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ML/AI News covering the latest Deepfake style Qualitative face swapping, How banks and financial institutions can harness alternative data to make better decisions, the Upcoming RavenPack Alternative Data Conference, How does Uber uses Clustering and the Skills Critical in a Data Science Job Hunt

AI & Machine Learning News. 26, August 2019

AI & Machine Learning News. 26, August 2019

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Deepfake style Qualitative face swapping now in real time with no training – Oh Boy!

How banks and financial institutions can harness alternative data to make better decisions

The dependency by banking and financial institutions on traditional data sets has resulted in gaps of information in decision making processes.
Quarterly earnings reports and industry whitepapers are often slow and infrequent and as these traditional sources of information are readily available, they tend to offer limited actionable intelligence or insight. No executive should go to their board and present a plan based on data from 6 months ago when they could be using data from yesterday. While traditional sources have served them well in the past, the rise of Big Data has brought about an exponential amount of new data that they could be overlooking – at their peril.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Alternative data is now the differentiator. The problem is, which alternative data should I use, how can I be sure and how can I easily test it. CloudQuant is working on a solution. Watch this space.

Upcoming RavenPack Alternative Data Conference To Examine Privacy Issues • Integrity Research

News sentiment analysis provider RavenPack is hosting an alternative data conference in New York on September 10th 2019 featuring three opening presentations keying on questions of ownership and valuation of personal data. The invitation-only conference which is free to attend will also include nine additional talks by industry practitioners focusing on monetizing alternative data.
Robert Shapiro, former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs and founder of policy advisory firm Sonecon, will deliver the keynote presentation, “The Coming Political Fight over Personal Information and Who Owns those Data”.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… User data privacy is a major issue even in anonymized data. From this Fast Company article : “First, they combined two anonymized datasets of people in Singapore, one of mobile phone logs and the other of transit trips, each containing “location stamps” detailing just the time and place of each data point. Then they used an algorithm to match users whose data overlapped closely between each set–in other words, they had phone logs and transit logs with similar time and location stamps–and tracked how closely those stamps matched up over time, eliminating false positives as they went. In the end, it took a week to match up 17% of the users and 11 weeks to get to a 95% rate of accuracy.”. Note: Ravenpack data is available on the CloudQuant backtester.

How does Uber use Clustering

Clustering is the process of dividing the datasets into groups, consisting of similar data-points”. Clustering is a type of unsupervised machine learning, which is used when you have unlabeled data. Here, we have applied a K-Means clustering algorithm whose main goal is to group similar elements or data points into a cluster. “K” in K-means represents the number of clusters. You can check here for working principle of K-Means algorithm. This blog discussed the use case of how the clustering algorithm used in Uber. Total 6 clusters identified and not discussed the validation of clusters in this blog. Mostly focused on interpretation and understanding the concepts in the real world.

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CloudQuant Thoughts… An interesting and lightweight view of the use of Clustering in a real world environment with real world data. The value of the data being gathered by Uber should not be underextimated. Its value for pushing forward into future enterprises is immense.

Skills Are Critical in Data Science Job Hunt

Those planning a career in data science have a healthy job outlook, as demand for data scientists continues to grow. While an advanced data science degree can definitely help, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that having the right skills is a more critical factor in landing your dream job.
Demand for data scientists continues to outpace supply, which is a good thing if you’re on the labor side of the equation (and not so good if you’re management). Data scientist is the number one job in the country, according to Glassdoor’s 2019 rankings, with a median base salary of $108,000 and more than 6,500 openings.

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CloudQuant Thoughts… Data science jobs continue to be in demand, forward thinkers will realize that a lot of this work will automated in the near future. Creativity is the one area the machines are falling way short on at the moment so the ability to interpret, visualize and display the output from data science should be the next big growth area.

TDS Weekly Selection — August 23, 2019

  • The case against the Jupyter Notebook – Joel Grus on the TDS podcast
  • Advanced Topics in Neural Networks – An introduction to some advanced neural network topics such as snapshot ensembles, dropout, bias correction, and cyclical learning rates.
  • 3 Strategies to Guarantee a Data Science Job with No Experience – TDS interviews Jeff li from DoorDash who shares crucial resources for scoring data science applications without comp sci or math degree.
  • Supercreativity – AI may soon surpass human artistic creativity
  • Data Scientists, The 5 Graph Algorithms that you should know – Because Graph Analytics is the future
  • Bayesian Strategy for Modeling Retail Price with PyStan – Statistical modeling, partial pooling, Multilevel modeling, hierarchical modeling
  • AI Powered Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence — Analyzing and Understanding Radio Telescopic Data from SETI
  • Defining A Data Science Problem – The most important non-technical skill for a Data Scientist
  • What are the Happiest Jobs in Tech? – The technology sector sees some of the highest salaries but also some of the highest turnover rates.

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3 ETFs to Buy Following Net Neutrality Repeal

The concept of net neutrality has been around since the dawn of the internet. In a nutshell, net neutrality means that internet service providers (ISPs) provide equal access to all content across the web without throttling content and/or blocking certain websites. (See also: What You Should Know About Net Neutrality.)
Net neutrality rules were put in place by the Obama administration in 2015. However, in December 2017, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in favor of removing net neutrality laws. FCC chairman Ajit Pai believes that the previous rules cost ISPs money and provided no incentive to invest in infrastructure that expands and enhances connectivity, which ultimately benefits consumers. “Consumers will benefit from greater investment in digital infrastructure, which will create jobs, increase competition and lead to better, faster and cheaper internet access – especially in rural America.” Mr. Pai told The Wall Street Journal. (See also: Does Net Neutrality Stifle Investment and Innovation?)
Proponents of net neutrality believe that the internet should be free for everyone to access and use. They argue that removing net neutrality laws will result in large telecommunications companies having the power to suppress views and provide an online voice to only those who can pay a premium. (See also: Net Neutrality Issue (Again): Pros and Cons.)
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Positive Sentiment: 0.2150, Negative Sentiment 0.0860 Tops Off Funding to Accelerate AI Adoption

Every company should become an AI company, according to Sri Ambati, the founder and CEO of With $72.5 million in additional funding announced today and a new release of its autoML solution, Driverless AI, Ambati is making the case that should be the vehicle to get them there.

