IT emergency Edmonton

IT emergency Edmonton

The standard way to remedy anything in life, prevalent IT issues, is to switch it off and back on again. Non-IT professionals have a much better time in the office when they have an IT support team on deck to solve complicated common IT problems if switching it on and off does not work.

Computer problems are bound to happen, and it is a brilliant idea to educate yourself on identifying them so you know when to bring on Edmonton IT solutions. Keep in mind that some IT problems are better left alone because interference could only cause more issues that trickle down into business or personal loss.

Common IT emergencies in Edmonton

Poor network security

Network security is an essential part of any business because too many threats could shatter your business in a day. Hackers and other cyber criminals do not discriminate on their actions and will get through anything as long as it has weak network security.

48% of IT emergencies involve some data breach because the company did not deploy useful security features or has negligent employees that cause data loss, lead to phishing attacks and make it easy for unauthorized information access.

Inner Works mitigates the risk by completely upgrading your network and preventing data compromises with Edmonton IT services that block out all threats to your business. In addition, the team will educate your employees on how to employ security policies to propagate the impact of better network security.

Outdated tech

Old IT systems will cause more loss than your money to update every gadget and software. It is essential to have an IT team that will tackle the issue of old technology and offer new solutions to improve operations.

Many businesses that get the latest tech never regret their decision because the better version always prevents errors like freezing, crashing, and slow performance. Take time to evaluate whether you are getting the full speed or service with your current hardware and software system, then contact our top IT consultants for a complete analysis and overhaul.

Frequent data loss

So what do you do when you show up to work, and everything you ever worked on is missing because there was a power outage in the building? A data backup plan is one thing you cannot afford to miss because it is so much you can lose when you miss valuable work details. Some of our data backup plans will include:

  • Cloud services
  • External storage
  • Back up servers
  • A continuity plan

Our IT company in Edmonton has the necessary resources to fix all kinds of data loss, replicate existing data on more sophisticated storage, and standardize the hardware and software to prevent sudden data loss.

Poor IT performance

How long does it take to turn you the PCs in your network? Do the machines huff and puff after running to cool off for more than a couple of minutes? It would help if you likely had comprehensive IT solutions and the best software companies in Edmonton that addresses all factors causing poor performance.

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IT emergency Edmonton
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