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This week Google I/0 2018 dominates, even though Microsoft attempted to grab some of the limelight it was Google’s impressive use of AI and ML across the board that served to re-enforce how far ahead they are.

AI & Machine Learning News. 14, May 2018

Top 6 Artificial Intelligence announcements from Google I/O 2018

Google is one of the leaders in the Artificial Intelligence field and it has cemented it’s place at the top of ladder with it’s mind blowing products at the recently held annual I/O conference. New products like Google Duplex and Google Lens were showcased which left the audience gasping with awe. From updates in Google Maps to improvements for Android, Google has made every effort to make the user experience better for it’s existing line of products as well.

(Read more about this particular feature at Google’s blog post – CQ)

  • Smart compose for Gmail.
  • ML Kit
  • Google Duplex
  • Suggested Actions for photos
  • Updates to Google Maps
  • Google Lens

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CloudQuant Thoughts: this is an amazing presentation by Google particularly the suggested actions for photos, we suggest you watch this 14 minute summary
and then…

Google now says controversial AI voice calling system will identify itself to humans

Following widespread outcry over the ethical dilemmas raised by Google’s new Duplex system, which lets artificial intelligence mimic a human voice to make appointments, Google has clarified in a statement that the experimental system will have “disclosure built-in.” That seems to mean that whatever eventual shape Duplex takes as a consumer product will involve some type of verbal announcement to the person on the other end that he or she is in fact talking to an AI.
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CloudQuant Thoughts: To me it actually sounded like two AIs talking to each other! Which is fine! uses Machine Learning to Detect Brain Anomalies in less than 10 seconds is company aiming to revolutionize healthcare with the power and assistance of deep learning. When a patient comes in with a head injury, time is of the utmost importance. A few seconds here or there can make all the difference. has developed their algorithms such that they can analyse CT scans of the brain in less than 10 seconds.

  • has developed machine learning algorithms to detect abnormalities in head CT scans
  • The researchers trained the model on a dataset of 310k images, out of which 21k images were held out for the validation set
  • The final model revealed an accuracy of 95% on the validation set

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CloudQuant Thoughts: Another tremendous implementation of ML.

Move Over Photoshop – This Python Script Works like Magic on Low Light Photos (GitHub link included)

We have all taken photos from our smartphone cameras in low light – of people, places or food. And then inevitably we turn to filters in order to increase the brightness and add context to the picture. How often has it turned out the way we wanted it to?
Thanks to a group of researchers from Intel and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, we now have another approach to turn up the brightness in a low light photo, with stunning accuracy. As you might have guessed by now, deep learning, and more specifically computer vision and pattern recognition, is at the core of this approach.

  • This deep learning algorithm can turn low light images into incredibly professionally lit photos
  • The researchers trained the model on a curated dataset of over 10,000 images
  • At the core of of the algorithm is a convolutional neural network (CNN) and the results are truly stunning

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CloudQuant Thoughts: For anyone who has ever tried to recover an image, even using a powerful application like PhotoShop, this is an amazing algo!

Boston Dynamics gears up to sell robot dogs and improves android’s running game

Cue the “Black Mirror” theme music: Boston Dynamics says it’s putting its scary SpotMini robotic dog on sale next year.
The company’s founder, Marc Raibert, made the announcement on Friday at a TechCrunch robotics event at the University of California at Berkeley.
“SpotMini is in pre-production now. We’ve built 10 units that’s a design that’s close to a manufacturable design. We built them in-house, but with help from contract, manufacturing-type people,” Raibert said.

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CloudQuant Thoughts: Officially terrified!

Artificial Intelligence In Search of Protection — Part III

This is a series of four articles on AI and IP protection:
Part I — Why patenting an AI innovation is different
Part II — The advantages of patenting AI products
Part III — Reasons behind not looking for patent protection
Part IV — AI Patents Landscape
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CloudQuant Thoughts: A very interesting view on Patents and AI covering a lot of ground.

Microsoft Interns used AI to Transform the way you use Screenshots on Windows 10

Snip Insights has the capability of taking a scanned image of a document, read it, and convert it into text. Additionally, it can also recognise celebrities, other famous personalities, landmarks and places that are captured within a screenshot. Imagine you see a cool pair of sunglasses online. Instead of wondering where you buy them and searching e-commerce sites, you can take a screenshot and Snip Insights will list down places where you can buy them. How cool is that?

  • A group of Microsoft Interns have used AI to add intelligent insights to screenshots on Windows 10
  • The application is called Snip Insights and has been open sourced on GitHub
  • It can convert images to editable text, recognize faces and places in screenshots, etc.

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CloudQuant Thoughts: Very clever use of AI to manage the “next steps” in a common user action. Kudos to those interns!

Mother’s Day Interview: How Nicole Finnie Became a Competitive Kaggler on Maternity Leave

As Kaggle’s moderating data scientist for the Data Science Bowl, I’m fortunate to have met first-time competitor Nicole Finnie. Her team (Unet Nuke) impressively ranked within the top 2%, earning Nicole a silver medal. More impressively, I learned that Nicole had no ML/DS experience just a year ago, and picked up these new skills through online classes during her recent maternity leave.
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Bringing two new intelligences into the world at once… Well done!