Ambati points to customer success as evidence that his Mountain View, California company is helping to make a difference in the AI initiatives of its custome…
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AI Advantages in Banking Grow, Adding Pressure for Broad Adoption

One of the most important components of digital transformation is the ability for machines and analytics to work together to deliver more intelligent solutions than humans alone can deliver. The foundation of this transformation leveraging internal and external data sources, placing the customer – instead of products and solutions – at the center of customer experiences. The success of these efforts will define the winners and losers in the futur…
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Databricks Unified Analytics Platform Gets Boost from Automation

Databricks, a provider of unified analytics and original creators of Apache Spark, is boosting its Unified Analytics Platform with automation and augmentation throughout the machine learning lifecycle.

The broader Augmented Analytics offering not only automates machine learning model building, but also extends to automated data preparation and model deployment. The new Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) capabilities empower expert and citizen data scientists alike.

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Real-time Big Data at Hyperscale for AI, ML and IoT – What’s Needed?

Processing big data in real-time for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things poses significant infrastructure challenges. Whether it is for autonomous vehicles, connected devices, or scientific research, legacy NoSQL solutions often struggle at hyperscale. They’ve been built on top of existing RDBMs and tend to strain when looking to analyze and act upon data at hyperscale – petabytes and beyond.

Please join guest presenter, …
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Why Big Data is a bigger deal than venture capital in the artificial intelligence game

BOT or NOT? This special series explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, examining the ways that robots, artificial intelligence and automation are impacting our work and lives.

“Data is the new oil” may be a classic cliche characterizing how important raw numbers are for the computer industry, but when it comes to artificial intelligence ventures, the cliche may not go far enough.

“One of the big blocks for AI is data,” …
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Integrating business optimization with a machine learning model

Integrating business optimization with a machine learning model

In this article, we illustrate the concept of integrating the goal of optimizing a business metric with a machine learning pipeline. Specifically, we show a case illustration of how a simple optimization loop can be wrapped around a core ML algorithm for guiding it toward achieving a specific business objective.


Machine learning (ML) is in serious demand. This branch …
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Huawei Set To Launch Its First Commercial AI Chip

Following their path to harnessing artificial intelligence, Chinese tech giant Huawei this week is set to launch its first commercial AI chip and a new open-source AI computing framework.

This information was first reported by a noted Chinese news agency, based on the invitation sent by Huawei to their upcoming event. Reportedly, Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu will launch the chip and the framework.

This is not Huawei’s first encounter with AI chips …
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Cerebras Systems Unveils the Industry’s First Trillion Transistor Chip

According to a recent press release, “Cerebras Systems, a startup dedicated to accelerating Artificial intelligence (AI) compute, today unveiled the largest chip ever built. Optimized for AI work, the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine (WSE) is a single chip that contains more than 1.2 trillion transistors and is 46,225 square millimeters. The WSE is 56.7 times larger than the largest graphics processing unit which measures 815 square millimeters and 21.1 billion transistors. The WSE also contains 3,000 times more hi…
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AI-Trained Algorithm Discovers The Earliest Galaxy Collisions

ed to discover where the earliest galaxy collisions occurred. They used an AI-trained algorithm that details the early universe and can help determine the earliest galaxy collisions in the universe.

Artificial intelligence’s prediction algorithms can bypass the difficulties telescopes face. Telescopes can’t see far away, to the ancient parts of the universe. Their imagery isn’t clear enough to show two ancient galaxies merging. It’s hard to tell the difference between distant galaxy mergers from distant galaxies that shine brightly because they’re birthing a high number of new stars.

A study published in the journ…
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Is Big Data Leading to More Quantitative Strategic Decision Making Models?

Big data is changing the future of organizational decision making. Belkacem Athamena, a professor at Al Ain University of Science and Technology wrote a white paper on the evolution of big data in decision making. Companies will place a greater emphasis on quantitative decision-making models than ever before, since new big data technology has made it more reliable.

Global Executives Create Highly Sophist…
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security

There is currently a big debate raging about whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a good or bad thing in terms of its impact on human life. With more and more enterprises using AI for their needs, it’s time to analyze the possible impacts of the implementation of AI in the cyber security field.

The positive uses of AI for cyber security

Biometric logins are increasingly being used to create secure logins by either scanning fingerprints, retinas, or palm prints. This …
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Data Scientists Aren’t Just About The Numbers — And Other Lessons From IDEO About The Collision Between Design And Data Science

As part of my research about data science and design, I spoke with Ovetta Sampson, design research lead at IDEO, a global design company. Sampson’s advice that stood out most to me about how to improve the use of data in the design of better experiences: Stop thinking about data scientists as “that nerdy guy or girl behind the scenes.” Instead, she says, think about them as designers who happen to use data to craft experiences. This echo…
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Best Practices to Create Design Driven Recommendation Architecture

Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash

We make decisions every day. The moment we wake up in the morning, we start to make conscious decisions — both big and small. We are choosing to get up from our bed, to brush our teeth, to select an outfit, eat breakfast, so on and so forth. These choices can occur anywhere, and anytime — from physical locations like grocery stores to digital sites. Some of these choices are deliberately created whereas oth…
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4 must-have artificial intelligence tools for businesses today

g. Let’s be realistic since its inception in 1956 AI has made significant inroads towards the collective development regarding how a human mind receives and processes information today.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence in its essence is a replica of the human mind. Which is dedicated to solving a certain set of problems at a very fast pace. This technology has the power to process complex algorithms by incorporating Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Which means AI systems can process large amounts of information at any given moment and can also improve itself to provide even more logical solutions with the ad…
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The Bank of the Future Will Have Data Vaults and Money Vaults

The financial services industry has seen a great deal of disruption from digital-based alternatives. Many of these challengers use advanced technology and expanded data sets to offer apps that provide financial solutions at a lower cost, with less friction and greater personalization than traditional bank or credit union offerings. Toronto-based startup Flybits believes that the best way to compete in the future is not just by developing innovati…
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Transcribe Live Chess with Machine Learning Part 1

Transcribe Live Chess with Machine Learning Part 1

In Part 1 we will create a synthetic dataset in Unity and train a model in Keras to transcribe images of chess positions.

