’s nervous system consists of thousands of neurons with fast integrated sense-control which can perform tasks like guidance and locomotion. It further stated that there aren’t many studies regarding the electrical and magnetic circuits within the insect to perform the task.
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Michael Stonebraker to Deliver Opening Keynote at Data Summit 2019 in Boston

A.M. Turing Award Laureate and database technology pioneer Michael Stonebraker will deliver the opening keynote at Data Summit 2019, titled “Big Data, Technological Disruption, and the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Corner.”
The sixth annual Data Summit conference will be held in Boston, May 21-22, 2019, with pre-conference workshops on May 20. Registration is now open.
Stonebraker was awarded the ACM System Software Award in 1992 for his work on INGRES. Additionally, he was awarded the first annual SIGMOD Innovation award in 1994, and was elected…
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8 high-paying jobs you can get after pursuing a degree in Analytics

Data has become ubiquitous in all fields today. Everything is, some way or the other, connected to data – whether it is the client requirements or machine algorithms – doing without data has become difficult. With the advent and growth of data analytics, a need for data specialists has spurted all over the word. In order to cater to such demands, many business schools have come up with a specialized degree in analytics to produce individuals who …
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A growing alternative data company helps hedge funds determine if CEOs are lying using CIA interrogation techniques

that it prompted investors to redeem more than $33 billion, hedge fund managers are hungry for anything that gives them an edge on competitors and the market.
This has resulted in rapid expansion of alternative data providers, who mine for useful and actionable info in non-traditional ways.
One of these companies, Amenity Analytics, wants to cut the time analysts and portfolio managers spend poring over earning call transcripts by getting straight to the point: Some CEOs are not completely honest.
By using natural language-processing software to review companies’ transcripts, press releases and public comm…
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Data Privacy Improves Business Outcomes, Cisco Finds

When it comes to implementing data privacy and meeting compliance requirements, organizations shouldn’t think of it as a cost but rather as an opportunity to grow the business.
That’s a key finding in the Cisco 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, released on Jan. 24. The report is based on a global study of more than 3,200 global security and privacy professionals around the world. Among the high-level observations in the study is that 97 percent…
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10 Big Data Trends to Watch in 2019

ions that find solutions to formidable data challenges will be better positioned to economically benefit from the fruits of digital innovation.
With that basic premise in mind, here are 10 trends in big data that forward-looking organizations should look out for in 2019:
1. Data Management Is Still Hard
The big idea behind big data analytics is fairly clear-cut: Find interesting patterns hidden in large amounts of data, train machine learning models to spot those patterns, and implement those models into production to automatically act upon them. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
However, the reality…
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Cloud-Based Analytics and Machine Learning Accelerate Hybrid IT Management

Businesses around the world are rushing to enable digital transformation initiatives and provide users with consumer-like digital application experiences. Competitive pressures, the impact of disruptive technologies, and constantly increasing user expectations make speed of delivery and quality of service top priorities. A new breed of comprehensive and automated system management solutions is needed to ensure these qualities in complex, high-sca…
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Cinnamon AI raises $14 million to expand enterprise services to U.S.

ds of eager AI adoptees. One of the newest firms to make headway is Cinnamon AI, a Japan-based company that aims to “extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks” through white-label AI and machine learning software-as-a-service offerings. Seven years after pivoting from photo-sharing apps to AI solutions and moving its base of operations from Singapore to Tokyo, it today announced no small achievement: It’s setting up shop in the U.S.
Cinnamon today said that it has secured $14 million in a series B equity funding round to support expansion stateside, following a $8 million raise in July 2018 and …
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Intuitive Surgical misses Street’s 4Q earnings estimate while beating on revenue

Intuitive Surgical Inc ( ), the specialist in robotic-assisted surgery, missed Wall Street’s earnings estimates in the fourth quarter, but beat revenue forecasts as the company shipped more of its flagship da Vinci surgical systems.
In the quarter ended December 2018, the Sunnyvale, California-based company’s net income came in at $353 million, or $2.96 per share, up from the $305 million or $2.60 per share reported in the year-ago quarter. Its …
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3 Questions With Leandro Dallemule of Planck Resolution