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A Step by Step Guide To Creating Credit Scoring Model From Scratch

A credit scoring model is a statistical tool widely used by lenders to assess the creditworthiness of their potential and existing customers. The basic idea behind this model is that various demographic attributes and past repayment behavior of an individual can be utilized to predict hers or his probability of default.
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Your Instagram Hashtags Are Helping Facebook Build State-Of-The-Art Computer Vision Systems

Image recognition is one of the most important components in artificial intelligence systems today. Facebook has one of the most competent and brilliant AI groups in the world and has managed to attract the best in the fields to innovate further. Facebook is continuously making great progress in AI and computer vision with the latest research focussing on generating great audio captions of photos to assist visually-impaired users. But even though these machine learning models are great, they are feed on data and labels. To tackle this problem, Facebook came up with an innovative way to push the power of deep learning even further — by using hashtags put up by users on Instagram.
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Guide to Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) for Unsupervised Learning

Deep learning has proved its supremacy in the world of supervised learning, where we clearly define the tasks that need to be accomplished. But, when it comes to unsupervised learning, research using deep learning has either stalled or not even gotten off the ground!
There are a few areas of intelligence which our brain executes flawlessly, but we still do not understand how it does so.
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10 Must watch videos on Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5 years ago, who would have imagined AI getting this far? Self-driving cars are no longer a figment of our imagination, they are here! As Google Duplex showed recently, machines can now book appointments for us, all the while sounding completely like a human!
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Weekly Selection — May 11, 2018 – Towards Data Science

  • Linear Algebra for Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Book Notes: Introduction to Probability
  • The Logistic Regression Algorithm
  • Building a Custom Mask RCNN model with Tensorflow Object Detection
  • Demystifying Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Deep Learning for Machine Empathy: Robots and Humans Interaction — Part I
  • Fast Near-Duplicate Image Search using Locality Sensitive Hashing
  • One problem to explain why AI works

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How To Talk To Plants Using Machine Learning And Gesture Recognition

Botanicus Interacticus is a new interactive plant technology which does not require any new instrumentation in plants. A simple electrode placed inside the soil is able to grasp a ton of frequencies produced by the plant, converting it into a multi-touch gesture sensitive controller.
Touché is a project developed at Disney Research which makes use of frequencies captured by sensing various events witnessed by the plant and simultaneously recogni…
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Clouds, catapults and life after the end of Moore’s Law with Dr. Doug Burger

Some of the world’s leading architects are people that you’ve probably never heard of, and they’ve designed and built some of the world’s most amazing structures that you’ve probably never seen. Or at least you don’t think you have. One of these architects is Dr. Doug Burger, Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft Research NExT. And, if you use a computer, or store anything in the Cloud, you’re a beneficiary of the beautiful architecture that he, and people like him, work on every day.
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3 Ways AI Could Totally Change Healthcare

Most of the time, artificial intelligence (AI) is discussed with respect to how it will make our technology devices better, how it’ll usher in driverless cars, or even how dangerous it could be for warfare. But AI capabilities could also drastically improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare.
Algorithms, image recognition technology, natural-language processing, and other AI technologies could end up making our healthcare cheaper, speed up the time it takes to develop new drugs, and even help diagnose diseases in collaboration with doctors. Here’s how.
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This Neural Mesh Renderer Can Convert 2D Images Into High-Resolution 3D Objects

3D objects on a computer screen look like real life, and with the 3D glasses on, it’s almost like witnessing the event live. But is it possible to convert a two dimensional image to a 3D object and make it “come alive” with artificial intelligence? Let us dive into a research project developed in Japan.
Mesh rendering gives up exceptional objects by constructing it with the help of neural networks. This process usually involves conversion of a 2D image into 3D by overlaying the image over a 3D object. It is then redefined with the backward pass of 3D rendering and then pushed through a neural network. This platform has been explored by re…
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Streaming Media Providers Lay Groundwork for More and Better Video

NEW YORK—With video traffic on pace to make up more than 80 percent of all internet traffic within two years, the tech industry is working on ways to move the bits more efficiently and increase viewer engagement in the process.
At the Streaming Media East conference here this week, Facebook said it is starting to see how much its Live video, first rolled out in 2016, is increasing engagement with viewers.
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Telehealth could replace doctor visits in major cities

If you need to see a doctor, you’d better plan ahead.
A 2017 survey found 24 days was the average wait time in 15 of the largest cities to schedule a physician appointment.The long waits are a result of a growing shortage of primary care physicians, along with an aging population requiring more health care.
But you can jump that line — if you’re willing to go online for your medical visit.  When they jump into 98point6’s on-demand health care service (which costs $20 the first year for unlimited visits) patients immediately enter into conversation with artificial intelligence (AI).
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White House convenes AI summit and sets up advisory panel on artificial intelligence

The White House brought together scores of industry representatives for a summit focusing on artificial intelligence and its policy implications today — including representatives from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook — and set up an advisory panel of government officials to assess AI’s impact.
The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence will advise the White House on AI research and development priorities, and will help forge partnerships involving government agencies, researchers and the private sector.
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Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms for Beginners

The study of ML algorithms has gained immense traction post the Harvand Business Review article terming a ‘Data Scientist’ as the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st century’. So, for those starting out in the field of ML, we decided to do a reboot of our immensely popular Gold blog “The 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers need to know” — albeit this post is targeted towards beginners.
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