Shotgrid Integration

Shotgrid Integration

The way we work is changing to match up with advancing technology while giving your employees the benefit of staying indoors and away from Covid. Some studies state that work will be more project-based as employers leave their teams to handle different tasks in conclusive batches. Project managers understand the value of using software or tool that enhances collaborative work and enhances overall productivity. Companies are slowly starting to realize they need robust management tools that integrating different functions into different desktops and personal working devices.

What is shotgrid integration?

Shotgrid is a web-based project management tool that makes it easy to manage different kinds of creative projects. Integrating the software into the desktop makes it easy to access task details, check notes and publish various applications without leaving the desktop. It gets easier to look at all the different software versions and work with a suite of tools to give your creative process the needed boost to zipping through multiple tasks. Check out a detailed explanation of how we better productivity with shotgrid integration

Benefits of shotgrid integration

Better project planning

Most businesses and project planning teams will tell you that there is nothing better than project planning software to capture and produce the right content. We establish a solid foundation for you to scope your entire project, with accurate details of key deliverables for each team member. What does this mean for your business? You will cut down on excessive planning and estimate the timeline of the entire project.

Manage resources

Project managers know that managing their resources is the easiest way to expedite project completion and encourage better staff performance. Integrating shotgrid into the system offer insight into the distribution of tasks and resources, so you have better visibility of the entire portfolio. GPL Tech works on multiple projects simultaneously and prefers to have real-time insight on all different projects. We can let you in on the actual time state of each resource, so it is easier to keep up with the workload and your project execution.

Better team collaboration

Integrating the software onto different devices and platforms gives everyone an overview of the project and all kinds of obstacles that may delay progression. We allow you to allow employees to discuss different issues like task details and timelines so that they can complete each task at the stipulated time. We reduce the rework and focus on the most critical issues to deliver the most critical tasks quickly.

Customer satisfaction

How do you satisfy customer needs without a keen perception of the project? The integrated software allows us to gather comprehensive reports and set up transparent communication for the client to forecast the project execution.

Intelligent project management enhances customer satisfaction and the tools for us to narrow down on strategies that improve overall productivity to reach all your goals. We want to help you understand how the shotgrid integration will work for you by breaking down the project's entire scope, budget, and quality. Contact us online or call 310.458.6484 Los Angeles/917.551.5955 New York/604.260.4588 Vancouver to book a consultation.


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