Best Deal Smartphones Kelowna

Best Deal Smartphones Kelowna

Get the best deal on smartphones in Kelowna through Connects Wireless. We are an authorized Bell dealer, with access to the newest cell phones and smartphones for business or personal use. If you’re not connecting to the network with the latest innovations in mobile devices, you’re missing out on new smartphone features and designs.

The Latest, Greatest iPhone

The iPhone X is an amazing feat of technology with a long list of new and enhanced features. Purchase the iPhone X through Connects Wireless and experience technology at its finest:

Total Device Screen, so immersive, the device itself disappears into your personal experience. The iPhone X responds to your voice, your finger’s tap, or a simple glance.

Face ID, for more secure authorization, payments, and device unlock. New TrueDepth creates a map of your face, allowing you to create personalized Animoji images, professional portrait-quality headshots, and perfect selfies.

Superhuman Intelligence, the A11 Bionic has been hailed as the most powerful and smartest chip ever, with a patented neutral engine that can perform 600 billion operations per second.

There’s More

The iPhone X is only one of many new devices we proudly carry at Connects Wireless. Samsung’s newest technology is equally impressive and is even preferred by a large portion of consumers. With a beautiful, large display and intelligent performance, The Samsung Galaxy A8 boasts its longest line of enhanced features to date, including a virtual QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint scan for security, and the newest front and back-facing camera capabilities.

Always the Lowest Prices

You can be sure you’ll get the best deal on smartphones in Kelowna when you contact a Connects Wireless agent to discuss your personal or business needs. We don’t just carry the newest phones on the market; we make sure our clients are able to connect using the fastest network in Canada. As authorized Bell dealers, we proudly offer our customers the option of staying connected to the largest available network that outperforms all others- providing coverage to 99% of Canadians, or about 34 million residents.

Why We Partner With Bell

The Bell network has 81% more LTE towers than the Rogers network and is 5X faster, making them the first choice among consumers all across Canada. If your company’s workers are unable to connect reliably, stay connected, or are currently costing your company a fortune in monthly connection fees, we have the perfect solution for your business. Call us to discuss your biggest challenges with a Connects Wireless pro who can offer affordable options that will reduce monthly costs.

We’ll keep your employees on task with best deal smartphones in Kelowna. Having access to the latest technology means operations will run more smoothly at your place of business. Don’t let the world pass you by- call a representative from Connects Wireless to find out how to lower your monthly costs on connectivity, empower your workers with better technology, and stay connected without having to worry about going over budget.

Best Deal Smartphones Kelowna
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Best Deal Smartphones Kelowna
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