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Cloudquant thoughts on Alternative data starting with how internet chatter about Anne Hathaway affects Berkshire-Hathaway $BRK.A. Also: Impact Investing Deals, Google Marketing Data, Merger-Acquisitions comparison to dating, Analyzing banking data on the cloud, and a few other clippings.

Alternative Data News: 17, July 2018

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.


Alternative Data and Algo Trading – How Anne Hathaway affects Berkshire-Hathaway $BRK.A

I don’t often read the Huffington Post but this article caught my attention due to the increasing use of Alternative Data feeds in algorithmic trading. I believe very strongly in alternative data sets. However you have to be careful and this article points out that “When Anne Hathaway makes headlines, the stock for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway goes up.”

What does that tell you? The author points out that Anne Hathaway “chatter on the internet” is being picked up by algo trading engines and driving $BRK.A up.

This tells us that:

  1. there is a lot of alt-data algos that aren’t overly smart proving that artificial intelligence can be also artificial stupidity.

  2. there is a need for better data science in Alt-Data alpha seeking algos. We need better natural language processing.

  3. ff this happens with BRK.A and Anne Hathaway, then it may also be happening with other stocks.

This blog on Huffington is a bit old (6months) but it is still relevant.


ImpactAssets Unveils Portfolio Directory of Impact Investing Deals

ImpactAssets announced the roll-out of the Giving Fund Portfolio Directory, a listing of more than 300 “cutting-edge” impact investments. The online searchable directory represents $425 million in impact investments recommended by donors through the ImpactAssets Giving Fund, as of December 31, 2017.
“The Giving Fund Portfolio Directory is one of the most comprehensive and accessible impact investing databases available at no cost to users,” Eric…
2018-07-16 00:00:00 Read the full story.
CloudQuant Thoughts: They are tracking women-led companies in their directory. Bravo.

Six Key Takeaways From Google Marketing Live 2018

Susan Bidel, Joe Stanhope, Tina Moffett, and I were able to attend Google Marketing Live this week in San Jose. There were many announcements and changes made to Google’s platforms and products. Possibly the most significant — an announcement that was made over a week ago — was the retirement of the AdWords and DoubleClick brands in favor of more unified product suites: Google Ads (the consolidation of AdWords, YouTube ads, etc.) and Google Marke…
2018-07-12 15:22:20-04:00 Read the full story.
CloudQuant Thoughts: Not your typical Alt-Data article, but worth a scan anyway to gather insights into what Google is tracking and for what purposes.

An M&A Love Story (Part 2 of 3)

We get a lot of questions from private companies asking what to expect if they were to get acquired.
The process of getting acquired is a lot like the process of finding a partner and getting married. While the details are different for each person, the overall process is usually very similar, and often not the fairy tale hook-up we dream about.
If you’re a private company thinking an acquisition might be in your future, this story is for you.

2018-07-10 00:00:00 Read the full story.
CloudQuant Thoughts: A good comparison of Merger and Acquisitions to dating.

Banks Look To Cloud For Agility And Revenues

The adoption of the cloud computing will have a bigger impact on financial services than the internet as the majority of investment banks are enthusiastic about the technology’s ability to make them more agile.
Three-quarters of investment banks are more excited by cloud computing’s ability to introduce agility and resource elasticity than its ability to simply deliver cost reductions according to a survey by GFT Group, a consultancy which speci…
2018-07-16 13:23:18-04:00 Read the full story.
CloudQuant Thoughts: The banks will have a greater capacity to analyze their data, but will they have the hunger to do so? Banks, especially corporate and investment banks, are not often known for their agility and innovation.

The Best Tools to Analyze Alternative Data

at a cost of $0!
Step-by-Step Process:
Get Data: copy data from the vendor to where you want to analyze data Ingest Data: you may need to manipulate raw data for it to be loaded correctly Load Data: import data into the analysis package Preprocess Data: clean, filter and transform data for it to be ready for modeling Modeling: apply your analysis and draw conclusions Presenting: present your insights and conclusions in a digestible format
2018-07-12 16:56:32+00:00 Read the full story.

Investment banks face more research pain

Investment banks will have to fight even harder to get the investment community to draw on their stock research, as sweeping changes grip the industry and the unbundling of research and brokerage fees becomes more widespread.
Those are key findings in a report by Greenwich Associates and Thomson Reuters, titled Seismic Shifts, the Future of Investment Research, which interviewed a cross section of chief investment officers, portfolio managers and analysts around the …
2018-07-05 00:00:00 Read the full story.  This link requires a subscription on the source site to read.

UBS Evidence Lab Uses Sentiment to Predict S&P 500 Earnings

  • UBS analyzed seven years’ worth of earnings calls – totaling more than 300 million words – from S&P 500 companies.
  • That sentiment analysis points to yet another breakout quarter with earnings, the bank predicts, whith companies set to beat expectations by 3% or more.

2018-07-12 12:17:49+00:00 Read the full story.  This link requires a subscription on the source site to read. 

Thomson Reuters and Finbourne to Develop Hosted Portfolios

Reuters has inked a partnership agreement with London-headquartered Finbourne Technology to use Finbourne’s cloud-based advanced investment management platform, LUSID®, for Thomson Reuters client and transaction data. LUSID is an event-based ledger with published APIs that allow in-house and third-party solutions to interface with portfolios, holdings or transactions. The partnership is designed to benefit customers by offering increased cost efficiency, better management of data used for compliance efforts and bolster struggling legacy investment-management systems. It builds on Thomson Reuters open-platform…
2018-07-16 16:53:13-04:00 Read the full story.

AUM Tracking Survey Posts First Drop Since 2015

Source: SS&C analysis of company earnings reports.
Cumulative assets under management for a composite group of 15 publicly traded asset managers decreased by $10 billion in the first quarter, SS&C Technologies Holdings reported Wednesday.
Twelve of the 15 firms experienced a decline as cumulative assets fell from $12.578 trillion in the fourth quarter to $12.568 trillion. This was the composite group’s first quarterly market depreciation since …
2018-07-11 00:00:00 Read the full story.

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