Live and Digital Representations of the Staring Position


Have you ever played live chess? The tactile sensation of the pieces, the verbal declaration of check, and the opponent glancing surreptitiously at your king culminate in an exciting and immersive experi…
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Can Your Organization Avoid AI Failures?

Artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives come as businesses enthusiasm for the technology grows, and AI initiatives go as the excitement fades in the face of false starts and little proof of value.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Early AI adopters are actually ramping up their AI investments and launching more projects — and getting positive returns for their work, too. Multiple organizations have gained a financial re…
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AI Data Platform Resonance Raises Funding From IP Ventures

Smart Enterprise Data platform, Resonance has raised an undisclosed angel funding from IP Ventures. The company’s flagship product Rene is a mobile phone-based AI platform that captures and analyses unstructured sales and client data available within the company’s internal systems like emails, calendars, CRM systems and externally on the world wide web. Rene also empowers business teams to capture insights from meetings using voice notes.

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Huawei details AI chips for training and inference

In a bid to establish a foothold in an AI chip market that’s anticipated to be worth $91.18 billion by 2025, Huawei today brought to market the Ascend 910, a new chipset in its Ascend-Max family optimized for AI model training, and the Ascend 310, an Ascend-Mini series inferencing chip designed to tackle tasks like image analysis, optical character recognition, and object recognition. It also announced MindSpore, a computing framework intended to…
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Cloud9 and IPC Prep Next-Gen Voice Trading

NEW YORK, August 22, 2019 – IPC, a leading provider of communications and networking solutions for the financial markets, and Cloud9 Technologies (“Cloud9”), a leader in cloud-based communications, are working together to offer an advanced, open voice trading and collaboration solution. The integrated cloud-based service unites Cloud9’s C9 Trader™ voice communications and analytics platform, IPC’s Unigy™ trading communications platform and the Co…
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Python: Essential to a Future in Trading, Finance IT

ld have been a top technologist at an investment bank. Or he could have worked for Google. He could have done a lot of things, but instead he’s chosen to proselytize about the need to know Python and data science techniques if you want your trading career to have a whiff of a future.

“A lot of what traders do can be replaced,” says Urma, echoing a recent comment made to him by a developer in an investment bank. “A button can be clicked by an algorithm that uses historical data to determine when to trade.”

Even as algorithms take over day-to-day trading, however, Urma says humans will still have a niche….
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How Big Data Could Spare Seniors From A Terrifying Retirement Crisis

Millman has introduced some articles on the benefits of big data in the retirement industry. Wade Matterson wrote an article on LinkedIn on the value of big data for solving the retirement riddle.

A growing body of research shows that big data can be invaluable for people planning for retirement. Predictive analytics and machine learning can help give some more perspectives on how retirees live, which can help them forecast their financial needs in their Gold…
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3 Specialty Retail Stocks Ready to Bounce

Specialty retail stocks rely heavily on the purchasing power of consumers, a favorable labor market, and rising wages. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the industry has underperformed the S&P 500 Index by about 7.5% over the past month after the June jobs report disappointed. Like most other sectors, talk about a looming recession and constant trade war developments dominating news feeds haven’t helped the space either.

However, encouraging July…
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Megvii, the Chinese startup unicorn known for facial recognition tech, files to go public in Hong Kong – TechCrunch

Megvii Technology, the Beijing-based artificial intelligence startup known in particular for its facial recognition brand Face++, has filed for a public listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Its prospectus did not disclose share pricing or when the IPO will take place, but Reuters reports that the company plans to raise between $500 million and $1 billion and list in the fourth quarter of this year. Megvii’s investors include Alibaba, Ant Financial and…
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The Evolving Role of the CDO

Who drives the big data and AI strategy at your company? Surveys show that many of the biggest and most analytically advanced companies are increasingly turning to chief data officers (CDOs) for leadership and guidance of these strategic initiatives. However, CDOs face several challenges when it comes to succeeding at the job.

When the CDO role started to gain traction in the early 2000s (Capital One is said to have ha…
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Rubrik Enters Data Governance, Disaster Recovery Markets with Andes 5.1 Release

A recent press release reports, “Rubrik, the Multi-Cloud Data Control™ company, today announced its Andes 5.1 release launching groundbreaking solutions for data classification, automated DR orchestration, and continuous data protection across Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) and Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform. By delivering a single solution to manage, govern, and orchestrate data across data centers and clouds, Rubrik helps enterprises elimina…
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Startup Rockset Adds SQL to DynamoDB

Rockset, the serverless search and analytics startup that emerged last fall from stealth mode, this week unveiled its SQL platform targeting NoSQL data from Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB.

Rockset, San Mateo, Calif., said its real-time SQL capability meets growing requirements among a growing list of DynamoDB users for operational analytics, including the ability to search transactional data and combine data sets. The real-time SQL tool also unde…
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VMware and Nvidia launch hybrid cloud on AWS for machine learning

Nvidia and VMware today announced an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud on AWS that is optimized for machine learning, AI, and data science workflows.

The VMware Cloud on AWS with Nvidia is capable of operating from cloud and on-premise servers and will make it easier to migrate VMware vSphere-based applications to the cloud to accelerate high-performance computing or machine learning for research, experimentation, and deployment in production.