FintekNews is pleased to offer our readers our “3 Questions With…” column, where we chat with a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just 3 questions for our audience in their vernacular. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Leandro Dallemule of Planck Resolution, which provides an AI-based Data Platform for Commercial Insurance, and in July 2018, announced its A round of $12M from leading VCs.
NAME: Leandr…
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Intel Unveils Nauta, a DL Framework for Containerized Clusters

Intel today unveiled Nauta, a new distributed computing framework for running deep learning models in Kubernetes and Docker-based environments. The chip giant says Nauta will make it easier for data scientists to develop, train, and deploy deep learning workloads on large clusters, “without all the systems overhead and scripting needed with standard container environments.”
Deep learning has become one of the hottest areas of machine learning, t…
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Database Management Today: New Strategies and Technologies

From big data and cloud computing, to AI and automation, new technology trends continue to reshape the practice of database management. As a result, database professionals are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Today, database teams are tasked with managing more databases, bigger databases, and a greater variety of databases — on premises and in the cloud. At the same time, businesses are hungry for …
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Vivipay Survey Of Unbanked Populations Shows How Much Is Spent Each Month On Check Cashing Services

BOCA RATON, Fla. (January 24, 2019) – ViViPAY (ViVi), a subsidiary of ViVi Holdings Inc. and a leading provider of “Fintech” financial technology solutions, announced today results of a survey it commissioned addressing how members of the unbanked population receive income as well as check cashing trends.
According to Pew Research, fewer people are utilizing the use of cash and checks. The center recently reported that almost 30% of adults make …
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Your First Machine Learning Project in R Step-By-Step

Do you want to do machine learning using R, but you’re having trouble getting started?
In this post you will complete your first machine learning project using R.
In this step-by-step tutorial you will:
Download and install R and get the most useful package for machine learning in R. Load a dataset and understand it’s structure using statistical summaries and data visualization. Create 5 machine learning models, pick the best a…
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Interview with Ravi N. Raj of Passage AI on AI-powered chatbots & trends

We interviewed Ravi N. Raj, CEO and co-founder of Passage AI, which recently won the Global Annual Achievement Award for Artificial Intelligence in the “Best Use of AI in Education” category for improving the enrollment of a leading online education course provider through NLU/P AI-powered chatbots. Passage AI enables businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces and Ravi was happy to talk about his bot-building platform…
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Why Point72, one of the world’s top hedge funds, is setting up in Sydney

“We are talent gatherers, not asset gatherers,” Point72’s head of international operations, Marc Desmidt, tells AFR Weekend in a rare interview from London. “If we can nurture the talent and evolve it appropriately, hopefully we can be successful.”
Point72’s surprise move last year to set up in Sydney and recruit traders caught the attention of the local hedge fund community, which has fought hard to establish itself.
But the reason the firm ha…
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Global Approach To Data Privacy Must Be Pragmatic, Rooted In Reality

In 2019, the data privacy debate took Davos by storm. From respected artists to blue-chip CEOs, many weighed in on the data privacy debate during the World Economic Forum. Among the views that took the spotlight, one solution to protect personal data gathered strength: every individual should own and control all their data.
The popular musician and entrepreneur William Adams, better known as, recently wrote in the pages of The Economis…
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Technology, Retirement Plan Initiatives to Boost Life Insurance Growth: LIMRA

The growth of technology, a slowing equity market, federal employer plan initiatives and continued rising interest rates spell growth in life insurance, and more access to retirement plans, according to a new report from LIMRA.
U.S. life insurance sales will grow 4% to $15 billion in 2019, fueled by increases in disposable income and bond rates combined with low unemployment levels, according to LIMRA’s annual predictions report released Tuesday…
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Machine Learning Transformed: Data Quality and Operational Necessities

Machine Learning elicits mixed reactions. On the one hand, some consider Machine Learning a company’s new super power that has “swept enterprise technology, using mass amounts of data and algorithms to make predictions.” At the same time Machine Learning has been considered an overhyped fad and a panacea, failing to deliver. While both can be true, companies need to factor in Machine Learning to automate business.
IDC estimates that worldwide “s…
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Register For Intel Deep Learning & Vision At The Edge Workshop

