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… While budgets may be tight we believe that innovators always find a way. Look for innovation to happen outside of mainstream information technology. Almost everyone trading today has some technology skills. It may be as simple as someone with an Excel spreadsheet macro, or a data scientists with a Jupyter Notebook. …

Industry News: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for January 15, 2018

 MiFID II Data To Drive Bond Market Structure

…ems and FIX protocols, the standard messaging format used in financial markets.
There are examples of innovation already happening in bond markets.
Dutch bank ING is expanding the use of Katana, an artificial intelligence tool, across its fixed income trading division after finding that it led to significant performance improvements. Katana was tested by the emerging markets credit desk in London last year and allowed faster pricing decisions for 90% of trades. Traders were able to offer the best price four times more frequently as an algorithm can provide forward looking predictions of the price that will win a r…
2018-01-11 12:19:36+00:00
CloudQuant Thoughts: The quote in the article that says “‘Budgets are stifled for innovation,…True innovation will occur, but this is likely to be two to four years down the road.’” doesn’t reflect the heart of the innovator. While budgets may be tight we believe that innovators always find a way. Look for innovation to happen outside of mainstream information technology. Almost everyone trading today has some technology skills. It may be as simple as someone with an Excel spreadsheet macro, or a data scientists with a Jupyter Notebook. Today it is easy to use Python or Excel to directly connect to FIX Protocol and other websites. These skills will lead to innovation in MiFID II data processing and won’t be officially budgeted until someone is already finding a trading or processing edge. Once word of that leaks out then you will see budgets being freed up for innovation.

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang goes off script with CES 2018 Q&A

…2018 with his signature black leather jacket. He unveiled the company’s announcements at a press event on Sunday at the big tech trade show in Las Vegas. They included the 9-billion transistor Xavier artificial intelligence chip, the beta launch of GeForce Now cloud gaming on Windows, and support for large format displays known as BGFD.
Then he returned for a Q&A with the press on Thursday, where he went into an unscripted monologue on what the company is doing in both artificial intelligence and gaming. When he finally stopped talking, the press got a chance to ask him some questions.
Here’s an edited transcript …
2018-01-12 00:00:00
CloudQuant Thoughts: Thought leaders, like Nvidia, are regular subjects of our AI and Machine Learning pages. We love the mention of architecture, chip design, and software. Even though those are primarily aimed at gaming systems one must ask what else can it be used for? We have already seen GPU used in algorithmic trading over the past decade.

 3 reasons chatbots didn’t meet industry expectations in 2017

…us to my last point. Small businesses have not fully embraced chatbots because they see the technology as complex, difficult to implement, and nearly impossible to measure. Throwing around names like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing scares the heck out of the average small business owner.
For example, a restaurant owner may already have a hefty following on their establishment’s Facebook page and a couple of successful ad campaigns under their belt but would like to better serve prospects and customers asking questions via Messenger. If they have to spend big bucks to imple…
2018-01-13 00:00:00
CloudQuant Thoughts: We expect to see more chatbots helping out in the future, even if they didn’t have the huge splash everyone expected in 2017.

 FIS Group 1Q18 Outlook: Goldilocks Need Not Fear The Bear In 2018

…ut. President Xi’s goal of “leaping forward” to become a global “new economy” leader in 10 years will result in heavy state sponsored subsidies and protections in renewable energy, biotech, robotics, artificial intelligence and big data. On a sectoral basis, China’s health care, tech, and consumer staples sectors (and arguably energy) all outperformed China’s other sectors in the wake of the party congress, as one would expect of a reinvigorated reform agenda. These sectors should continue to outperform. In our inaugural “Foresights” for 2018, we explore the sustainability of the Chinese tech stock rally.
2018-01-14 10:55:00-05:00
CloudQuant Thoughts: FIS is a vendor very active in the FINTECH space. They make systems for the front office, middle office, and back office.

Reading robots beat humans in Stanford test

…The robots are coming, and they can read.
Artificial intelligence programs built by Alibaba (BABA) and Microsoft (MSFT) have beaten humans on a Stanford University reading comprehension test.
“This is the first time that a machine has outperformed humans on such a test,” Alibaba said in a statement Monday.
The test was devised by artificial intelligence experts at Stanford to measure computers’ growing reading abilities. Alibaba’s software was the first to be…
2018-01-15 00:00:00
CloudQuant Thoughts: No surprise there. Some of the material we read regularly sounds like it was already written by robots for robots.

Deep Learning Advances are Both Exciting and Worrisome – Interview with Data Scientist Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

…iew, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro of KDnuggets (@KDnuggets) discusses the how today’s advances in deep learning are cause for excitement and concern.
Tracking Big Data’s Evolution in Data Science, AI & Machine Learning
Machines have always fascinated Piatetsky-Shapiro – ever since he was a kid reading stories about robots by Isaac Asimov and other sci-fi authors.
He discovered his love for programming while studying computer science at Technion, where he spent a few weeks in the summer of his first year programming a computer (in APL) to play battleships. “I was soundly defeated by my own program,” he says. “…
2018-01-08 07:30:54-05:00

Having A Heart Attack? This AI Helps Emergency Dispatchers Find Out

…ow have help from AI. If you call for an ambulance, an artificially intelligent assistant called Corti will be on the line, using speech recognition software to transcribe the conversation, and using machine learning to analyze the words and other clues in the background that point to a heart attack diagnosis. The dispatcher gets alerts from the bot in real time.
It’s a situation where dispatchers typically have to rely only on their own knowledge. “If you and I have a problem, we end up Googling or asking people,” says Andreas Cleve, CEO of the startup that created the technology. “These people are handling…
2018-01-11 16:00:23
CloudQuant Thoughts: Don’t rely on AI. Get trained in CPR. Train your children too. Encourage your employer to buy an AED device to help.