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Alternative Data News : Spring Break Fort Lauderdale vs COVID19 – Mobile Phone tracking Secondary locations : Dow Futures Tumble, Oil Prices Slump As Coronavirus Economic Hits Keep Bulls In Check : S&P Intelligence Expands Data Suite with Machine Readable Filings : Dataprep.eda – Accelerate your EDA : The coronavirus downturn has highlighted a growing investment opportunity — and millennials love it : China Market Update – Trade Data Lifts Markets

Alternative Data News. 15, April 2020

Alternative Data News. 15, April 2020

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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale vs COVID19 : Mobile Phone tracking Secondary locations

CloudQuant Thoughts: I know I already had this one heading up our weekly AI and Machine Learning blog post this week but honestly, it is such a fascinating and fantastic analysis that I could not risk anyone missing seeing it . And it is wonderful as long as you do not stop to think of a) how do they do it and b) that is some sophisticated software so someone is paying a lot of money for this data. Mashable, amongst others, have an article on the concerns raised by this specific video.

Dow Futures Tumble, Oil Prices Slump As Coronavirus Economic Hits Keep Bulls In Check

  • Global stocks slide as oil prices tumble and investors focus on the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The IEA has forecast the steepest one-year fall in global oil demand on record, pulling U.S. crude below $20 a barrel.
  • U.S. March retail sales data post the biggest decline on record, while earnings at home and in Europe are likely to fall by double-digit percentages this quarter and next.
  • Fund mangers are holding onto the largest cash positions since 9.11 and the weakest equity allocations since 2009.
  • U.S. equity futures suggest a weaker open on Wall Street ahead of earnings from Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and UnitedHealth and March retail sales data at 8:30 am Eastern time.
  • U.S. equity futures slumped lower Wednesday, while global oil prices plunged and the dollar added gains, as investors braced for another series of grim economic data releases and extended lockdown orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Oil prices, in fact, spurred the overnight declines after the Paris-based International Energy Agency forecast the biggest annual decline in global crude demand on record, with overall levels matching those last seen in 1995.
The gloomy assessment, which follows the biggest agreement on OPEC production cuts in history, hammered crude prices and energy stocks during European trading and comes just two days ahead of China GDP data that is expected to show the steepest first quarter contraction — of around 6.5% — for the world’s second largest economy since records began.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : It is a difficult trading time, all the data and Alternative Data and historical Trading Data in the world will not help you if the FED keeps slipping an extra Trillion Dollars into the market every evening.

S&P Intelligence Expands Data Suite with Machine Readable Filings

S&P Global Market Intelligence announced today the launch of S&P Global Machine Readable Filings, a new data offering that applies cleansing and parsing techniques to generate machine readable text extracted from SEC Regulatory Filings. As part of the growing suite of Textual Data, Machine Readable Filings can help investors and market participants better identify and interpret a company’s impact from unpredictable and timely events such as the current global health crisis.
The parsed textual data allows firms to drill down on both historical and new filings in near real-time on more than 35,000 active and inactive companies. The textual data within regulatory filings provides an additional source of business information that can generate critical insights, such as the impact of COVID-19 on a specific area of business.
Warren Breakstone, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence said, “With global disruption brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, our clients are looking for new insights and information to help them navigate market changes and complexities. Through the addition of Machine Readable Filings, our clients now have a new source of textual data which is pre-tagged, structured and organized for natural language processing and data mining techniques.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Roughly translated “We were stuck in the 1960s and someone said we should really get our act together.”

Dataprep.eda: Accelerate your EDA

“Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice” — Stephen Few

Most of the industries today have recognized data as a valuable asset. However, what you do with the data and how you utilize it is what helps you get those additional profit figures or that new discovery that is going to create a revolution. When you start working with a dataset most of the trends and patterns are not apparent. Exploratory data analysis helps one to carefully analyze data through an analytical lens. It helps us draw conclusions to get an overall sense of what’s happening with the data. Uncovering these hidden relationships and patterns are critical to build analytical and learning models on the top of the data.
The general workflow of EDA looks as follows…
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CloudQuant Thoughts : EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) is essential for any new dataset and ripe for automation. This looks like a very nice Python library.

The coronavirus downturn has highlighted a growing investment opportunity — and millennials love it

The escalating coronavirus pandemic has ushered in a new era of stock market volatility, as investors come to terms with consecutive history-making daily swings. But it has also shone a spotlight on a promising investment opportunity — one that’s been winning the hearts of millennials.
Sustainable investments — those focused on companies with strong environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles — outperformed their conventional counterparts in the first quarter of 2020, even as the outbreak sent markets crashing.
In the first three months of the year, 70% of sustainable equity funds recorded returns in the top halves of their broad-based peer group, according to investment research firm Morningstar. Of those, 44% scored within the top quartile. When the full extent of the pandemic became clear in early March, ESG-aware companies outperformed other stocks by up to 5.7%, HSBC found.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : You didn’t think I would let a positive ESG story sneak past without pointing out that we have an ESG dataset with currently unconsumer Alpha. Head over to our catalog page for more information!