Registration Link:
Register and attend one of 2019’s most happening data science meetups in Bengaluru. Spend a whole day with a great community knowing more about deep learning from experts at Intel. Invite friends to come along.
Meet Intel experts at the Intel Deep Learning and Vision at the Edge workshop to learn more about Intel’s portfolio of AI offerings that are helping Data Scientist and AI practition…
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Why IBM’s Watson is probably the greatest AI ambassador

In the relatively new and growing world of artificial intelligence (AI), there’s no such thing as an industry standard. Developers and programmers throughout the world continue to build and refine new AI techniques and tools on an ongoing basis, often in response to specific business needs or problems that need solving. That’s part of the reason that we’ve yet to see any real mass adoption of the major AIaaS (AI as a service) offerings from tech giants like Goog…
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LF Edge: Bringing Complementary Initiatives Together to Advance Emerging Applications at the Edge

Earlier today, we announced the launch of LF Edge, a new umbrella organization designed to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. The goal is to foster a unified, open framework that brings complementary projects under one central umbrella to create collaborative solutions that are compatible and support the ecosystem.
LF Edge is comprised of five anchor project…
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15 ways big data is disrupting the video marketing landscape

Big data has already become a “big” thing now and many digital marketers including video marketing strategists believe that big data is the future of their industry. The old methods of data collection have changed and that data feels more complicated to decode. Since we are talking about the old methods of data collection, the data could give small pieces of information such as gender, age, interests and …
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Oracle News & Updates – January 23, 2019

Oracle Analytics Cloud Hands-On Workshop: St. Louis, MO | Oracle Chesterfield Office
January 29, 2019 | 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Oracle Chesterfield Office – 424 South Woods Mill Rd. Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63017
Oracle Analytics Cloud delivers powerful self-service capabilities to business analysts, enabling you to easily create compelling visualizations and rapidly answer critical questions.
Using Oracle Analytics Cloud to create interactive v…
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Database Administrator Salary: High for a Good Reason

Database administrators (DBAs) are in charge of storing and organizing a company’s data. That makes them incredibly valuable employees, because without organized and well-maintained data, many firms literally have nothing. With that in mind, what’s an “average” database administrator salary?
According to an analysis of Dice data, the “average” database administrator salary is $93,435. Specializing in certain kinds of platforms can spike that sti…
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% The Global Treasurer Big Data –

’s become incredibly simple to gather and record all of that information, one hurdle in which many treasurers are still working to overcome is the ability to efficiently analyse those huge amounts of big data in order to communicate, promote and action data-driven and strategic decision-making.
Improved data visualisation tools have the ability to assist teams in overcoming this hurdle – which is why data visualisation will inevitably be a key area of growth across the treasury space in 2019.
Believe it or not, the human brain isn’t actually designed to translate binary code or digest written inform…
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Ring in the New Year with 2019 Data and Tech Predictions

Click to learn more about author Patrick Hubbard.
An annual (brief) respite in IT and the dawn of the new year provides an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned and to prognosticate on the year ahead, and certainly 2018 was one for the books. We finally saw progress in the growth of software-actuated infrastructures, suffered new data breaches and security vulnerabilities, and traditional enterprises accelerated experimentation with more clo…
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Understanding Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) from Scratch

Humans do not reboot their understanding of language each time we hear a sentence. Given an article, we grasp the context based on our previous understanding of those words. One of the defining characteristics we possess is our memory (or retention power).
Can an algorithm replicate this? The first technique that comes to mind is a neural network (NN). But the traditional NNs unfortunately cannot do this. Take an example of wanting…
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Amazon Web Services continues open-source push with code behind SageMaker Neo

Amazon Web Services has decided to release the code behind one of its key machine-learning services as an open-source project, as it continues to push back against critics who find its relationship with open-source software out of balance.
SageMaker Neo, which lets customers run machine-learning training models across multiple operating environments, was introduced last November at re:Invent 2018. On Thursday AWS announced that it would be relea…
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Starbucks CEO: Cannabis-infused drinks ‘not on the road map’ right now

