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Industry News: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence News for the week ending September 25, 2017

How to Survive Wall Street’s Robot Revolution

… co-founder of quant hedge fund Two Sigma, is worried that machines will soon make swaths of the workforce obsolete. But all hope is not lost. 1. What makes robots qualified for Wall Street work?Artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science, which aims to imbue machines with aspects of reasoning. Today, the term includes machine learning, which is the ability for computers to learn by ingesting data, and natural language processing — the ability to read or produce text. Robotic process automation is a more simple form of AI that performs rote tasks like answering administrative requests. 2. Who is mos…

4 technologies that will unlock AR’s full potential

each have a reliance on world data, and their breakthroughs will become AR breakthroughs. For the AR industry, this is a tremendous position to be in. Deep Learning Deep learning a sub-category of machine learning, where software attempts to mimic the part of brain where thinking occurs using pattern recognition, is already having a huge impact on the capabilities of the entire technology industry, and it is an essential element in pushing the AR industry forward. Computers conduct tasks at a speed that humans cannot mimic, but computers could never match how humans process and sort information. In AR, …

EquitySim raises $3.1M to Democratize Hiring Decisions With AI

… are overlooked by traditional hiring methods simply because of the school they went to,” said Justin Ling, Co-Founder and CEO of EquitySim. “EquitySim uses an unbiased data-driven approach powered by artificial intelligence to close equity gaps and give students access to new employment pathways. Our approach is not only more fair, it is significantly more accurate.” EquitySim’s unique algorithms evaluate a candidate’s skill-sets, personality traits and culture fit. EquitySim’s platform collects up to 100,000 data points for each candidate, allowing for a more comprehensive and fair analysis of capabilities and …

Moral programming will define the future of autonomous transportation

… from driverless cars, a technology he is working to advance. Musk, as well as other futurists and scientists, often make headlines with warnings about the manifold ethical issues that surround artificial intelligence. And it’s true that there will be social and economic consequences — quite possibly overwhelmingly negative ones — if the development of artificial intelligence goes unchecked. Relinquishing human control As AI technology advances, our opinion about it remains largely unchanged. We place trust in the judgement of humans and fear relinquishing control to machines, despite mounting evidence that …

State Street combines machine learning with human insight to tackle research overload

State Street combines machine learning with human insight to tackle research overload Source: State Street Investment professionals today are inundated with research reports from the sell side, the buy side and academia. Top financial research teams can produce enough content to consume 24 reams or 12,000 sheets of paper per day[1]. To help address this information overload, State Street (NYSE:STT) has launched QuantextualSM Idea …

SIX Swiss Exchange joins xyt hub for tick data distribution and analytics

… raw exchange data, normalised data and reference data via a web interface or API, integrating with any downstream system or programming environment. Users can develop algos using any methodology including Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. Furthermore, they can test and optimise algos in order to improve both execution performance and profitability. Designed to process both historical and real-time data, the Data-as-a-Service offering includes an engine for real-time processing to meet specific user needs. Data can be viewed through flexible business functions, like custom snapshots, auction phases or orderbook …

Leveraging fintech collaboration: How banks can exploit the power of regtech – A Sibos roundtable,

… start-ups are rounding on the regulatory space, soaking up investment and promising improved agility and speed and supercharged analytics. They are harnessing exciting new capabilities in the area of artificial intelligence, while leveraging the flexibility of cloud and multi-cloud, and promising to ease the regulatory challenge for over-burdened financial services firms worldwide. The question is, can a headline-grabbing new segment of fintech really deliver everything financial institutions need to leverage leading edge technology to boost their compliance capabilities? What other components are required to ens…

How to build your first Machine Learning model on iPhone

How to build your first Machine Learning model on iPhone (Intro to Apple’s CoreML) How to build your first Machine Learning model on iPhone (Intro to Apple’s CoreML) Introduction The data scientist in me is living a dream – I can see top tech companies coming out with products close to the area I work on. If you saw the recent Apple iPhone X launch event, iPhone X comes with some really cool features like FaceID, Animoji, Augmented …

This Startup Is Luring Top Talent With $3 Million Pay Packages 

… He was used to seeing people outside subway stations selling newspapers, but then in a matter of months they disappeared. He realized people were reading on mobile phones. At the same time, he knew machine learning and artificial intelligence were evolving. “I keep wondering, is there a general, universal way to use all of these features?” he says. “So I left the company I founded before and started another.” Zhang developed the app in 2012 and introduced it in August of that year. It caught on quickly. The Toutiao app was made from the start for mobile devices. Click and there’s a list of stories under …