The VMware Cloud on AWS will offer EC2 instances with GPU acceleration from Nvidia’s T4 …
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Codebase Ventures Inc subsidiary Pressland partners with All Tech Is Human of New York to improve media trust and transparency

Pressland helps organizations fight fake news while All Tech Is Human promotes knowledge-sharing and collaboration

Codebase Ventures is a Vancouver-based team that invests in cannabis, technology and other emerging industries

Pressland, a wholly owned subsidiary of ( ) (OTCQB:BKLLF), announced Friday it has entered into a development partnership with All Tech Is Human, a startup organization that acts as a catalyst and connector for tech change…
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Interview With The The FreeBSD Foundation Executive Director

Swapnil has more than 12 years of experience covering Enterprise Open Source, Cloud, Containers, IoT, Machine Learning and general tech. His stories cover a very broad spectrum – traditional Linux, data center and Free Software to contemporary emerging technologies like ‘serverless’. Widely Read: My stories have appeared in a multitude of leading publications including CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, The New Stack, Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights, Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine, SweetCode, Linux For Y…
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Microsoft Buys jClarity To Jolt Java Support In Azure

Swapnil has more than 12 years of experience covering Enterprise Open Source, Cloud, Containers, IoT, Machine Learning and general tech. His stories cover a very broad spectrum – traditional Linux, data center and Free Software to contemporary emerging technologies like ‘serverless’. Widely Read: My stories have appeared in a multitude of leading publications including CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, The New Stack, Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights, Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine, SweetCode, Linux For Y…
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How The Deep Learning Approach For Object Detection Evolved

Machine learning algorithms for image processing have evolved at a tremendous pace. They can now help in the reconstruction of objects in ambiguous images, colouring old videos, detecting the depth in moving videos and much more.

One recurring theme in all these machine vision methods is teaching the model to identify patterns in images. The success of these models has a wide range of applications. Training an a…
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Data61 launches Digital twins Lab in Melbourne to create virtual replicas

The CSIRO’s specialist data and digital arm, Data61, will today launch its Mixed Reality Lab in Melbourne. The lab will allow the creation of “digital twins”, the virtual replicas of real life physical objects and systems used for improved production and innovation.

Data61’s new Melbourne lab uses a system of industrial and consumer optical cameras and sensing equipment to capture detailed data about a physical object and the area around it. Alg…
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Baidu Reports Earnings With Stock Holding a Value Level

nings after the closing bell on Monday, Aug. 19, with the stock holding its value level for August at $95.19. The company is a Chinese technology giant specializing in internet applications including artificial intelligence.

The stock set its all-time intraday high of $284.22 during the week of May 18, 2018, and since then, it has crashed by 67% to a multi-year low of $93.39 set on Aug. 15. Baidu shares closed last week at $96.70, down 39% year to date and in bear market territory at 58.8% below the 52-week high of $234.88 set on Sept. 21, 2018.

Analysts expect Baidu to post earnings per share between 92 cents and…
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Databricks Offers Something for Everybody with AutoML Solution

Databricks today took the covers off a new automated machine learning solution that promises to reduce the amount of manual coding required to develop predictive applications. But while other AutoML solutions tend to focus on core data science aspects of predictive apps, like model selection and hyperparameter tuning, Databricks new offering is designed to be used by a broad swath of personas to automate a range of data science and engineering activities, from data…
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Graphcore founder Nigel Toon to talk about AI chips at Disrupt Berlin – TechCrunch

It’s easy to forget that Silicon Valley starts with ‘silicon’, and that there would be no technology innovation without innovation at the silicon level. And Graphcore is well aware of that as the Bristol-based company is designing its own dedicated AI chipset. That’s why I’m glad to announce that Graphcore co-founder and CEO Nigel Toon is joining us at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin.

Graphcore has managed to attract a ton of attention from day one. O…
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11 Companies in Chicago Looking for Entry-Level Data Analysts

“You have to start somewhere.” We’ve all heard that phrase at some point in our career. It’s true, you do have to start somewhere, but there’s no reason that somewhere can’t be a great company with lots of cool projects to work on! Entry-level roles are changing, and in today’s job market some of Chicago’s top companies are opening the door to new people looking to plant the first flag of their career, especially if they have data skills. We’ve r…
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At These 6 Chicago Tech Companies, Data Is King. Here’s Why.

rything from recommending cars to solving internal hiccups — about how their use of data created a recent win for their business and how it’s used to measure overall success.

Avant uses big data and machine learning to offer personal loans to consumers. Doing so requires copious amounts of information and Director of Data Management Robert Adler said it’s very important that their data be accurate. His team has a number of checks in place to ensure their figures are correct, bug-free and turned around quickly.

What’s a recent project that data played a vital part in, and what was the tangible impact of that…
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Facial Recognition Making Its Way in Banking

any with some 200 employees based in Shanghai, according to a report in emerj. Started in 2012 by a founder with a PhD in statistics from the University of California, the company employs a number of machine learning researchers. The company makes the Yitu Dragonfly Eye Intelligent Security System.

Another is Cloudwalk Technology of China, which had raised $507 million as of September 2018. They have contracts with the Bank of China and Bank of Chongqing. The president has a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign. In facial recognition, the company appears to be in st…
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Alibaba-backed Chinese A.I. firm Megvii files for Hong Kong IPO

cial-recognition demonstration on himself at the Beijing Megvii Co. booth at the MWC Shanghai exhibition in Shanghai, China, on Thursday, June 27, 2019. Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) firm Megvii has filed for a public listing in Hong Kong. The company is backed by e-commerce giant Alibaba and state-owned enterprises such as Bank of China Group Investment, the bank’s private equity arm. Megvii sells AI products from facial recognition technology to algorithms designed for traffic management. It has not released the pricing of its shares or the timeline of its initial publ…
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My Journey To Getting A Data Science Job As A Fresher — Part 1: The Struggle

Recently, I got offered a job as a Data Scientist at a real estate startup. Getting a data science job is never a straight forward process. Let me uncover for you my story on how I achieved this milestone, and what exactly happens behind the scenes in one’s journey towards being a data scientist. I would not tell you to exactly follow the path I took. There were a lot of good and not-so-good materials I encountered along the way. In the end, I’ll brief out an all-good path for you to achieve a…
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Start-up that makes fake AI handwriting raises £400,000

A 23-year-old start-up founder has raised £400,000 for his business which uses artificial intelligence to create convincing fake handwriting.