Starbucks CEO talks artificial intelligence and the future of cannabis-infused drinks 11:28 AM ET Fri, 25 Jan 2019 | 02:48
Coffee shops up and down the U.S. coasts are advertising lattes with CBD oil, but Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that the coffee giant isn’t planning on introducing its own version of the cannabis-infused drink.
“We’re going to keep watching this, but right now, it’s not on the road map,” Johnson said Friday on CNB…
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The Real Role of Big Data In Business Development

entleman that had worked as a business consultant for decades. He had expressed a lot of skepticism about the impact of analytics on the business field. In more recent years, it has become clear that big data is changing the nature of business development in profound ways.
How will big data change the role of business development? We are learning more about its impact every year. In 2015, Bernard Marr wrote an article talking about four of the biggest benefits in his post on Forbes. He said that the number one benefit will be that big data will play a role in collecting consumer data to improve marke…
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A list of the best data science and machine learning projects at GitHub

In this post, we shall discuss the leading data science and machine learning projects at GitHub. Let us start exploring.
What’s the best stage for facilitating your code, working together with colleagues, and furthermore that goes about as an online resume to grandstand your coding abilities? Ask any data scientist and they’ll point you towards GitHub. It has been a really progressive platform lately and has changed the scene of how we host and even do coding. Here are s…
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OutSystems Achieves Record Revenue in 2018 with Successful Customers Fuelling Low-Code Market Leadership

OutSystems, provider of the number one platform for low-code rapid application development, achieved record revenue in 2018 due largely to the value customers are gaining from the low-code platform. OutSystems posted a 66 percent increase in annual recurring revenue for 2018, which is its third consecutive increase of more than 50 percent, pushing annual recurring revenue over $100 million.
OutSystems added hundreds of new customers and nearly…
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Why Infrastructure Flexibility is Critical to the Data Lifecycle

It’s not a coincidence that we associate the word lifecycle with data. From ingestion to transformation and archival – data is alive. It is the fuel that drives the modern enterprise and the lifeblood that flows through every part of it.
The data world has increasingly become more complex and confusing, however. We have everything – from data friction and data drift to data gravity and data exhaust – enough terms to fill up an Urban Data Diction…
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Varonis Adds Incident Response Playbooks to Data Security Platform

Varonis Systems announced version 7.0 of its Data Security Platform on Jan. 22, providing organizations with new capabilities to detect and respond to threats in the cloud and on-premises.
The Varonis Data Security Platform 7.0 update adds new risk dashboards that can help highlight potential issues with Active Directory and Office 365, as well as compliance with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Improved threat intelligence in…
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How to win at marketing in 2019: Human-centered design led by AI

Ocean Spray Cranberry company has always used a human touch when interpreting data about its customers. The company developed its wildly popular Craisins product after discovering that only 38 percent of U.S. consumers were eating or drinking cranberries but around 60 percent of Americans like dried fruit.
When social media became popular, Michael Nestrud, the company’s senior manager of global sensory science and consumer affairs, made a hobby …
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The Pentagon Wants to Stop Enemies From ‘Poisoning’ AI

The Pentagon’s research arm is working to stop digital adversaries from tricking federal artificial intelligence systems into doing their bidding.
Broadly speaking, machine learning tools learn by finding relationships within training data and applying that knowledge to real-life situations. In a perfect world, this approach lets the system accurately interpret new information, but bad actors can manipulate the process to sway its decisions in their favor.
Through the Guaranteeing AI Robustness against Deception program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency aims to…
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Google launches dedicated hub for its Launchpad accelerator in San Francisco

Google has unveiled its first dedicated U.S. hub for its Launchpad accelerator program.
The internet giant today officially opened a new “innovation space,” as it calls it, at 543 Howard Street in San Francisco, and it will be the first time the Launchpad has had a home to call its own since its inception three years ago.
Google first unveiled Launchpad for a handful of countries across Latin America and Asia back in 2015, though it didn’t offi…
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How have tariffs impacted robotics?

