Rfid Ultra High Frequency

Rfid Ultra High Frequency

Every inventory management has the major purpose of making a profit in whatever product or services they render, they prioritize the need to increase efficiency by adopting various measures including technologically inclined processes to improve their revenue.

One technology that is set to break different barriers and take the world by storm, especially in the inventory management industry is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

RFID Tags 

The Radio Frequency Identification makes use of a scanner that uses the working principle of radio waves to send and receive information from a RFID Tag.

The tag itself is the brain behind the total mechanism as it contains the microchip that gives access to the RFID reader to read and write data to the tag so that users can access the present location in which these tags are attached to. The RFID Tags work on two different frequencies and they include the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Low Frequency (LF).

The Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

RFID which uses the Ultra High Frequency has a huge read range to help capture the information of a large number of objects, their high frequency enables this to happen through the radioactive coupling principle.

As a result of their high read range, they are best suited for applications that are required to read multiple items at a go such as boxes containing goods as they go through the door in a warehouse.

Advantages of RFID Technology

The benefit of RFID asset tracking continues to accumulate by the minute seeing as the potential are limitless, here is a list of some of the advantages:

  1. Tracking  of Assets

Companies that still make use of their returnable assets such as bottle containers, pallets and so on can benefit greatly from the RFID technology as they tend to make a constant profit as these items as they can be tracked from the point of supply and obtain visibility report on their location, thereby ensuring items have no reason to be neglected or stolen.

  1. Reduced Labour Costs 

The automated procedures which the RFID technology possesses, provide for instant inventory check-ins, shipment verification and counting, which can all be done very quickly with a few scans, thereby limiting the involvement of a huge amount of manual labour.

  1. Security

Tag readers can be placed at various points of entrance and exit to monitor movements within and around labelled points, causing them to trigger alarm systems when some uncharacteristic movements are made.

Enasys and RFID Tags Supply

We are a tech-oriented company that produces RFID tags software and its hardware counterpart, which forms the technological pinnacle of inventory management to help track and locate the placement of assets. 

Our services 

Aside from the production of these devices, our team of technicians can build customized RFID tags to fit the specific needs of clients. Here is a list of some of our extended services

  1. Hardware and Software Services
  2. System Design Assistance
  3. Installation Services
  4. Customer Support

The potential embedded in cloud-based RFID asset tracking is limitless, as top brands and organizations have started to migrate to this method of operation for smooth and seamless inventory management.

Individuals or group who also wants to benefit from this gigantic technological feat can get started here at Enasys Immediately.

Rfid Ultra High Frequency
Rfid Ultra High Frequency
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