Robert Van Den Bergh said his company, Scribeless, was already being used by banks, political parties, and religious groups.

The business’ technology uses software to learn the nuances of handwriting in order to introduce variation and inconsistencies in its fake handwriting. Mr Van Den Bergh claims the business’ artificial handwriting is “indiscernible” f…
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Intel Unveils Its First AI Chip Spring Hill, Says Facebook Already Using It

In a radical new step to deal with big data generated by organisations, Intel this week launched an artificial intelligence processor called Nervana NNP-I or ‘Spring Hill’. According to reports, this processor has been designed for large computing centres.

Intel Nervana NNP-I is based on a 10 nanometer Ice Lake processor and is purpose-built specifically to accelerate deep learning deployment at scale, offering excellent performance for major data centre workloads. Intel also said that this processor also offers a hi…
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Nvidia and VMware team up to make GPU virtualization easier – TechCrunch

Nvidia today announced that it has been working with VMware to bring its virtual GPU technology (vGPU) to VMware’s vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS. The company’s core vGPU technology isn’t new, but it now supports server virtualization to enable enterprises to run their hardware-accelerated AI and data science workloads in environments like VMware’s vSphere, using its new vComputeServer technology.

Traditionally (as far as that’s a thing in AI t…
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Onfido joined by Monese, Seedrs, Curve and B-Social in testing portable identity

Source: Onfido

We are delighted to announce today that leading UK FinTechs Monese, Seedrs, Curve and B-Social are joining with us in the FCA regulatory sandbox test, alongside tech partners Evernym and Deloitte, to demonstrate that there’s a better, safer and more secure way to make identity verification work for both customers and businesses.

Currently, Onfido provides identity verification services for over 1,500 clients globally. It’s quick …
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Sisense Debuts Cloud-Native Architecture, Launches AI Exploration

A recent press release states, “Sisense, the world’s leading modern platform for analytics builders, unveiled its Q3 2019 product updates, including AI-driven innovations designed to empower users to answer questions they didn’t know they had, a multi-cloud architecture to deploy analytics at scale, and critical features to empower data engineers, product developers, business analysts, and business users. As previewed at Sisense Eureka!, Sisense …
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Google Open-Sources Gesture Tracking AI For Mobile Devices

viewed the new technique at the 2019 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in June and recently implemented it in MediaPipe, a cross-platform framework for building multimodal applied machine learning pipelines to process perceptual data of different modalities (such as video and audio). Both the source code and an end-to-end usage scenario are available on GitHub. (Source: VentureBeat)
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Essential Branding Guidelines For Aspiring Data Scientists

Data science is one of the most promising career paths of the 21st-century. Over the past year, job openings for data scientists increased by 56%. People that pursue a career in data science can expect excellent job security and very competitive salaries.

However, a background in data analytics, Hadoop technology or related competencies doesn’t guarantee success in this field. If you want to excel in this pr…
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Hybrid Databases Rearrange the Data Deck

We’ve reached the point where hybrid cloud arrangements have become commonplace in enterprises, and with this trend come implications for databases and data management. Hybrid cloud scenarios are now seen at a majority of enterprises, according to a survey of 229 data managers and professionals, conducted by Information Today, Inc. in partnership with Oracle. A majority, 54%, are working with hybrid cloud environments, compared to 40% exclusively…
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AI platform for loan origination Blooma raises $2.75 million in seed funding

Source: Blooma

Blooma, the company that automates AI-driven decision making to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with commercial loan origination, launched today with a mission to transform the lending experience for commercial and private lenders and other organizations.

Blooma also announced it has completed funding of $2.75 million. As the company’s first outside seed round, the funding will be used to further build out the company’s…
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Data Regs and Facebook Fines: Dragging Us Toward Better Security

“Be like Facebook.” That was the rallying cry in the early days of the big data boom, when companies were striving to monetize as much data as possible, and Facebook was the poster child of a new breed of company. But in light of the record $5 billion fine the FTC imposed on Facebook for data privacy violations last month and additional GDPR fines expected, perhaps the social media giant isn’t such a positive role model after all.

So far, EU regulators have gone relatively …
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Why Big Data Is Essential To Digital Product Sales

Big data is changing the future of the retail industry. One study found that the value of big data in this sector was worth $3.45 billion in 2018.

Big data is especially important in the eCommerce industry, since the market is digital. Smart marketers will look at ways to utilize it. Big data is going to be even more important for companies selling digital products online.

Big Data is Going to Be Essential for the Sale of Digital Products

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Waymo Opens Self-Driving Dataset to Researchers

Let’s say you’re a tech professional who’s really interested in autonomous driving. It hasn’t quite gotten to the point where you’ve stuck some sensors onto your Toyota and researched onboard processors—but if the opportunity arose, you definitely wouldn’t object to working on some kind of self-driving project.

Now’s your chance: Waymo, Google’s autonomous-driving offshoot, is releasing a pretty big chunk (yes, that’s a technical term) of sensor…
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Veritone Inc highlights customer additions and retentions in 2Q

Veritone Inc (NASDAQ:VERI) President Ryan Steelberg tells Proactive the artificial intelligence company, which specializes in transforming audio, video, and other data sources into analytics, had a ‘record’ second quarter.

Steelberg says Veritone – which has TV sports channel ESPN as a client – reported 2Q revenue of $12.3 million, an increase of 194% compared with the year ago quarter, driven mostly by the addition of new and retention of existing customers….
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Enterprise Search in 2020 and Beyond: 5 Trends to Watch

Enterprise search has been stuck in the 1990s for two decades now.