In July, Tim Cook met Donald Trump in the Oval Office to deliver a simple message. “Our view on tariffs is that they show up as a tax on the consumer and end up resulting in lower economic growth,” the executive told the President. ”And sometimes can bring about significant risk of unintended consequences.”
Cook ultimately got his way, with Trump giving some of the company’s products a last minute tariff reprieve. Even so, when time came for the…
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Clearcover raises $43M Series B to expand its team and spread to new markets

image via clearcover
Clearcover, a tech-powered car insurance company headquartered in Chicago, announced on Tuesday that it has raised a $43 million Series B led by communications and automotive services company Cox Enterprises.
“This funding will be applied to our company’s technology vision with the end goal of continuing to help more of the 230 million drivers in the U.S. spend less on car insurance,” said CEO Kyle Nakatsuji.
American Fami…
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In Search of a Common Deep Learning Stack

Web serving had the LAMP stack, and big data had its SMACK stack. But when it comes to deep learning, the technology gods have yet to give us a standard suite of tools and technologies that are universally accepted. Despite the lack of a unifying acronym (or perhaps because of it), early adopters solider on.
The idea of a common “stack” upon which developers build – and administrators run — applications has become popular in recent years. …
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MIT researchers: Amazon’s Rekognition shows gender and ethnic bias (updated)

Amazon’s facial analysis software distinguishes gender among certain ethnicities less accurately than do competing services from IBM and Microsoft. That’s the conclusion drawn by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers in a new study published today, which found that Rekognition, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) object detection API, fails to reliably determine the sex of female and darker-skinned faces in specific scenarios.
The study’s coa…
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Here’s what everyone will be talking about at Davos in 2020 and beyond

athering is Globalization 4.0 – how we’re handling the changes wrought on the world by the increasing interconnectedness of cultures and economies.
We must also reckon with the future. Digitization, Big Data, and the migration of IT services to the cloud are driving change now but we’re also starting to see the opportunities that will lead to Globalization 5.0.
These are the themes we believe will dominate the Davos gatherings of the future:
Next generation life sciences
Gene editing and genetic engineering are revolutionizing human therapeutics, agricultural biology, and basic scientific research…
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Digital Dominates Strategic Challenges Facing Banking Providers in 2019

If every executive who worked at a bank or credit union could wave a wand and transform their institution into what they think it should be, would they go digital-only?
Not likely. They would, however, likely find more creative ways to balance digital delivery and the human touch. The digital side would have to be much more powerful and effective, while the human side would play a very different role from the typical customer-facing staffer at t…
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Understanding Entity Embeddings and It’s Application

Understanding Entity Embeddings and It’s Application
Hafidz Zulkifli Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 27
As of late I’ve been reading a lot on entity embeddings after being tasked to work on a forecasting problem.
The task at hand was to predict the salary of a given job title, given the historical job ads data that we have in our data warehouse. Naturally, I just had to seek out how this can be solved using deep learning — since it’s a lo…
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Microsoft’s Tech Chief Talks Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, and Sod Farming

As Microsoft’s chief technology officer, Kevin Scott has the challenging job of keeping his company atop all of the tech trends.
Scott became Microsoft’s CTO two years ago after six years directing software engineering at LinkedIn, which Microsoft bought in 2016 for $26 billion. One of his first jobs at Microsoft was to identify all the technologies used by the company’s sprawling business units—to gauge their usefulness—and then make sure that …
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CoreLogic Leverages Pushpin’s Deep Learning Platform to Extract Property Attributes

A recent press release states, “Pushpin announced today that it had secured a contract with CoreLogic to automatically extract property attributes from aerial imagery using machine learning. Under the contract, Pushpin leveraged its deep learning platform to extract parcel information including roofing material and number of stories from 3-inch overhead and oblique imagery collected by Nearmap. Currently, CoreLogic relies on analysts to manually assign these attributes to properties. Leveraging machine learning will enable CoreLogic to dramatically reduce costs and increase update f…
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How Machine Learning Will Change Software Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not sci-fi anymore; machines have made their way into our lives with ever-increasing importance. Today, humans are teaching machines and machines already affect the way we live, make choices, and get entertained.
There are many ways we already use AI in our everyday lives:
* We ask our devices to perform simple searching tasks, play music, or send messages without touching them.
* We a…
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CHATBOTS: The digitalisation of knowledge through a new lens

79% of executives now believe seamless and digital access to knowledge is very important to overall business performance. Executives understand that there is too much dependency upon knowledge in people’s heads. And, even when it is documented, there is inadequate transparency and traceability to the way it is used to make decisions, when applied in practice.
Often, the best starting point for digital transformation of knowledge is when it is do…
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8 Ways To Grow Deposits By Empowering Business Bankers

