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NASDAQ’s Jill Malandrino discusses crowd research in an Algo World with Morgan Slade and Tayloe Draughon at the FIA Expo 2017

Discussing Crowd Sourcing Algos with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ

Nasdaq: #TradeTalks: Crowd Research in an Algo World w. Morgan Slade & Tayloe Draughon @CloudQuant @JillMalandrino Live from #FIAEXPO 2017.

Morgan Slade and Tayloe Draughon with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ

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Stocks erase earlier losses led by gains in communication services and consumer ... discretionary. @Nasdaq Market Intelligence Desk Managing Director @NasdaqDearborn joins #TradeTalks for an update on levels to watch in the Nasdaq-100. #DailyNDX $NDX $QQQ

.@PredictIt Director of Strategic Forecasting Andreas Katsouris joins @JillMalandrino on ... @Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss what traders are pricing in for Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin’s comeback in Alaska, and who will win the 2024 Republican nomination.

Nations Indexes President @ScottNations joins @JillMalandrino on @Nasdaq #TradeTalks to ... discuss trends in $VOLQ and how the Nasdaq-100 heavyweights are carrying the index.

VIA CEO Colin Gounden joins @JillMalandrino on @Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss the ... decentralized and individual value of #Web3 for businesses.

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