It’s hard to believe search hasn’t kept pace with the explosion of data. The two must go hand in hand. Yet many of us go to work every day at big companies with complex knowledge management systems and fat IT budgets. We sit down, make a coffee, and before we know it, we’re transported back to 1997 whenever we need to find a document.

Knowledge has continued to grow at an expone…
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Daily Mail owner to sell Genscape unit to Verisk Analytics for $364 million

(Reuters) – Publisher Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGOa.L) said on Monday it had agreed to sell its energy information business Genscape to data analytics provider Verisk Analytics (VRSK.O) for $364 million, as the publisher looks to focus more on its portfolio.

The owner of Britain’s Daily Mail and news website MailOnline said it expects to have more than 200 million pounds ($245.54 million) net cash on its balance sheet after the deal is completed.

Genscape, which provides real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets, will b…
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How Enterprises Use Fyle to Tame Expense Reporting

Here is the latest article in an eWEEK feature series called IT Science, in which we look at what actually happens at the intersection of new-gen IT and legacy systems.

Unless it’s brand new and right off various assembly lines, servers, storage and networking inside every IT system can be considered “legacy.” This is because the iteration of both hardware and software products is speeding up all the time. It’s not unusual for an app maker, for …
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Tech Moves: Apple’s former Siri chief jumps to Microsoft; Halo Infinite creative director departs

— Bill Stasior, the former head of Apple’s Siri digital assistant product, is heading to Microsoft in the latest example of tech giants dueling for top AI talent. In a twist, Stasior won’t be working on Microsoft’s Cortana assistant, according to The Information, which first reported the news.

Stasior left a mixed legacy at Siri, which lost ground to competitors like Alexa and Google Assistant during his tenure. His task was made more difficult …
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AI, Analytics Help to Propel Wind Power

Clean energy sources such as wind turbines are among the edge devices being incorporated into the Internet of Things. Once connected, the growing number of wind turbines sprouting up across Asia, Europe and the American Midwest and along its coasts are making greater use of AI and analytics as way to improve performance and accelerate return on investment.

Asset management vendors incorporating AI and analytics technologies with cloud computing …
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Duos Technologies Group Inc moves full steam ahead with its intelligent technologies

Specializes in rail train inspections that rely on Duos’ proprietary Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP) technology

Continues to build out infrastructure to support further growth In 2019

Expects total revenue to be between US$14 million and US$15 million, a 16%-25% jump over 2018

Company has 14 patents or patents pending

What Duos Technologies does:

Duos is a tech company that offers an array of services to support companies’ operations and sec…
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Amazon, Microsoft and other titans face scrutiny in report about killer-robot tech

BOT or NOT? This special series explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, examining the ways that robots, artificial intelligence and automation are impacting our work and lives.

Dutch activists are voicing concerns about technologies that could open the way for lethal autonomous weapons – such as AI software, facial recognition and swarming aerial systems – and are wondering where several tech titans including Amazon and Microsoft stand.

So are some AI researchers in the United States.

A report issued by Pax, a Dutch gr…
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Investors punish Nearmap for widening losses

Nearmap chief executive Rob Newman was unconcerned about the investor reaction, saying it was to be expected given how quickly the share price had increased and it would not change the company’s high-growth focus.

“It’s a volatile time in the share market for tech companies, given the growth we expect volatility in the share price,” he said.

“Thinking about the business, we have the capital resources to continue to invest and the best thing we …
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3 Hot Trends in RIA Technology

The right technology can make a big difference for an RIA practice — allowing financial advisors to compete with large wirehouses and address increasingly complex client needs. According to a recent study commissioned by Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), 95% of respondents believe it’s important that advisors are both technologically savvy and use updated technology-based tools in their practices.

The conversation around RIA-focused technology …
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How to create a production-ready Recommender System

Well, solving the number 2, 3, and 4 is the reason for this post.

While the problem no. 1 is easily solved with going hybrid, the other ones will still be a headache.

While it has an extremely good performance. It has several serious issues. More importantly when you are trying to create a production-ready system.

So, why waiting? Let’s just start creating Collaborative filtering system in your production environment!

That was, the so-called,…
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VMware Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire Carbon Black

According to a recent press release, “VMware, Inc., a leading innovator in enterprise software, and Carbon Black, a leader in cloud-native endpoint protection, today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement by which VMware will acquire Carbon Black in an all cash transaction for $26 per share, representing an enterprise value of $2.1 billion. Following the close of the transaction, VMware will be positioned to provide…
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Grant Bingham Joins GumGum as Sales Director

GumGum, an artificial intelligence company specialising in solutions for digital advertising, has appointed experienced industry executive Grant Bingham as sales director, ANZ.

Bingham was most recently commercial partnerships director at Pacific Magazines and has worked at Nine Entertainment as director of programmatic sales.

In his new role he’ll work closely with GumGum Melbourne’s sales manager Cian Evans to drive adoption o…
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Why Chatbots Can’t Read Your Mind

Chatbots — And Why They Can’t Read Your Mind

Chatbots are cropping up everywhere, from customer service to internal help desks, but what makes them tick?

When we interact with chatbots, we’re often coming in from the end-user side and confronting a chatbot window. When we ask a question, the chatbot may or may not be able to figure out what we’re saying.

Why is this?

Chatbots break down into two parts: the “chat” and the “bot.” The chat compo…
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How Accenture is making Minority Report a reality

Predictive power aside, the practice of zeroing-in on known offenders can create a dangerous circle that compounds biases towards particular groups. In the UK, black people are 40 times more likely to have been stopped and searched than their white counterparts. An independent ethics report on the West Midlands project published in April pointed out that, although ethnicity had been excluded from the algorithm, other data sources can become proxi…
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Data rules are forcing marketers to send better emails

A shift in strategy post-GDPR has led to an increase in customer engagement with email marketing campaigns, according to a new study.