Deposit growth is hard, and it’s only going to continue getting harder. Non-interest-bearing deposits at banks and savings institutions declined by 2.3% in the third quarter of 2018, the largest quarterly decline since 2013, according to FDIC.
As the frenzied race for deposits continues, it won’t be long before financial institutions feel the pressure to start paying interest on business checking — something they’ve preferred to avoid for years….
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Odisha Tourism Dept Uses AI, Analytics To Revamp Website

In a big to give a push to its burgeoning tourism and attract more foreign tourists, the Odisha state tourism department has completely revamped their website. Their new portal works on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), comprehensive content management solution, that uses artificial intelligence and analytics to provide better services.
According to a report in a noted daily, Odisha tourism has combined their five websites to create a one-stop com…
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Big Data Improves Customer Segmentation Analysis For Email Marketers

A number of our contributors have discussed the role of big data in digital marketing. They have mostly focused on the benefits of using big data to bolster search engine rankings and squeeze a higher ROI out of social media marketing campaigns. However, there are other applications of big data in marketing as well. Email marketing is a classic example.
Running a successful email marketing campaign depends on a clear understanding of your customers. You need …
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Win with data: How 5 Chicago tech data teams celebrate their success

It seems like everything revolves around data these days. But many may not realize that professionals in the field are focused on so much more than collecting statistics. Their insights can make lasting waves within a company and lead to huge wins at every level.
We got the chance to connect with data team leaders from five Chicago tech companies about the projects they’re working on and the celebrations following a team win.
image via TransUni…
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Tech Crystal Ball: How to Minimize Customer Churn with Predictive Analytics

Click to learn more about author Jasmine Morgan.
Considering that the cost of acquiring a new client is up to 7 times higher than the cost of retaining an old one, and it has increased by over 50% in the last five year, it makes sense to invest into predicting and preventing customer churn.
Customer lifecycle is the reality businesses have to operate in. Yet the saturation of the market and the constant emergence of new competitive offers accel…
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Interactive Controls for Jupyter Notebooks – Towards Data Science

Interactive Controls in Jupyter Notebooks
How to use interactive IPython widgets to enhance data exploration and analysis
Will Koehrsen Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 27
There are few actions less efficient in data exploration than re-running the same cell over and over again, each time slightly changing the input parameters. Despite knowing this, I still find myself repeatedly executing cells just to make the slightest change, for examp…
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5 Major ESG Trends for Advisors to Watch in 2019: MSCI

Back in 1967 when Dustin Hoffman’s character in the movie “The Graduate” was given the career advice, “plastics,” very few thought that product could strangle the planet 60 years later. But according to MSCI’s report, 2019 ESG Trends to Watch, plastic has become its own trade war, and something companies are striving to control.
These and other findings in the MSCI report spotlight environmental, social and governance trends that could affect co…
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New York Regulators Roll Eyes at ‘Proprietary’ Accelerated Life Underwriting

Maria Vullo (Photo: NYDFS)
The New York State Department of Financial Services wants life insurers to prove that the new accelerated underwriting programs they’re using are reasonable, fair and transparent.
The department has sent all life insurers authorized to write coverage in the state a letter warning them about their responsibility to vet any “external consumer data and information sources,” or services, they use when looking at applicant…
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Researchers Uses Machine Learning To Detect PTSD

By applying machine learning to a brain scan, researchers have now developed a mechanism to detect Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in patients. Researchers from London-based Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University have now coupled brain imaging with machine learning to detect PTSD in patients with an accuracy of 92%. Experts believe the new discovery will pave way for early detection of mental illness u…
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How apps for students are using AI for doing lessons better?

Education technology continues to evolve, thanks to cutting-edge inventions that are making learning more engaging and exciting. With gamification of classrooms and game-based learning now popular approaches in knowledge dispensation, including interactive digital whiteboards, there is also a growing interest among stakeholders who would wish to understand the creativity behind these creations. The truth is that the above examples are only but si…
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World’s First AI-powered Virtual Politician SAM Joins The Electoral Race In New Zealand

own. While many believe it is going to make the world a better place, there are people who think it is something that will cause significant trouble to humanity — the entire tech world is debating on artificial intelligence.
Today, AI is steeped in every aspect of our life. Interestingly, AI has now stepped into the arena of politics. Don’t believe me? Read along as we tell you how AI will contest elections by 2020.
Emergence Of AI In Politics
Sam, an AI-powered messenger chatbot can address queries regarding local issues such as policies around housing, education, and immigration. The brainchild o…
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Microsoft Offering Hundreds of New Dynamics 365 Features in 2019