China Market Update: Trade Data Lifts Markets

Asian equities were very resilient considering the drop on Wall Street yesterday. A key driver was the 10 am local time release of China’s strong trade data. However, there were several positive catalysts. Mainland China was driven higher by growth stocks such as companies that provide parts to Tesla TSLA China on strong March sales data. Hong Kong tech was off on lower than anticipated March unit sales from Apple AAPL supplier AAC Technologies CACI which was off -3.21%. A Hong Kong newspaper noted that Apple’s China iPhone sales increased 19% year over year to 2.5mm using data from Chinese sources.
Hong Kong’s most traded stocks were my three favorite Hong Kong listed names: Tencent +0.92%, Alibaba BABA HK +2.76%, and restaurant delivery company Meituan Dianping +0.52%. Healthcare had a strong day as well. Three vaccine trials were approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. 108 people courageously volunteered to be injected with coronavirus after taking a trial vaccine in early March. According to a Mainland media source, all are in good shape.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Sorry, I don’t believe a word that comes out of China, best performing stocks – restaurants – REALLY? BRAVELY VOLUNTEERING to be injected with Corona Virus – REALLY? Strong trade data – REALLY? WITH WHO? And their current COVID-19 numbers – zero dead for weeks? It just does not make mathematical sense. Their brainwashed citizens may gobble this up but we are free to ignore this nonsense.

Satellites Are Helping to Track Food Supplies in Coronavirus Era

As the coronavirus pandemic leads to anxiety over the strength of the world’s food supply chains, everyone from governments to banks are turning to the skies for help.
Orbital Insight, a California-based Big Data company that uses satellites, drones, balloons and cell phone geolocation data to track what’s happening on Earth, has seen inquiries about monitoring food supplies double in the past two months, according to James Crawford, founder and chief executive officer of the company.
“We’re helping supply chain managers, financial institutions, and government agencies answer questions they never thought they would have to ask,” Crawford said in a phone interview.
The coronavirus outbreak has triggered a fresh surge in demand for alternative data to shed light on how the pandemic is impacting industries and trade across the globe. That’s especially important as multiple government lockdowns and tighter restrictions on the movement of people and goods upend supply chains and logistics everywhere from Asia to Europe and the Americas.
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A Complete Tour Of Data Science Project Life Cycle

It has always been said that change is inevitable. In case of Data Science also same thing holds good. Data Science has evolved a lot and that too drastically since the term was coined in the 90’s. Data Science has data as the core element. If data is not there no science could be applied on it and nothing much could be done. So, with this many question arises –

  • Why we need the data?
  • What kind of data is required?
  • How to get the data?
  • What to do with the data?

And the list goes on. Our mind never stops asking question about data. It is a good sign of a Data Scientist because who understands the value of data will only get the data correct.
To define these set of questions there should be some pre-defined path or flow. This flow is termed as Data Science project lifecycle. Sometimes there is a temptation to ditch this life cycle and bypass steps. It has been rightly said…
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Advances In Big Data Are Fueling Day Trading Momentum

Advances in big data are fueling day trading in many powerful ways. Here’s what to know about it and how it’s making a difference. Big data is becoming an integral part of the financial sector. A recent report shows that financial companies willspend $11.4 billion on analytics by 2023.
Large financial brands are seemingly the biggest investors in big data. However, smaller investors and solopreneurs are likely to make big data a focus in the coming years as well. Day traders, in particular, are placing more emphasis on big data technology. Kayla Matthews of Towards Data Science has talked about some of the ways that big data is changing financial trading. She points out that investors are using big data to identify correlations between financial assets and identify the direction of valuations.

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What will happen? — Predict Future Business Using a No-Code AI Model and Microsoft’s AI Builder.