The 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report details the latest trends in email and mobile marketing based off of 2018 data. It’s the first report to be released by Acoustic, the company born out of the sale of IBM’s marketing assets.

According to the report, email open rates and click-through rates have increased steadil…
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VMware is spending almost $5 billion to buy Pivotal and Carbon Black

$2.7 billion respectively.

Carbon Black is a next-generation security cloud provider with more than 5,600 customers and 500 partners globally.

The company’s cloud-native security platform leverages big data and behavioural analytics to provide comprehensive endpoint protection against cyberattacks.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware said, “The security industry is broken and ineffective with too many fragmented solutions and no cohesive platform architecture. By bringing Carbon Black into the VMware family, we are now taking a huge step forward in security and delivering an enterprise-grade platform to adm…
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Microsoft embraces local tech guru

But the due diligence showed Orrock’s world’s first claim was genuine. Microsoft Australia managing director Steven Worrall confirmed on Friday that no other organisation in the world had been given exclusive access to companies selected for Microsoft’s accelerated growth program.

It was Worrall who recommended Orrock’s company – Future Now Ventures – be invited to the Microsoft head office in Seattle to make a presentation to Nadella and his le…
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Is Alphabet’s DeepMind in Deep, Deep Trouble?

DeepMind, the A.I.-centric subsidiary of Alphabet, is bleeding money: last year, it lost $571 million, according to the Financial Times. If that wasn’t enough, it owes its corporate parent roughly $1.4 billion (although there’s apparently no risk of actual default).

What’s behind that intense cash burn? In 2018, DeepMind paid out salaries of $485 million, up from $242 million in 2017 and $127 million in 2016. LinkedIn says that the firm employs …
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Data security: ceating a contingency plan for data loss

We live in an era driven by data. Inventory management, business intelligence, analytics, SEO, machine learning, artificial intelligence — countless aspects of modern life rely on a steady stream of information. The quantity alone is stunning. For instance, experts estimate that it could take as much as 40 terabytes of data to keep a single self-driving car on the road for a mere eight hours.

Naturally, the need to stockpile vast quantities of data has become a priority for many companies, both big and small, as they struggle to …
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Customer satisfaction and mobile apps: why a new approach to testing and code quality is needed

2019 is a landmark year for the mobile industry: the introduction of foldable smartphones by firms including Huawei, LG and Samsung is one of the most significant developments that market sector has seen for years. As well as presenting design challenges for device manufacturers, it also means that any app running on foldable phones will need to support many more permutations than ever before: at least two different screen resolutions (folded and…
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Robotic race car platform from Univ. of Washington designed to speed research around A.I.

The drive to better understand robotics and artificial intelligence now includes a cool little robotic race car thanks to researchers in the Personal Robotics Laboratory at the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

MuSHR, or Multi-agent System for non-Holonomic Racing, looks a bit like the kind of radio-controlled car you might want to launch off some sweet jumps in the backyard. But it’s actually an …
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AI already writes news, next stop a machine novel

IJ Good, the mathematician who worked alongside Alan Turing in the code-breaking team at Bletchley Park during the World War II and was a pioneer of AI, was one of the first to grasp the full significance of an “intelligence explosion”.

Once ultra-intelligent machines surpassed the intellectual level of humans, he wrote, then they themselves would be able to invent even better machines, leaving us far behind. “Thus the first ultra-intelligent ma…
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Jim Cramer: The World of Short Squeezes

What does it mean when you see the stock of Target (TGT) up 19% or a Lowe’s (LOW) up 10%? How can the stock of Nvidia (NVDA) be up another five points after moving up relentlessly last week? Does it signal that there are major changes afoot? That there’s a sudden reorganization or a big positive in the macro world that’s descending right to the micro, or the actual stock?

No, not at all. These moves, while they would have been pronounced no matt…
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How AI Helps Sell the Value of Confidence

Customers shouldn’t have to explain intent. Businesses should monitor what they are up to, so that customers can expect the same personalised attention from online shopkeepers as they get when visiting their favourite farmers’ market.

Put simply, the online marketplace is fundamentally different to the physical marketplace. As customers, we’re often alone online and need to find the products or services we’d like to purchase. We’re also impatien…
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Digital marketing: can data improve creativity?

There are all sorts of data flowing through your network. From customer data that includes contact information as well as purchase activity to the daily hits on your website to posts on your blog that generate a lot of attention.

If it hasn’t sunk in yet, that data can be used to create a powerful digital marketing campaign. All you have to do is take a fresh look and relate it back to the sales and marketing process. Here are some examples of h…
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Tech Moves: Remitly names diversity lead; Tableau hires marketing exec; ArtsFund taps interim CEO

— Kim Vu is the new head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Remitly, a Seattle startup that makes it easier to send money across borders. Vu most recently served as the Seattle market executive for Bank of America.

“As the daughter of Vietnamese refugee parents, joining Remitly brings me a deep sense of purpose and connection to what we all do every day to connect families across global borders and boundaries,” Vu said in a statement.

Last m…
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China’s military power may surpass the US’s faster than you think, thanks to 6 shrewd strategies

caption People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers shout as they practise with knives during a training session on snow-covered ground at a military base in Heihe, Heilongjiang province March 18, 2015. source REUTERS/China Daily

China’s military is well on its way to besting the US’s technologic edge, due to rapid economic and military development.

By stealing already-extant weapons technology, China is developing advanced weapons at a rapid pace….
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Dell Boomi Appoints Managing Director for Asia-Pacific and Japan

Dell Boomi (Boomi) has appointed Ajit Melarkode as its managing director for Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) to expand existing and drive new revenue opportunities to capitalise on strong demand for cloud-based integration.

Melarkode joins Boomi with more than 25 years’ experience in the APJ, US and European IT industries, including senior positions across ITO, BPO, cloud, data and applications businesses.

