Data Acquisition Software

Data Acquisition Software

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One of the key success factors of any business is making the right decisions. For this, information plays a crucial role: the more information you have at hand, the better the decisions in favor of the business. In this sense, investors and business owners must have tools that allow them to have a successful data acquisition process.

Today, it is possible to do this information gathering work quickly and efficiently using top data acquisition software. Among the different alternatives on the market, you will not find a better software for data acquisition than the tools we offer at CloudQuant. You should learn more about our data acquisition and data generation solutions, so you know why we are the best choice for your operations.

Take Advantage of the Best Data Acquisition with the CloudQuant Solutions

CloudQuant AI

This is an Artificial Intelligence environment based on the Jupyter Labs platform. Its data acquisition module has direct access to all permitted data sets. Also, you can algorithmically access our Mariner backtesting system.

By acquiring our data acquisition system by Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to provision your workspaces with some specifications according to your needs. In addition to access to our large historical Data Showcase database, you will also be able to include your data. While the original system includes the most popular Python libraries, you will also be able to create your environments or import your libraries, according to your needs.

It is a powerful tool for operations simulation and backtesting, which will allow you to generate a variety of simulated data, ideal for projecting different scenarios in your organization. You will be able to create and develop different trading strategies, and then test them using the most advanced and accurate stock market simulator in the market.

The advantages you will have with Mariner include the availability of historical data and market data (ticks, bars, imbalances, NBBO, time, and sales). You can also use alternative data from providers. You can use more than 500 trading signals developed by professional traders, which will allow you to generate simulated data vital for your decision-making.

This tool will allow you to visualize aspects such as losing trades, investment opportunities, or process improvement opportunities by studying hundreds of data sets. It is a tool that allows the graphical visualization of information for better understanding and processing, enabling business decision-making. You will be able to find better market entry opportunities, leading indicators of market movement, or better market exit opportunities using Explorer's data analytics.

It is the flagship of our DAQ systems, which allows the management of data and information in a single platform. Not only can you manage your data and data found in our Data Showcase, but you can also manage information derived from our leading research applications: AI, Explorer, and Mariner. You can integrate it with your research and analysis applications so that you always have at hand the information you need for your business's success.

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If you were looking for the best data acquisition software for your organization, you've come to the right place. We have brought our more than 30 years of experience to develop solutions that enable efficient information management for your organization. Let us boost your business with the best data management tools. Contact us and schedule a demo.

Data Acquisition Software
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