Hundreds of new features are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform starting with an April 2019 release, giving users of the ERP, CRM and app building applications more capabilities and customization options for their work.
Many of the features, which will arrive between April to September, were highlighted in a Jan. 21 post by Mo Osbourne, the corporate vice president and chief operating officer for the business applications engine…
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Machine learning is a sweet way to tell if your honey is fake

casionally fake honey is even unsafe to eat. In 2011, an investigation found that American grocery store shelves were selling honey laced with animal antibiotics, lead, and other heavy metals.
Enter machine learning, which excels at classifying things that humans have a hard time telling apart. The current process of Melissopalynology, or the authentication of honey from its botanical sources, is often expensive and time-consuming, conducted in laboratories by specialists who require special equipment.
A new, computer vision-powered method that would be much more affordable is laid out in “Honey Authenticat…
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The Limits of AI and VR in Retail CX

a disconnect between shopper demands and what retailers deliver in areas spanning the overall retail environment, social media, personalization and the use of advanced technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR). The new study was released by Oracle NetSuite.
Despite significant investments in enhancing the customer experience online and in-store, retailers are not able to keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations and this is creating a huge disconnect.
Despite almost half of consumers (42%) – and almost two-thirds of millennials (63%) noting that they would pay…
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How Coursera uses Data Visualization & Clustering to Categorize Content

s in the world. Launched in 2012 by Andrew Ng, the content on Coursera has increased multi-fold since. In fact, Andrew Ng’s Introduction to Machine Learning course has spawned thousands of careers in data science.
But with increased content comes the challenge of defining which category each course belongs to. This is such a critical aspect of a platform that serves up pinpoint recommendations to its users.
Courses on Coursera cover topics ranging from photography to probabilistic graphical models to constitutional struggles in the Muslim world. This diversity makes them hard to categorize. A couple of …
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Contentsquare raises $60 million to help brands track how users interact with their apps and websites

Contentsquare, an analytics platform that gives brands insights into how users are interacting with their websites and apps, has raised $60 million in a series C round of funding led by Eurazeo, with participation from all previous investors, including Highland Europe, Canaan, and H14.
Founded out of Paris in 2012, Contentsquare is setting out to fill a void left by many other analytics platforms. Rather than showing you where a company is losin…
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Handling imbalanced datasets in machine learning – Towards Data Science

Detect a “naive behaviour”
In this first section, we would like to remind different ways to evaluate a trained classifier in order to be sure to detect any kind of “naive behaviour”. As we saw in the introduction’s example, accuracy, while being an important and unavoidable metric, can be misleading and therefore should be used cautiously and alongside other metrics. Let’s see what other tools can then be used.
Confusion matrix, precision, reca…
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Invest in yourself: 7 Chicago tech companies where your contribution counts

Going into the office every day is a lot more rewarding when the work you do makes a real mark on your company. These seven fast-growing Chicago tech companies all offer team members the chance to just that while building their careers. See below to learn more about them and what they look for in candidates.
What they do: Restaurants, wine bars, pop-ups, and more use Tock’s cloud-based platform to book and manage reservations. Its solution is us…
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Video: How AI Is Transforming Advertising And What You Should Do About It

Did you know that artificial intelligence has infiltrated all parts of the advertising process?
My guess is, probably not.
But chances are, in an era of programmatic advertising when machines are making millions of decisions on billions of ad impressions every day, your advertising is being touched by AI.
Awesome, right? But also risky — to your brand’s health and reputation, to consumer experience, and to campaign performance.
Why? …
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VentureBeat is hiring an Editor for AI coverage

We’re looking for a skilled editor to lead our pioneering coverage of AI and machine learning.
VentureBeat has a thriving AI channel, and we believe AI is not only a revolutionary technology for business but one that can help solve a lot of the world’s biggest problems. Idealistic, you might say, but we are realistic idealists here at VentureBeat.
AI is disrupting every market — cars, health care, communications, and more — and has been aptly described as having more transformative pote…
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