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ML Frameworks, Robots and your job, Trends for Investment Managers, Chief Risk Officers, FINTECH peers are “Faking it till the make it”

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the News September 18

Top 10 frameworks for Machine Learning experts

When delving into the world of machine learning (ML), choosing one framework from many alternatives can be an intimidating task. You might already be familiar with the names, but it’s useful to evaluate the options during the decision-making process. There are different frameworks, libraries, applications, toolkits, and datasets in the machine learning world that can be very confusing, especially if you’re a beginner. Being accustomed to the p…

Robots: Is your job at risk?

… Will scientists and engineers eventually be able to design a robot that can master those operations? Not likely in our lifetimes.” Songwriters Some musicians are turning to artificial intelligence to help their creative process. Taryn Southern, who appeared on “American Idol” in 2004, has relied on AI to deliver the instrumentals for her new album. But the lyrics were all her own. MIT’s McAfee and Brynjolfsson believes lyricists are safe from automation. “We’ll be very surprised, though, when a digital lyricist comes along that can generate great lyrics as reliably as Cole Porter, Joni M…

13 Top-of-Mind Trends for Investment Managers

… rules, or the SEC’s ongoing crackdown on share classes with 12b-1 fees. In addition, advanced analytics are altering financial analysis and decision-making processes, forcing them to understand machine learning and the implications of “big data.” Is it time to take stock of where you are as a firm with your technology? Any shout-outs for Google Analytics? Add to that investment professionals’ continuing struggle to fully incorporate the low, or negative, interest rate environment into the portfolio management process. In August, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said interest-ra…

The evolution of the chief risk officer: A bumpy road to seniority

… this approach and will be looking for other new entrants to undertake the same level of oversight and control. It seems, like everything else in business, that the buzzwords of AI, big data and machine learning continue to generate noise as the saviours of human roles struggling to keep afloat with the challenges that the same tech revolution has created….

Why Listen to Earnings Calls When Artificial Intelligence Can Do It Better?

… and reports filed by 3,000 U.S. public companies. The company, which is backed by venture-capital firms including New Enterprise Associates and GCM Grosvenor, uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to improve on current methods of analyzing text and sentiment. Traditional text analysis often uses a simple calculation of the number of positive and negative words in a report or transcript. Analysts and fundamental portfolio managers are trying to shift from decision-making that relies on human subjectivity to a quantitative approach or a mix of both quant and fundamental analysis,…

Facebook To Open Artificial Intelligence Research Center In Montreal

Facebook Inc.(FB) plans to announce the opening of a new artificial-intelligence center in Montreal on Friday, according to media reports. Facebook will hire researchers for the new center locally, report said, citing company spokesman. The move comes after Alphabet and Microsoft have invested in the local AI research scene. The move comes a week after IBM said it would spend $240 million on a new AI lab in partnership with the Massachusetts In…
2017-09-14 23:56:00

94% of people in financial services suspect colleagues are bluffing about their fintech knowledge

… The research from online training platform, FINTECH Circle Institute uncovered that 94% of financial services professionals suspect their colleagues of using buzzwords such as “Blockchain” and “Artificial Intelligence” without understanding their meaning. Over half (60%) claim that such bluffing is a common occurrence. The industry professionals questioned felt that lack of training within financial services organisations was the biggest factor preventing some employees from developing their digital and FinTech skills, with 69% making this claim. Meanwhile, 22% say financial services professionals are putti…
2017-09-15 10:17:00

Gradient Trader Part 1: The Surprising Usefulness of Autoencoders

… effective in detecting iceberg orders which is a single large order divided into severel smaller ones for the purpose of hiding the actual order quantity. Detecting iceberg orders using ordinary machine learning methods is difficult, but obvious upon human inspection. In the next part we will simulate how anomaly detection may work. First let us plot the mean square error of the autoencoder output. X_test , _ = gen ( 1 ) decoded_imgs = m . predict ( X_test ) for i in range ( 2 ): plt . plot ( range ( 10 ), np . square ( np . abs ( X_test [ 0 , :, i ] – decoded_imgs [ 0 , :, i ])), label = “MSE” ) plt ….

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