A First Look on AI Builder in Microsoft’s Power Platform and a Motivating Step-by-Step Guide on Prediction

AI and Machine Learning are big words and often hidden behind a massive technology stack and a sophisticated set of skills acquired by people from various backgrounds.
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Survey predicts pandemic-driven innovation in workplace, health, big data

The novel coronavirus may drive new innovation in the workplace, healthcare and in the application of big data analytics and artificial intelligence, according to a new survey of technology executives by the Atlantic Council think-tank.
The Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center surveyed 100 tech experts about their expectations on the impacts of COVID-19 on technology development and innovation in five key fields: the future of work, data and artificial intelligence, trust and supply chains, space commercialization, and health and medicine. Space-related development was tagged as the only area that those surveyed didn’t think would see a significant impact on innovation, driven by the pandemic. Developed countries were seen as better-positioned to be at the forefront of those new innovations.
“As the virus imposes heavy demands on healthcare systems, strains international supply chains, and changes the way we work, it will spur innovation in those areas,” according to a blog post on the survey data. “Likewise, as cloud infrastructure is forced to cope with increased traffic and public health professionals strive to harness massive datasets to fight the pandemic, developments in the fields of data and AI will accelerate.”
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10 Emerging Analytics Startups In India To Watch Out In 2020

The year might have started on an ominous note with recession indicators flashing signs of an economic downturn, but the space of analytics has never looked more indispensable. With companies scrambling to pare costs, more data-driven decision-making will prove to be a simple yet effective proposition for these times.
In recent years, businesses have begun seeing value in capturing actionable insights from vast swathes of raw data. This had led to an upsurge in the number of startups entering the analytics space, some of which have left a lasting impact with their work and the potential they hold.
Like last year, we have compiled a list of some of the most promising analytics startups in India that offer exceptional solutions for data-driven organizations. Listed in alphabetical order, read about the top ten startups emerging in the space of analytics in India in 2020:-
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Tools for Quick Wins with Data Architecture and Data Governance

Data Governance can have various definitions, depending on the audience. To many, Data Governance consists of committee meetings and stewardship roles. To others, it focuses on technical Data Management and controls.
Holistic Data Governance combines both of these aspects, and a robust Data Architecture and associated diagrams can be the “glue” that binds business and IT governance together. Donna Burbank, Managing Director, Global Data Strategy, spoke at the DATAVERSITY® Data Architecture Online Conference about opportunities for quick wins that are available when Data Governance and Data Architecture are in alignment.
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Digital Analytics Course : IMD Business School

Big data and analytics have pervaded nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. More importantly, the influx of these platforms has been very rapid, often blindsiding even the best managers and companies.
Until now, time and resources have been mostly dedicated to training data scientists and implementing analytics. Yet the strategic aspects of data analytics have been largely overlooked.
Digital Analytics (DA) is your chance to take a strategic, rather than a tactical perspective on big data and analytics.
You will leave the program with a new understanding of what big data and analytics can do for your business and how you can best utilize and allocate resources in these areas.

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Data Labeling For Natural Language Processing – Why Does Training Data Matter?

Machine Learning has made significant strides in the last decade. This can be attributed to parallel improvements in processing power and new breakthroughs in Deep Learning research. Another key reason is the abundance of data that has been accumulated. Analysts estimate humankind sits atop 44 zettabytes of information today. The headline-grabbing OpenAI paper GPT-2 was trained on 40GB of internet data. These algorithms have advanced at a phenomenal rate and their appetite for training data has kept pace.
Methods of feeding data into algorithms can take multiple forms. Unsupervised learning takes large amounts of data and identifies its own patterns in order to make predictions for similar situations. Unsupervised learning has been applied to large, unstructured datasets such as stock market behavior or Netflix show recommendations. This article will focus on supervised learning, in which humans apply their own set of labels to data in order to better understand and classify other data. Supervised learning requires less data and can be more accurate, but does require labeling to be applied. The dataset along with its associated label is referred to as ground truth. We will cover common supervised learning use cases below.
Additionally, data itself can be classified under at least 4 overarching formats – text, audio, images, and video. While there are interesting applications for all types of data, we will further hone in on text data to discuss a field called Natural Language Processing (NLP).
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Becoming A Data Scientist In 2020: Skills, Degrees, And Work Experience

Becoming a data scientist in 2020 is an exciting endeavor. Here’s what to know about the skills, degrees, and work experience to make it happen.
The future of data science jobs continues to be brighter than ever in 2020. Why? According to Glassdoor’s list of Best Jobs in America for the past four years, “data scientist” topped in terms of job demand, job satisfaction, and pay with an average base salary of more than $100,000 per year.
So, who are the present-day data scientists and what does it take to become one? Our friends at 365 Data Science used public data on of 1,001 LinkedIn professionals including junior, experts, and senior data scientists to answer these questions.

  • 40% of the surveyed data scientists are currently employed in the United States; 30% of the sample is based in the UK; 15% work in India; and 15% come from a collection of other countries.
  • 50% of the cohort is currently employed at a Fortune 500 company, while the remaining 50% work in a non-ranked company.

So, let’s take a look at what the data has to say.

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