Killer Progress: 10 Jobs Endangered By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that are associated with human minds, such as learning and problem solving. Technology has been increasingly replacing human labor in recent times. Artificial Intelligence or AI is undoubtedly the that will shape …

Salesforce promises more accurate sales forecasts with Einstein artificial intelligence

… sales forecasting can make or break companies and careers. Salesforce thinks it has found a way to improve forecasting accuracy in its Einstein Sales Cloud product with everyone’s go-to tool of late, artificial intelligence. The company will introduce Einstein Forecasting on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of its Einstein AI push to use machine learning on customer data in hopes of unlocking a deeper understanding of that data. The new product is aimed at sales managers who carefully weigh their pipelines and prospects in clunky spreadsheets only to make precarious forecasts, said Lynne Zaledonis, vice president …

First Derivatives launches major machine learning investment in Kx technology

First Derivatives (FD) has launched a raft of initiatives to put machine learning (ML) capabilities at the heart of future development for the Group’s Kx technology, in direct response to increasing interest from current and potential customers. The new measures will accelerate delivery of pipeline opportunities in software and consulting and provide access to an increased pool of ML specialists to help increase traction in this rapidly growing area. Machine learning is …

This AI Designer Can Refine Architects’ Models

… the Living as a design firm specializing in the latest software. Autodesk acquired the company in 2014, while the Living was refining a cabin partition design for Airbus SE planes. IncentivesArtificial intelligence design assistance can automatically adapt previous designs for new projects, saving hours of drafting work. Augmentation “In the best-case scenario,” Benjamin says, generative design enables “a kind of co-design between human and computer that could not be possible by human alone or computer alone.” Office Fab As part of Project Discover, the Living designed a three-floor, 300-person …

AI could become your personal shopper

More retailers are turning to artificial intelligence to help shoppers find clothes that fit their bodies, budgets, and personal styles. As one of today’s hottest technology trends, AI translates vast volumes of retail data into rich, actionable insights so executives can make smart decisions faster. AI has evolved into a strategic asset in retail even as the sector faces overwhelming upheaval. AI guides retailers by delivering fact-based intellige…

Even bots need to build character

…plain text. It’s exactly this kind of anthropological phenomenon that piques the interest of designers in the AI space, as well as researchers, product managers, and technologists building inclusive machine learning systems. Because it raises this question: How might we achieve a true connection — trust — between our AI and the customer? One of the most powerful ways to establish trust is to consistently demonstrate the integrity of your character in every interaction you have. That’s true in real life, and it’s true in AI. This is especially crucial now, because we’re seeing a rising flood of AI-powered o…

AI will redefine the role of manager

… of managers, let’s consider the changes AI is already bringing to companies. At present, managers spend 54 percent of their time on administrative tasks like scheduling and logistics coordination. As artificial intelligence systems become increasingly capable of fielding appointment requests, responding to emails, and generating quarterly and annual reports, managers will be able to redirect their attention to richer, more challenging priorities. Because today’s managers are still bogged down with administrative duties, they spend just 10 percent of their time on strategy and innovation and only 7 percent on develo…

PRO Talks: Billionaire tech investor Jim Breyer on how A.I. will change everything

Jim Breyer shares his views on technology investing and important trends in an exclusive interview with CNBC PRO’s Mike Santoli. On how artificial intelligence is changing the industry: “It’s a new paradigm in terms of the skill sets the very best students and post-docs have at the top universities. So there’s this renewal that’s very exciting,” he said. “And artificial intelligence in a more general way, which is more than just voice recognition and voice capability, requires bio-engineering, neuroscience capability and skill sets that just don’t exis…

An Intro to Machine Learning with CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks

 Trevor Trinkino, a quantitative analysts and trader at Kershner Trading Group recently put together an introduction to Machine Learning utilizing CloudQuant and Jupyter Notebooks. In this video he walks you through a high-level process for implementing machine learning into a trading algorithm, using CloudQuant’s trading strategy online tools and the Numpy, Pandas and SKLearn python libraries. The focus is on ensemble methods and utilizing SKLearn’s Random Forest Classifier to create a stronger alpha signal during a reversal setup.
He begins with pulling and cleaning data then goes through the process of implementing and tuning a Random Forest Classifier to improve the financial returns by a substantial margin. It shows you how to tune your classifier’s hyper parameters to help it learn more effectively and also covers how to choose your most important features to help the model perform better out of sample.
Mr. Trinkino graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Quantitative Economics, as well as a certificate in Actuarial Studies and Quantitative Finance.

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