In his most recent role at Virtustream, a…
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Nvidia, VMWare release cloud software to court business customers

May 30, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

(Reuters) – Chip supplier Nvidia Corp on Monday said it was teaming up with VMWare Inc and Inc’s cloud division to court large businesses looking to host artificial intelligence programs in Amazon’s cloud.

Nvidia got its start with chips to make computer games more realistic, but in recent years has shifted to supplying chips that speed up artificial intelligence tasks, such as teaching computers to recognize images. Once the domain of Silicon Valley tech firms, artificial intelligence technology is filtering to mainstream businesses that use it for tasks like seeking u…
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Technology for good: fighting the growing problem of child exploitation

Sexual abuse of children has been aided and encouraged by the rise of digital networks and platforms. In recent years the problem has been getting worse, according to Kristin Boorse, Director of Product Management at Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, an anti-trafficking NGO.

Boorse argues a coordinated effort is required but the digital technology to stem the flow of child sexual abuse material now exists. Already, Boorse says, her company’s…
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Tesla’s Musk, Alibaba’s Ma to talk at Shanghai tech event this week

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N) chairman Jack Ma will speak at a conference on artificial intelligence (AI) to be held this week in Shanghai, an Alibaba spokeswoman said on Monday.

FILE PHOTO – SpaceX owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during a conversation with legendary game designer Todd Howard (not pictured) at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 13, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The two entrepreneurs will have a conversation in front of an audience on Aug 29 at the …
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WeWork’s laughably weak Wi-Fi password is downright dangerous

the prospectus for its upcoming IPO. With a valuation of $47 billon , the company is certainly priced like a tech giant. And it has lofty visions of using a bevy of sensors, proprietary software, and big data to revolutionize work in ways that go far beyond the mundane business of renting office space to startups.

But the Wi-Fi technology that WeWork provides to its members is based on a shaky foundation, combining dated security tech with an easy-to-guess password shared at locations across the U.S. and abroad. No, we won’t tell you what that password is. But WeWork chose one that has regularly appe…
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How eCommerce websites can take product pages to the next level

Personalization on an eCommerce website is not unusual in today’s consumer-driven world. Customers want brands to know them; to offer products that fit in with their own needs and preferences. They want to have the same kind of experience as shopping at a store they’ve been going to for years.

According to Gartner, 64% of all customers around the world would say that they find the “experience is more important than price.” In fact, by the year 2…
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Report reveals new details about Bezos’ influence on Amazon bid for Pentagon cloud contract

Amazon’s bid to build the Pentagon’s war cloud has been mired in accusations of favoritism since the beginning. But a new ProPublica investigation reveals how close Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos have been to the project since its inception.

It’s the latest sign that Amazon’s chances of landing the $10 billion contract could be in jeopardy as its cloud rival Microsoft continues to compete for the coveted project.

Background: Amazon and Microsoft…
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Forget the naysayers, the UK’s tech sector really is world leading

I was honoured to have been offered the position of Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport last month. Within the role, I knew I would get the crucial opportunity to champion one of our country’s most creative and pioneering industries – the UK technology sector.

Our tech sector is a huge success story, its products have an incredible power to improve people’s lives on a daily basis – it is something we should all be immensely …
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Machine Learning Provides An Edge With Amazon FBA Product Selection

Machine learning is tremendously beneficial for many e-commerce companies. Marketing expert and founder of Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, has discussed the benefits of machine learning in e-commerce.

They are using machine learning and predictive analytics to forecast market trends, which can be very useful as they strive to grow. One of the biggest applications of machine learning in e-commerce is with identifying mark…
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Pymetrics Games: Newest Tool for Picking Job Candidates

te of 12 pymetrics games as part of its graduate recruitment process. Students are encountering the games when they apply for most jobs at the bank, including technology. Pymetrics brags that it uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and behavioral science to translate game results into actionable insights into candidates’ personalities. Given its expanding client roster, it’s clear that hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly down with games as a way to figure out who to hire.

JPMorgan isn’t commenting on how the games are being used, but has released this web page explaining that the 12 games will take 20-30…
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Riding a telemedicine wave, docs trade white coats for the tech life, testing the limits of health care

Dr. Michael Grabinski walks into the room, but he can’t talk yet.

“I just picked up a patient,” he said. “There was someone in the waiting room.”

It takes me a second to process what he’s saying. We’re in a skyscraper in downtown Seattle, with no waiting room or patients in sight.

Grabinski is the medical director for clinical quality and outcomes at telemedicine startup 98point6, and he’s referring to the digital queue that patients enter whe…
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Today on GeekWire: Bezos and the Pentagon; Coffee startups brew new ideas; UW unveils tiny robot race cars

published ProPublica investigation reveals how close Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos have been to the project since its inception. Read the highlights.

The University of Washington’s work in robotics and artificial intelligence now includes cute little race cars. But don’t let the size fool you. These are no mere toys. Built using off-the-shelf and 3D-printed parts, the vehicles are part of an open-source, full-stack robotics platform. Read the story.

Seattle’s coffee startup scene is buzzing. Through new hardware and software innovations, the region’s entrepreneurs are still brewing up ideas around coffee, upgrading S…
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AI helping autonomous long range drones patrol Australian beaches

Artificial intelligence is allowing drones to spot and assist swimmers in distress. Ripper Group, an Australian drone services company, today announced it is adding world first autonomous capabilities to the drones used by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter program.

“Little Ripper” drones are already in use on Australian beaches and have successfully assisted several live rescues. The flying drones can help spot and monitor…
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Dimmest bulb on ‘Jeopardy’ is Alexa as Amazon’s A.I. is tasked with turning down the stage lights

Alex and Alexa — it’s a match made in geek heaven.

Amazon’s recent sponsorship of the popular television quiz show “Jeopardy” comes with some prime-time product placement for the tech giant, as longtime host Alex Trebek has been turning to Alexa, the omnipresent voice assistant, for his own assistance.

Before presenting a Final Jeopardy clue about Russian composers on Wednesday night’s episode, Trebek was joined at his podium by an Echo smart s…
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